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Hello smart people

Posted: 28/09/2016 at 13:35

Dee All plant matter is nutritious in its own way depending on how long it takes to morph into a product that will enrich the soil. Your spent compost put on your beds (garden not sleeping) will be drawn down by the worms and having passed through them in the normal way becomes a lovely feed for the soil. Bought Compost is normally ready for new plants with feed added after composting although saying that some of the modern compost is suspect, you do not expect to find bits of glass tin plastic and thick twigs in good compost which is why I sieve it then add my own, some bone meal and a handful of granular fertiliser does it for me. John Innes number one is loam (garden soil) with sand and grit mixed that is for seeds and seedlings, I do mix more sand and grit as drainage to stop damping off. JI number two is for potting on seedlings and young plants, a mix of loam compost sand and grit again I add more grit. JI number three is for planting up pots permanently and is a mix of loam compost with nutrients and added fertiliser. Planting straight into the ground you are planting into loam, garden soil that you can give a tonic to by adding some of your own compost, blood fish and bone, or bone meal and a handful of fertiliser which ever floats your boat and always water well for a day or so. That Dee is about the only list you will get and we learn by trial and error (often more error than trial) which kind of soil we have and what will grow well in it, experience is the key which we all learn by making mistakes yet keep on trying, some plants in my garden have been moved up to five times before finding their niche in this world. No body ever said gardening was easy sometimes sitting there with a glass in the sun and perusing your efforts you wonder why you do it, you can always see what wants doing and never what you have done, "oh" well some seed to collect, in the words of the song, "Hey ho hey ho it's off to work we go" thats life.


Hello smart people

Posted: 28/09/2016 at 11:27

Dee, Always use fresh compost for plants and seeds, as mentioned above all the goodness will be long gone and plants do not come cheap they deserve the best start you can give them. My way is to pot on any thing I buy already growing into a good compost with a slightly bigger pot and it will reward you. I mix my own seed mix as they do not need nutrient to take and push up a stem as a seedling. John Innes seed mix is what I use but mix it, one third JI one third washed sand and one third small grit. Once the seedling has its two leaves I pot on, one half JI one half sand and grit mixed, as it gets a good root then pot on into good clean compost. The old compost goes in my Compost Heap and in time becomes a good friable compost for adding to pots or planting holes as you plant up beds.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 28/09/2016 at 10:27

Sunny warm morning here in Stockton, it gives you a nice glow although that could be down to the porridge and fresh Raspberries I had for breakfast, definitely one of my most favourite fruits. That is along with Victoria Plums William Pears and Hazel pears. There is a Hazel pear tree in the hedge across the fields from me, the kids today have no idea what they are or how good to eat, what a pity, more for me. As a lad we had three Victoria plums on the garden walls a William Pear and a Cooking pear on another wall. There were Apples, Hazel pears and fruit bushes in the orchard, a lot of time was spent bottling fruit or making jam for winter though the Victoria plums got eaten as they ripened. We walked the hedgerows picking brambles, rose hips and there was a small yellow plum tree near us they tasted wonderful. In winter we were never short of fruit pies for tea as there was a cool larder full of bottles and sell by dates???? they were not invented back then.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 27/09/2016 at 10:50

"And after the Lord Mayors show" as they say, another lovely day yesterday with a few spots of rain, today dull and dour over Stockton. Is that the end of our very brief summer I ask?

Did anyone see the story of Marianne North and Kew last night, it was amazing, a word I hate although would use for that Ladies story.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 26/09/2016 at 11:28

Although sunny all day yesterday a cold wind drove us all into the Conservatory for tea and yes they ate all the cake. Today started well in Stockton, a bit cloudy at the moment, the sun pops its nose out and back in again so hit and miss.I am going out anyway, my Consultant checking all is well after the August sojourn in Hospital. I am the first to admit the NHS service has been 10 star, "oh eck as like" £3 car park to find, they only take coins.

What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 25/09/2016 at 10:01

Arose from my bed and looked out, S&W then to the front E&N the dull thud of water hitting the ground, is that heavy rain I ask? certainly it was raining, raining on my plants, as I think the song should go. But "hey" the rain has stopped, the sun is out, and it is warming up rapidly. Stockton is in for another lovely day, polish the old Joanna keys and practice "Come into the Garden Maud" for the family gathering, a few less today, good job not much cake left.


Strictly 2016

Posted: 25/09/2016 at 09:52

After deciding I would give it a miss until the dross had gone the urge took over and on it went, quite a shock really. Trying hard not to watch feet shoulders head, the points dancers look for, but failing, Fridays dancers were very much better than expected, Saturdays dancers apart from one or two were even better. Of course there were foot faults and mistakes, going on that floor and having to perform a solo dance must be heart stopping for some, having to step out and lead off the dancers as my Wife and I often did always raised the blood pressure a bit, it is hard though most managed to pull it off. I am with Len, fancy tricks head stands and swinging on ropes is not dancing as we know it, and that Friday night Tango???? If that was a Tango I will stand on my head and spin round. The sexiest Tango I ever saw were two elderly Spanish people doing a slow Tango to "La Paloma, the Dove" they brought the place to a standstill watching them, that was a Tango. It is so easy to criticise although what would they be like stepping on to the floor under lights camera's with a real expert partner and then perform perfectly, methinks they would also panic. Bring it on, sit back and enjoy as like cream the real dancers will rise to the top.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 24/09/2016 at 09:31

A sunny day in Stockton Town, again !!! when all the family arrive later we will be in the garden. Will have to drag the auld Joanna into the garden for the family singing our song.

Don't jump off the roof Dad you'll just make a hole in the yard,     We have just planted Petunia's the weeding and seeding were hard,     If you must end it all Dad won't you please give us a break,   Just take a walk in the Park Dad, then you can jump in the lake.

Funny lot my family.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 13:27

Verdun I have a slight allergy to stripes, they remind me of the Caning I received on a regular basis at School and then the Head Master would command me to sing "Ombre Mai Fu" at Parents meetings, that was until my voice broke, now let me see !!! was that about the time I discovered the Girls in the school next door behind that massive wall and iron gate. I could dance having gone to classes so at the Christmas, school dance had to lead off the dancing with a suitably blushing young Lady from the girls department. Eagle eyed Teachers would have a flat board which was pushed between the midriff if we got too close together, a gap of six inches young man they would say, "sigh" it is not like that in films.

Still absolutely glorious up here, had my Eclair now off into the Garden to sit.


Asbestos path

Posted: 23/09/2016 at 13:11

Raisin Girl As an Engineer at ICI I did see tons of the stuff and watched it removed to get at boilers and pipework. Normal procedure by H&S was suited booted a mouth muslin mask and goggles complete with hard hat, yes you were in more danger of it falling on you. This is a path edging it has been down a while and will be damp, if it had been the board it would be long gone rotted away so must be Cement mix which will be a small amount, removal as I said and suitably bagged our council will take it away as very low risk. The risk was always the dust, fine particles floating in the air and being breathed constantly. Most of us who have lived in houses built after the war lived with it unknowingly and some still do, at least your ironing boards, mats to sit hot pans on, Oven Gloves and modern hot water systems no longer use it. Yes it is dangerous if allowed to dry out as it would in Kitchen Ceilings of old although they would be painted so sealing them, in the situation described it could be removed without danger if normal precautions are taken. We gardeners are in far more danger from what we spray on our plants so the watch word is do not panic, be logical. If in doubt then pay for removal by all means.


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