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Things I don't get

Posted: 26/08/2016 at 20:49

Why oh why do the News programmes have to give the headlines as the last programme rolls away then thirty seconds later do it all again, I throw things at the screen. Why do they have to rush all the top news readers to parts of the world where catastrophe strikes then interview people obviously in dire shock, they would be happier to see people who can help not intrude.

As to driving, try taking a 44 Tonne truck through a town to a High Street Supermarket, they did not all have back side warehouses. If they did you would probably need reverse down a back street using all the road to get the back round, the language used by car drivers without a second to spare usually found me out of the cab and facing them off. I am 6 foot and was well muscled, oh the joy of seeing the shock on those faces. Next time you pass and cut in on the motorway remember it takes a truck three times as long to stop. On a Roundabout a truck swings wide because the back of the trailer does not follow the cab, it takes a narrower line, if you try nipping through expect to end up under the trailer or pushed onto the grass by the side bars, be warned.



Posted: 26/08/2016 at 12:00

Daisy, you could use one as a gozunder and the rest as planters. I compared my old dinner plates with some new ones after reading this and it is correct the new ones are a quarter size bigger?


What is your weather like?

Posted: 26/08/2016 at 11:55

Be afraid, very afraid. A large golden orb giving out rays of light I am unable to look at and if you step into them you start to smoke? Is this an alien ship hovering over Stockton? has the war of the worlds begun I ask? I rattle my brain box and it brings back long gone memories of idyllic days chasing the girls through the flower filled meadows during the summer school break and skinny dipping in Billingham Beck, oh what innocent days those were. Now what was it called again Son, Sonny, Some? oh yes SUN.

Every bit of bad weather this year has flown across country stopped over the top of us and ditched its load of rain, what did we do, I never meant what I said about Cornwall Verdun, can you just move those clouds North a bit, that lot over the border are used to it. every thing rains on their parade I blame the bagpipes and all those naked knees. Explanations please in writing with stamped addressed envelope included.



Posted: 25/08/2016 at 15:01

P.P. "J" when I am hungry.


Crop rotation

Posted: 25/08/2016 at 14:55

Rotation was the way they did things when I was a lad, the garden was divided into four sections (it was a large walled garden). Section one Onions Leeks Garlic scallions shallots and pickling onions. Next section Potato's all root vegetables, celery, outdoor Tomato's. Third section Cauliflower, Cabbage, Sprouts, Broccoli Swedes. Fourth section all kinds of beans and peas. With the garden being large we had a fifth section kept fallow for a year.

Each following year we moved round in rotation, that way the same crop only went back into its original position every five years. We had horses so plenty of old straw and manure would be dug into the second section for the Potato's and roots. It is not always as easy as that in reduced room you would need to plant closer together in some cases. Cabbages can be grown if you only plant what you will need for your own use, a mixture of spring summer winter and red cabbage in pots allowed to grow and then plant when a position comes free.

You will learn what is best for you and even a small rotation helps in that any disease is not carried on to the same crop year by year. Some crops such as beans self fertilise the ground for the following crop. Potato's and root crops have been fertilised and break up the soil for the second years Onion type crops so each helps the next. Once used to doing it you will wonder why you never did it before. Good luck.


What is your weather like?

Posted: 25/08/2016 at 14:27

Awoke in the middle of the night, or so I thought, it was 07:45 and black as pitch, crawled out and into shower, I could have stepped naked into the garden and had a free power shower. Never once let up here in Stockton, if we were not firmly fixed to Durham County we would probably be floating in the North Sea. My lawn man rang, due today, is it raining Frank? I do not know cannot see for the stair rods, he took the hint. Family all off to Centre Parks for the weekend, I wished them the best of luck.



Posted: 25/08/2016 at 14:15

P.P. "No Teeth? Feed Em Mush?" I assure you dear "J" bend down picking weeds in front of me and you will find a set of Rottweiler teeth taking a lump of meat out of your rear section and asking for the Brown sauce and some chips. My Daughter took me into one of those posh coffee bars, £3 for a spoonful of instant with milk then ordered a sandwich another three pounds each (I was paying, reluctantly) a long thin thing came full of green stuff and a sliver of meat, it overhung the plate on both sides and served with crisps and more green stuff, do they think we oldies are Rabbits and who the H@@@ asked for crisps, fat salt and some sort of flavoring probably more salt, most of the stuff on the plate went back and the coffee was cr@@. Daughter rarely asks me to go out for a meal now? I wonder why? If and when I do go I ask for a small portion of everything usually telling the Waitress why, much rather eat a small portion and enjoy it than walk away feeling like an over stuffed cushion, it is usually accepted. I do not ask for reduction in cost as demeaning, I probably earn more a week than they do a month, the point being it should be on offer anyway. Offering me a discount on food makes me look sideways at them, is the meat Road Kill? did the salad come from the bins of the Cafe next door? did they potato pick the field after it had been already scrabbled? Did those Yorkshires come from Wales, or maybe even Ireland? It is never ending eat at home and be safe and £3 for a coffee? not while I have my sanity.



Posted: 20/08/2016 at 10:17

I eat my original words ""Cannot watch the same old lot jumping yet again"" Hats off to Nick Skelton who I remember as a lad riding with Harvey and Robert Smith at any event in the area, they turned up like the rest of us living out of the horse boxes and boy could they party. The Great Yorkshire Show was the stamping ground for a lot of those riders back then, many riders progressed from that show jumping era. Poor lad looked flummoxed in the interview, he had just reached a life's ambition what did they expect.

I also ate my words and watched the Hockey, "I mean you just had to really" nail biting stuff and a lot more heavy contact than I expected, neither side was going to give ground. In the end the shoot out and they certainly showed our foot ball Prima Donna's the way home and what a celebration. Having Dutch friends I felt for those girls, they fought to the end but there has to be a winner. 

I did not watch the opening show as I was on my back in Hospital then suddenly it took off for me with the athletics, having a granddaughter who is into that, she comes in to the house and hand stands everywhere, backflips and does the dance you have to be interested, a local girl got a medal. In all a big success both for the Olympic idea and the people taking part, well done Brazil.


Mulching questions

Posted: 19/08/2016 at 11:02

The obvious answer to the question is do as I do, mulch round the root ball of each plant, why waste good compost on area's that will only have bedding plants in which last a month or so whether you mulch or not. I have access to rotted horse manure though follow the same process, round the plant and any left over then spread it on a section of the border or better still mix it into my compost containers. A long handled hoe as I walk around the garden acts as walking stick resting pole and and? "oh yes weeding" you can get right to the back of the bed with a long handle a couple of times a week deals with weeds. Digging some fresh compost into a planting hole is the best way of using the compost and gives most plants a good start some do not need the soil to be too rich. Rotating properly in the veg patch can give you free fertiliser naturally from the previous years plantings, sometimes the old ways are the best.



Posted: 19/08/2016 at 10:39

KT53 It is in the blood I never let my sibling win at anything, swimming cycling running or even ludo, saying that she was my Sister and nearly two years younger. I gave it a bit of a rest after the Brownley's won their event, ping pong and feather swatting are not my thing, the hockey a bit dull to us Northerners, we never had the Jolly Hockey games at school, football cricket rugby boxing fencing and wrestling more our way of killing each other. On the other hand Jade Jones did well, kicking your opponent to death would go down well up here.

So what more surprises await us from our wonderful athletes, lived through many Olympic Games over the years many exciting and memories that live on, Mary Peters among them. London was glorious although these games after all the false starts and claims it would not go ahead has turned out wonderful too well done Brazil.


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