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Mobile Phones.

Posted: 04/12/2016 at 10:51

Hi Matts, glad you explained that, when i used to change at Bristol for Warminster my thoughts were I cannot understand what they say must be a foriegn Country. That Somerset brougue is a bit thick to us NE laddies. Technology changes by the day I am reading today we will walk in a shop pick up what we need and walk out. No not shoplift, we will be recognised watched for what we pick up and automatically charged as we leave the shop, the mind boggles. Coming from a time we had planes with two wings and a big fan on the front and watching technology grow beyond what would have been our wildest dreams it amazes me that people within the same room text each other? What happened to speech I ask. Having dipped my toes into the muddy waters, TV, black and white, TV coloured, a phone land line and an electric typewriter for my reports i did venture into the world of computers curtesy of ICI, went into the office one Monday and found this machine glowering at me, asking what it did the techy said hit the keys play with it then put some of your files on it. Great, in other words he had no idea either. Progressed to laptops and the latest an Apple a month old takes me into spheres far beyond anything I have known, a total joy and yes there is a mobile in my pocket, my Daughters insist and keep it busy asking am I OK, my answer is to take my pulse count up then reply still here you have to wait for the inheretence.

Technology advances faster than we can keep up so my way is use what you need for your own use and comfort, that will be different for each individual, in other words you cut your cloth to suit, "aal gan an gitten me ganzi then" oh eck as like me auld phone is bleeping, "are you Ok Dad" hang on just checking?


Strictly is back!

Posted: 03/12/2016 at 22:34

By the look of the above post you should have stuck with Newcastle Brown.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 03/12/2016 at 21:52

Excuse my ignorance, what the help? is a Peroni, anything like a Newcastle brown? I am afraid in this house it is beer or single malt Scotch mist. Peroni sounds like something with cheese on it grilled to death under the grill.

Louise and Dany tonight as usual AJ did Claudia no favours, at least they all danced the Judge after a fashion but he puts the effort into it, if only he would stop his thank you routine, he missed the cleaning ladies and refuse collectors tonight.


Mobile Phones.

Posted: 03/12/2016 at 14:52

Having had my say about the trouble with mobile phones I must agree they are a boon, used correctly. Keeping contact being able to get help and organising for picking up the stranded yes, being texed "I am eating a sandwich in the cafe do you want a picture" Pure lunacy. Having fought with military and industrial communication devices that never work when you need them I do tend to approach mobiles as if they would explode, being constantly on line wearing fingers down to spikes does nothing for me. My biggest laugh came in a Scottish glen when all of the posh expensive ones failed and my cheapo got a signal, now that is a sort of justice, talk about geese in a panic and me quietly smiling. The family have just left and bless them, the mobiles stayed closed, we talked, that strange habit we all once had, young old and inbetween.


Mobile Phones.

Posted: 03/12/2016 at 10:17

Killed the art of writing letters, murdered conversation, lost the ability of concentrating on what one is saying in case they miss something on the phone, they should be flushed down the toilet. In my very last career as White van man with the very latest in vehicles, hands off, blue tooth, (mine are white) radio, all controls on the handle bars my way was switch the lot off and concentrate on driving. Getting to the destination someone would run out shouting phone your office. Where have you been, driving to here, where, where you sent me, Bow London, oer that was fast, yes because i did not have to listen to you lot changing my direction every two minutes. Right switch your phones on, no sack me if you do not like it. I retired in the end for the last time after three years, the Manager read his little speech, never missed a deadline, never late with a load, never an accident, what was the secret, I switched the phones off.

Mine is pay as you go cost £38 and a twenty pound top up per year, my family have phones costing hundreds and more monthly than i pay for a year, all to text "I am in M&S, where are you? Nuts.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 28/11/2016 at 14:09

Raisingirl, you are correct in your observation, the louise was dance, Claudia was "my AJ is good, Claudia just make the shape"? Kevin, Oti, Joanne are brilliant at showing off thier partners AJ at prancing around his partner, she deserved better.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 28/11/2016 at 11:55

Hello Obelixx, I know the feeling, my knees creak a lot and the medical advice is stick with them new knees are a hit and miss affair. Jive, Samba, even the Argentine Tango are for the young the way Strictly want it, Oti did turn it into a tribal dance. Watching it Saturday brought back memory of watching the African Rifles in full gear dance for us by fire light. It sent shivers up your back watching them, Saturday did the same, we have some very clever pro's this year. I always prefered a slow Tango and as a young lad in La Linia saw elderly people dance it, the sex was almost rampant. Being dragged on the floor by a grandmotherly lady did I learn what the dance was about, those lessons got me plenty of partners back home. Now the dancing begins.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 28/11/2016 at 10:34

Just add my nname to what Obelixx said I agree on all points. Oti said in an interview last week they were practicing for long hours and as we all know practice makes perfect. I am only glad that in my dancing years we did not do mad creations such as Samba, we watched Carmen Miranda do it on the pictures. Louise does it for me although I think it will be a male this year.


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Memories of the past

Posted: 23/11/2016 at 13:32

There's nothing left for me---of days that used to be---Just a memory among my souvenirs

The ming vase in the hall---the tin bath on the wall---Fishmongers "calla herrin" call----Among my souvenirs

 The toilet down the yard----Made me a Welsh bard----With no door on the thing----You really learned to sing

Bread we had to slice---Cheese that frightened mice---The skin on pudding rice---Among memory souvenirs.

Apology's to Vera Lynn, Frank.

Memories of the past

Posted: 21/11/2016 at 13:45

RISSOLES "oh I love rissoles" and yes it was Roast Sunday cold meat Monday wash day with the poss tub dolly old fashioned mangle (it mangled your fingers if you were not careful) and the bread rising in the steam of the wash house for the next few days though I preferred it warm. Rissoles Tuesday Mother had been the cook for an Austro- Italian couple over here working for ICI or Brunner Mond as it then was, the Lady of the house would be in the kitchen with Mother showing her the use of Herbs and how to make the Pasta's they loved, our rissoles were kings of the village not your normal tasteless models. Dad grew Herbs in the garden, mother and I would eat Italian dad and Sister would not eat that muck so meat and two veg for them, they know not what they missed.

I came out of hibernation when I saw rissoles not much gardening in the NE we have had snow and frosts for a couple of weeks, our gardening starts in February and I would normally start by building a hot box, we had plenty of straw and horse manure so started and grew lots of stuff on that, Strawberries three weeks before anyone else, that was the way to go. Well back to sleep then.


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