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Nice gesture but maybe more?

Posted: 11/10/2016 at 22:22

I once fell into a deep trance, "err" or was that trench??? it was after many Stella Beers and the lads had voted I was the most sober and should carry the pot plates we had half inched from the Sergeants mess, shush do not tell them it was us. Any way to cut a long fall "err" story very short I ended up base over apex in what could well have been the residue from many curries although it was supposedly a tank trap. The result was me being sent to Coventry for breaking the plates although it could well have been the smell of my newly acquired after shave and them having to eat their bully once more from the aluminum mess tins, we had two and your tea went on one so the other had the bully, or kippers, or the M&B complete with duff and custard, hungry lads got used to it in time, any way Stella Beer brewed in Cairo anethetised your tongue so it mattered not. Happy days. Beware of trances or is that trenches.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 11/10/2016 at 09:47

Grey skies glowering at me, nothing but grey skies can I see,

Never seen the sun since yesterday eve, never gave permission for it to leave,

Grey skies all I can see only the grey skies over Stockton on Tees.


Nice gesture but maybe more?

Posted: 11/10/2016 at 09:44

aym280, Who??? Tetley and me do you mean???


Nice gesture but maybe more?

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 21:52

Joyce "Like Father like Son" as they say in these parts, working my way round the large dance halls of the UK I found it definitely paid to be polite at all times, mind it was also a good idea to be able to dance, one without t'other would not have worked.

Tetley, you would not want to know that other me, I did not recognise myself at times,lets face it waking up with a lump and a head ache from a rifle butt was better than not waking up at all. When we finally got back to the Regiment at Base, the Squadron Sergeant Major took one look at our squad and said right you are due leave, me the eternal optimist, does that mean in England Sir, no the WVS camp in Port Said. A bit of a let down but in a time of no flights for us common lot a boat would have taken all our leave plus some. The SQSM,  was right that ten days grounded us again, I got to Dance every other night went to see films wandered the Souk and wonder of all attended a Banquet and ball as the partner of a lovely WVS Lady old enough to be my mother, all things I never forgot, especially the ride in the horse drawn Garry along a tree lined road lit up (it was dark by six at night) and the scent of the shrubs and flowers mixed with the the spice smells of Africa, to an 18 year old it was Arabian nights time.


Square foot gardening - crop rotation?

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 14:02

Rotate your crops whether a small box or large garden, it reduces the risk of disease being carried to the same crop and in some cases adds nutrients to the soil. All legumes, peas beans of every description will add to the soil as the roots add nodules of nitrogen to the soil which is why I would cut off all the top growth and leave the roots until Spring. Brassicas I would add a handful of lime to the soil, grow the cabbages etc. in pots then when you have a good root system plant them out in ground not used for them for a while, this eliminates club root if done properly. The Allium family, onions leeks garlic need to be moved to a fresh area of your plot. salad stuff can be grown between most of these vegetable plantings, you will get a crop while the main crop grows. The size does not really matter as you plant to suit the space available, little and often for small spaces with a large garden then planting can be expanded provided you have ways of preserving the excess. If using pots or containers then use fresh compost each time, the old stuff will be devoid of nutrients and could carry disease. Raised beds add good compost and if possible leave over winter sowing in spring, if you wish to sow early crops then cover with fresh compost with some granular fertiliser added, bone meal, Blood Fish and Bone, or if you have it your own well rotted compost and rake it in. Hope this helps.



Posted: 10/10/2016 at 13:38

I put plenty of washing up liquid in some water and brush the soap mixture all over everything, leave it whilst I fix up the pressure washer then wash it all back off with that. There is no soil in the green house so the soapy water also washes the gravel and paves, two birds one stone as they say in these parts. "oh" I do take everything out first, plant wise that is, the staging gets washed.


Nice gesture but maybe more?

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 13:29

Tetley with the Trump it would be the old style me, rifle butt round the head and fourteen inch bayonet polished on Trumps rump, the only way to treat a fanatic. Mrs Clinton would get the charm attack, it never failed yet, Mr I would take to the Vet he needs seeing to.



Posted: 10/10/2016 at 11:34

There have been a couple of questions lately on Rotation, my Father did that all his life, we had a large garden so he did it in five rotations, one lay fallow for a year resting. I does not matter if you have a small raised bed or large garden rotation helps to reduce reinfection of any disease and in some cases one crop will fertilise the next. I watched as Dad planted up talking about why he did certain things and I was good with questions probably why he would give me two pence for sweets and say go play. Plot one was always all kinds of beans peas and broad beans. Plot two would be all the onion family leeks and garlic, yes our house was no stranger to garlic Mother having been cook in a large house. Plot three  all the roots including potato's. Plot four was always the brassicas and salad stuff. Plot five resting the free range hens ducks and geese would sun themselves on it at the same time adding fertiliser but taking care not too much as it can burn new plants. The usual rotation the following year would be to move plot one going to two, plot two going to the rested plot, after it had been dug in the Autumn and a good dollop of manure added for winter frosts to do their work. The brassicas would go to plot one after the Legumes  and after being treated with lime, he would start all the plants off in pots rows of them then dig out a hole and plant up the Cabbages and other greens, we never got club root. My Uncle Arthur never planted the same crop in the same fields year after year he rotated on a large scale leaving a field as a meadow, the old ways worked and will today no matter what size plot you have.


Nice gesture but maybe more?

Posted: 10/10/2016 at 09:57

Tetley, My old Dad gave me a talking too as a callow youth that has stood me in good stead all my days. "Listen Son" as we sat on the garden seat under the Victoria Plum Fan tree on a sunny wall. I thought here we go the true course of events to all those tall tales that were told behind the bike shed at school. "Pin back your ears, there are no floozies, bits of stuff, birds, flappers or ladies of the night, each and every one are LADIES and nothing less. Honour them, treat them with the utmost respect and never ever tell secrets to others, what passes between you and a Lady is your business and hers no one else" "follow that dictum and you will never go wrong".  "Err" yes Dad still waiting for the rest but that was it. It became my mantra, the code of honour and it worked, always listen to your old Dad. So ladies when you form the queue be in disguise, a long black cloak pointy hat and a bowl full of frogs would do nicely I will see the lady under the muck. "Oh" and the sun warmed Victoria plums we ate were wonderful.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 09/10/2016 at 22:58

Hi SV, yes I liked Tameka and as I found in my dancing years some of the larger ladies were very light on their feet, she was full of fun. I saw Lesley nearly having a heart attack a couple of the others were near the end of their tether too and that is only 90 seconds they would be done for in a full on dance routine and ours would be two tunes a slight pause then a third one. Dancing needs stamina as well as knowing the correct steps foot movements and body positions, at the moment 90 seconds is the limit for some. I always look forward to Blackpool, I loved Dancing there, something about the whole ambience makes you want to dance, usually the best dancers are coming to the fore by then. This year I have to admit there is no dross no, not even Ed, I have admired his get up and go. Loving it all.


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