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Favourite Music Genres What's Yours?

Posted: 14/07/2016 at 10:57

Jazz, never understood it, never liked it, it takes all sorts I guess. As a pianist accordionist it was classical or folk depending on which instrument I was playing. Brought up on Light Opera, Richard Tauber, Gigli, Tito Gobi and many others. Then Bing Crosby, Chick Henderson, the big bands, Henry Hall, Glen Miller et al, the Beatles to me were the start of a musical desert for decades it appears to be easing a bit now with more musical to me that is, sounds. I was once taken to a jazz club and sat wondering when they would play a tune, with aching ears I left.

If and when I play Piano these days it is Music from the shows, Glen Miller, some Classics, now and again the old favourites from Sgt's mess days when you slowly slid under the piano as the drinks were quaffed, still on Parade next morning though bright as a button stick.

Did see Monty last night it was more by accident not realising he was on a Wednesday, will they please stop messing GW about.



Posted: 04/07/2016 at 13:45

LesleyK, my Peony has flowered at last and all the buds opened. Having been in the ground for thirty years it is now a large bush and my favourite being a Rubra, the other peony's were flowered and gone in early June, that one hung around a while, worth it in the end as it is surrounded by Cranes Bill in full bloom, quite a picture.


New peony browning leaves - is this ok?

Posted: 02/07/2016 at 10:17

Answer no they should not be like that it is Leaf Spot probably due to stress, the plant is large for the pot has probably dried out and not enough sun.

Peony's need moist but well drained soil in sun or partial sun, one that size should be in the ground planted to exactly the same depth as it is now, that is important. You say it turned up? from where? if it was a purchase then tell them, if not you could pick off the brown leaves cut it back a third then plant it and leave to die back it will come again next year. Once in the ground mulch around the root ball without covering any part of it, inches away is best the mulch will help retain the moisture and feed it.


Independence Day?

Posted: 01/07/2016 at 10:14

We have seen the result "shock and awe" I thought that was Iraq, though it does seem to have brought out the worst in some cases on this board thread. Us oldies who never had it so good or so we were told and now being told again worked long and hard for what we have now and yet we need to bank roll our Grandchildren because over many governments things have got worse and not better, some of it down to the Common market, mostly down to mismanagement by our rulers. We oldies did not all vote for exit, yet are all tarred with the same brush by some. I say grow up as my last comment on this thread, I am not even going to read anymore of it.

Back to gardening.


Independence Day?

Posted: 30/06/2016 at 12:04

Boris Johnson has pulled out of the leadership race, WHY???

He caused the turmoil and now does not wish to face the music of the next two years negotiations, am I right in smelling one very large rat in the compost?


Independence Day?

Posted: 30/06/2016 at 09:16

Sorry every one, this thread will roll for a long time yet, never in all my years have I seen a time when all the parties were in total disarray with Nicola kicking anyone who gets in the way. We are at the moment a rudderless boat and worse the engine has stopped working. It is as I remember Dunkirk, rescue who and what you can then start the build up to take those pesky Europeans apart.

I have seen parties tear themselves apart, Labour after Wilson the Tories after Margaret and then labour and Liberals at the last election but this is beyond any of those things. Much like Pinocchio their noses got longer each day as they thought up bigger and better lies. We the sheep who understand nothing suddenly bit them, as my Uncle Arthur the farmer would say there is no such thing as a dumb animal and now the Politicians are wondering what hit them, the posh boys thought they knew best and the Unions tried to hi jack Labour, we have been there many times it does not work anymore.

This is going to be a fun summer as far as I am concerned (if we ever get a summer) watching the squirming and infighting among them all meanwhile as we always were we will be ruled by the Money men in the absence of Government.


Removing rocky boarder

Posted: 29/06/2016 at 15:21

Faye, those rocks look as if they would fall off, a hammer and possibly a crow bar would shift them without damage to the paves. The point being the paves could also cause problems for a toddler, they tend to fall about a bit. With my grandchildren we bought flexible rubber mats that interlocked, they took minutes to lay down when they arrived and were stored in the garage at other times. If you look on line for childrens play area's you may get some idea's. Your problem could be getting rid of the rocks when you knock the wall down.


Independence Day?

Posted: 29/06/2016 at 12:20

KT53, You are wrong about the weather, My Junkers jumped into one of his aeroplanes and lassoed the Jet Stream towing it down to the English Channel and thus forming a barrier between us. The weather then came straight down from the North pole with Putin setting up large fans to keep it moving. Well if you will vote out expect the knee jerk in the testimonials, Junkers does not like dissidents you do it his way or get bombed with large lumps of fresh horse poo so there. Could come in handy for the compost!!!


Is it too late to plant anything this year? & A soil question

Posted: 28/06/2016 at 14:23

Danielle, Potato's grow in open fields so do need sunlight, if you use grow sacks they are OK to leave in a sheltered though sunny place open to the rain and will still need watering as the tend to dry out. Growing them for Christmas you do need a greenhouse to shelter from snap frosts or winter weather, I do admit to using a fan heater on Frost guard in winter.

The trees will have to stay until they lose the leaves in Autumn, then re pot them in fresh soil with some grit and bone meal that gives them the winter to settle and make fresh root in Spring. You could scrape off some soil from the top of the pot carefully then replace with fresh compost with a handful of granular fertiliser and a little bone meal, at four years they should be almost ready to fruit, look for small immature fruits on the trees. If not re pot and wait for next year.

Your pots depending on what they contain may need to be in shelter during the winter months, bringing them close to a brick wall of the house will suffice if you do not have a greenhouse, wrapping the pots them selves in bubble wrap can stop them freezing and reduce watering to barely damp not wet. If they are hardy then they should take minus five degrees of frost providing the pots are not waterlogged and crack. The main thing is try experimenting seed can be cheap sow a little and see what you get or you could sow bi annuals that grow the first year and flower the next, we all of us do this trying new things, I am retired gardened all my life and still learning so give it a go.


Is it too late to plant anything this year? & A soil question

Posted: 28/06/2016 at 12:27

Danielle, I grew up at a time the garden produced most of our food, dad was a super gardener who believed in planting single rows and then repeating every couple of weeks which meant a continuation of fresh crops. Peas carrots beans can all still be planted and will fruit, read the packets for quick growing foods and you can go beyond the recommended dates, they are just a guide. 

It also depends on which part of the Country you live in, the South will be two or three weeks ahead of us in the North yet we still have time to put in salad crops and keep on sowing a small row at a time to keep your salad bowl full of fresh sweet lettuce or cut and come again. If your child is showing interest then find a small plastic food pack such as a clear punnet strawberries come in and sow some cress. you will need either an inch of soil or else layers of kitchen paper, sow the seed on top water and watch, it is rapid growth and tastes good too one it has its leaves, the part you eat. Another thing I showed my children was a jam jar with some soil in and push a couple of bean seeds next to the glass, you will see them root and grow a stem and leaves, they will not get any beans though you can see the process.

Your fruit trees, how tall are they what are they in pots or the ground and how old are they, fruit trees may not fruit for several years and some need another tree nearby to fertilise them for fruit. Come back on that one. You can put potato's in containers in Autumn if you have a sheltered place or greenhouse and have new potato's for Christmas dinner, it is a bit late now though why not try, a large container or bag with soil in the base place two or three potato's depending on the size of the container cover them with soil and water. As the stems (Haums) grow and bear leaf top up the soil so just a little leaf is above the soil do this several times until it flowers watering well. The new potato's actually grow on the Haum which is why we earth up as it is called, if light gets to the new potato's they turn green and poisonous.

Hope this helps but do come back with any questions plenty of people on here keen to help.


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