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Couldn't be further from gardening - earworm issues

Posted: 14/09/2017 at 09:15

Well it was not the gargling horse it went gargle gargle gargle (ad infinitum) then spit, wait for it------If you do not want to sound Hoarse gargle with TCP.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 13/09/2017 at 10:16

GWRS, my cushion barrage is not only for SCD it also erupts when political pundits are spouting, experts are telling us all what is good for us, and I accidentally turn on Corporation Street or any of the other soaps. That is the time I usually manage to drop the remote it vanishes under the chair somewhere and I cannot get the TV changed over fast enough. The air takes on a distinct purple haze around me as it does when the GBP vote back on Strictly some one who should never have been on in the first place.

The Blackpool weekend is the one I look forward to it brings back such wonderful memories of Dancing there from an early age to a few years ago, my Daughter has gone there just to dance for a few years now, how i wish.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 13/09/2017 at 09:23

SV, I watched my Granddaughter back in May at their wedding in just such a full skirted wedding dress as the couple did the wedding waltz. They had definitely practiced though Sarah did dance when a teenager, Andrew managed to not trip over the dress or get his feet tangled in it, memories flooded back  of how difficult that was as you danced in a shower of sequins.

You are correct, it will be frustrating to the older ones among us although this is not our world any more, if the younger element get entertainment out of it who are we to argue. I will watch with a big clamp on my mouth, all the cushions stacked behind the couch so I cannot throw them at the TV and my slippers glued to my feet for the same reason. We will see some good dancing around week eight as the best come to the front, until then I will take it for what it is, entertainment for the masses.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 12/09/2017 at 11:04

LG, Some of the times I danced at the Hammersmith they would hold dance competitions between the regular dancing. The contestants would sweep onto the floor and strut their stuff in front of four or six judges one usual being Peggy Spencer and I presume one would be Frank (not me). Normal dancing would continue then the final with usually the last six in each category it was certainly a sight to see for a very young and keen dancer like me. A couple of times I danced with a Lady eliminated in earlier rounds and was once asked if i was interested in training as her partner, no idea how old she was but had you taken off the matt make up they all wore then I would probably have been looking at my mother?


Strictly is back!

Posted: 12/09/2017 at 09:37

Obelixx, Peggy Spencers Formation Dancers who danced on the early TV shows were indeed spectacular though it was said she drilled them like a Sergeant Major, their dress was immaculate too.

My Mother and Father were prize winning dancers in the old fashioned before the war which is what I saw and did as a young sprog, Mother could do a wicked Black Bottom that used to curl me up laughing. In those days we would do a quickstep or foxtrot in-between and I loved that so went to the best Dancing School in Town Cockran's to learn, Ruby and Flory would teach me the Latin although much to my embarrassment Dave would show me some steps then we would dance, your can get used to everything in the end. He was a Modern champion and Ruby Latin.

 From the time I started dancing there was always a shortage of men who could dance so those who could never sat down and many of the women danced together, we thought nothing of it, if men wanted to dance now I would consider it their own business.

Dance Halls then were always packed out in our small Town we had three large halls with live bands and in the village a Co-op Hall with live band which is where I started. At sixteen the Streatham Locarno looked huge until I went to the Hammersmith Palais, that was spectacular and though the two largest halls in Blackpool were great nothing beat the Hammersmith.

Wonderful days Obelixx with so many memories, the dancing changed until most of the large halls closed but there was an underground movement in working mens clubs Sergeants Mess and Works do's it never really died, real dancing I mean and we danced until Joan became too ill and loved every moment of it.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 11/09/2017 at 14:36

Oh dear  GWRS, you mentioned two things (hang on whilst I spit) Normal dancing and American Smooth, normal dancers never heard of the American Smooth until SCD imported it sometime in the later 2000's. Come dancing was on the go when we got our first TV 1954'ish it was Eric Morley who ran the Miss World series and ran every year for years. Names I remember where Peggy Spencer and her sequence dancing groups I believe she was also a judge, in those days they walked around the room not sitting enthroned as they do now. Some presenters and there were many Terry Wogan Angela Ripon Judith Chalmers and a lot I have forgotten. Dancing was Quickstep Foxtrot Waltz, Slow Tango (very sexy) Continental Tango faster more sharp and Rhumba, we also had a mix of what we called old fashioned as in the big dance halls it was always a mix with a few fun dances thrown in, Palais Glide Lambeth Walk and always a couple where you changed partners. Dancing and the Pictures was about it apart from sport where it was always during the day no lights apart from candles (kidding).

