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spuds just fall apart when boiled

Posted: 31/07/2014 at 23:21

Charlotte wash dry into pan hot water from kettle some fresh mint bring back to boil turn down to simmer 15 minutes exactly, never fails for me and with a knob of butter who needs anything else.


Soil like dust...

Posted: 31/07/2014 at 23:15

Hi Zoomer, People put plastic or carpet on the ground to kill the weeds, it does not work if they are there they still come. Can you fork it over and rough sow a green fertiliser, dig that in and leave to over winter, better still well rotted horse manure, I know hard to come by though still out there, my Son has a heap of the stuff. The prep is hard work though worth it in the end and for fruit you will need some compost in the soil and for some fruits good drainage. Try a double dig row just to see what is in there.


Lawn edges

Posted: 31/07/2014 at 11:28

Do you have a gully, usually around two inches deep and three or four wide, fill it with water and let it soak in then with a very sharp edging tool (half moon shaped) and a long plank redefine the edges. The cutter must be sharp or else you push the soil down. Letting the edges grow  for a while will put roots into the edge making it firmer. If you are using a spade often not sharp enough then you are again compressing the edge instead of a clean cut. A strimmer on its side will also cut an edge but wear goggles doing it.


Forum names

Posted: 31/07/2014 at 08:36

Now  then Orchid Lady, professional Waltz dancers are the staid ones who do the one two three exactly to the dot. You are being asked to dance by the lad who with his wife managed to dance the whole waltz in the Strauss Dance Halle Vienna on an empty floor when the room was sardine packed. Did they think us part of the show? we were dolled up, or was it the style? Imagine English Hussar in full flow with his lady, we got well and truly applauded when we finished.

Because of the mad rush of Hospital tests the last three weeks my Piano lid has stayed closed, when this is all over I will be back playing and so will you when you get the time, it will come.

Frank, thanks for the charmer bit.

Forum names

Posted: 30/07/2014 at 23:07

Right Orchid Lady get dolled up and we will glide across the dance floor as of old, a stately genteel pastime in my youth, all vanished when Bill Haley invented dancing for six legs uncontrolled arms and no need for a partner. My name explains itself. I have a photo of me doing it in Port Said Leave camp but do not know how to post it, probably a good job.


Dare I say.

Posted: 30/07/2014 at 16:49

No Verdun they do not fight they send the poor bl###y Infantry to do their fighting by proxy, if they had to fight peace would be signed in hours. Under manned, short of everything is the story of all the none wars, small military actions they called them we did as we were told.

As with most on here I post as a way of passing on my experience hoping people do not make the mistakes I made but they do. A bit of chat on the side does no harm.


Dare I say.

Posted: 30/07/2014 at 11:11

It is David's fault all those gas guzzling motor bikes. We marched out or sneaked out of that area on the Mandate ending, the land grab and the war starting and still going on. Will the same happen with the Scottish vote I ask?

David I have many pictures of me on many bikes from the solid frame BSA dispatch riding bike, Norton, then an AJS the first in the Middle East with telescopic forks but only a 350 engine I could not catch the BSA's on the long Canal Road. Through the years I always had an army bike as personal transport and would shove it in the back of my Rover on long runs. A BSA Gold Star, Norton Featherbed, Another BSA twin then a short lived Triumph with Spring Heel very unstable and the only time I came off, it was icy at the time, the last bike another AJS, six hundred miles round trip every weekend from Aldershot to Stockton and back through Autumn and Winter, that was biking not Café Racing.


Dare I say.

Posted: 30/07/2014 at 10:12

Funny old world. My art Master told me I would earn a living white washing toilets, all the rage back then. I learnt my gardening watching Dad as he provided winter and summer for an extended family out of his large garden, "if you cannot eat it do not grow it" yet he did have in my eye's a wonderful colourful garden. I became an Engineer, is my garden a mathematical equation, no, do I carry out the engineers creed, "Cause, Effect, Cure" no. Colour coding to me is a myth as plants will do their own thing, at the moment I have a patch of bush Buddleia in full bloom attracting the insects and butterflies which I did not plant, my Japanese Anemone like the Buddleia came from next door, is it instantly wiped out because it is not in the great plan, no.

My Garden is a bit of all my experiences it has evolved over the 31 years I have lived here, do I grow things to please the neighbours, no, it reflects my moods and needs, is that not the whole idea of a garden?  


Outrageous sexism!!!!!

Posted: 16/07/2014 at 11:21

Bekkie, when I joined the army the front was men only, over the years the women got closer to the front and now will be allowed to fight as they do in many other armies.

Some women will some will not as some men choose not to fight that is our own choice. I saw men go through the process refusing to fight it was hard and painful for them. Front lines are anything but glamorous or heroic and most who see it become pacifists, jaw not war is the only way.


Outrageous sexism!!!!!

Posted: 16/07/2014 at 10:11

To those who grew up during the war it all seems irrelevant, we saw the women doing everything men had done, engineering machinist's welders drivers they manned the factories and the essential services. The local Balloon squad were mostly women and that was a heavy job, my own mother was an electrician on the local Canadian Air Base and women filled many of the jobs on the base. Many years later when I worked at ICI women manned the process lines filling two hundredweight sacks which often fell off the line, some of my men feeling gallant would rush to lift them back on and fail, only to see a girl with a jerk throw the bag back on the line, the men walked away blushing. Nothing soft about women when they are pushed, they may choose to be blushing virgins at times, all part of natures way of propagating the species, fight your corner Ladies some men know you are capable.


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