Just watched a video of my Granddaughter 6 dancing for her medal yesterday it was the cha cha and she has it down pat, they all do Ballroom now even Grandson of 16 as I did from a young age, it gave you confidence and poise and thank goodness it is becoming popular with the folk around here, the dance clubs are full, it actually never died out, my late wife Joan and I danced every weekend, one way of keeping fit.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 11/09/2017 at 10:31

Dog House Afraid you are correct and GWS yes it has become a light entertainment show to amuse the masses who never danced properly as we did and remember the show donkey's years back when they danced the Valeta and Dashing White Sergeant, those were the days my friend, they should write a song about it?

We know the outcome before they start, the winner will be the young virile or nubile contestant who can back flip somersault and shake everything including their knee caps, it will not be a dance but an exhibition of athletic prowess. It will be aclaimed by those who never danced the Viennese Waltz in Vienna, never did the Laandler in Salzburg or the English Waltz in a beer hall in Munchen. They know nothing of the crowded halls, the Locarno's Palais Hammersmith or Blackpool where on crowded floors their Grandparents let their hair down and danced the night away so many meeting their future spouses that way. Dancing the correct steps to the correct music of course none of this modern tuneless cacophony rehashed and fried beyond the recognition of even the modernists.

He sighs, sadly at the memories and says OK I will get my hat and Tango with Ruby back into the mists of time, my output is not required or I think welcomed here.

By, Frank.

Strictly is back!

Posted: 10/09/2017 at 15:47

Hello Plant Pauper and Star gaze Lilly, all is well it has been a rather busy time.

Strictly come "err" Entertain the masses is back, the dancing as I knew it has long been put on the back burner. Last night left me not  a happy bunny, my one time favourite C&W singer Shania was miming and badly as was the other singer whom ever she was. The best Pro Dancers ended up with the no hopers, looks like curtains for them, they must be asking for too much money. As to the rest what was the matter with the sound? the normally brilliant band and singers were definitely underwhelming, not their fault I think.

Watching the so called Celeb's I recognise two of them, dancing their  dance was surprised to see a couple of real dancers among the older ones, Debby McGee has danced before she may go a fair way or not depends on the GBP.

It is sit back and watch for a few weeks now and see what the Pro's can do with them.

I did enjoy lovely Miss Clifton and the Jive pity she has gone to the shows, far better paid I assume.


Leaf mould

Posted: 22/07/2017 at 13:37

The advice I write on here is from donkey's years of experience, take it or leave it in other words. As a lad knee deep in the midden turning the horse manure and green waste i would ask Dad why we had to do it. "Well lad you can have it ready for next year with plenty of good food or we can leave it alone for three years and starve for two of them". He was a dead keen old style gardener, I did it his way.

The Council waste that they turn into compost is piled high for heat turned weekly for air and sprayed with water for the dampening, because of those things they can produce compost for sale in a few weeks. we do not get the heat needed so my compost takes four to five months in summer much longer in winter. If I turn the leaf mould bags every few weeks it takes minutes and I have usable compost in a year if it is not turned it takes two or three. That is my experience, if you do not wish to turn it then don't, if you wish to speed up the process turn it. As for the normal compost it takes little time to fork it into the wheel barrow turn what is left, damp it and toss it back, why pay for a Gym when you can do the exercise at home. We are individuals you pay's yer money and takes yer choice.


I Need Help.... QUICK!!!!!

Posted: 21/07/2017 at 11:58

Considering this part of Northern Europe was covered in ice for a milleniar we are each and everyone an incomer why after years of living as one nation people think they should go back to their roots leaves me wondering. We are mongrels, mixed breeds since the exodus from Africa although that is now being looked at more closely, we have wandered and intermixed so who exactly are we I ask. It is true of all Countries so why all the flag waving in our very short period on this earth it means nothing. Having gone through a world war and one or two since it makes me wonder why we never learn from our mistakes. Family are all that really matters plus of course the joy of gardening,  nurturing our plants and the wonderful peace it brings as we sit and look, let all else take care of itself.


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