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Gardeners World- what's going on ?

Posted: 27/03/2017 at 10:03

"Ah" I heard one famous Gardener say the minute the camera's left his garden he dug up everything they had planted, Monty may do the same. The reason it appeared was they had to have good camera angles, they take each part of the process over many shots, even digging the hole can take some time as the digging is broken down. The one in question said the plants were usually in the wrong place mainly for the producer to show off the method. On TV nothing is as it seems says he who walked up and down the same section of Norton Green for the BBC Crew while they got me in with the Pond, one with the Blacksmiths forge as once was and then one with the Church circa 1100 then a couple because they wanted me to walk in a certain way, (absolutely refused to walk down with both hands on my hips). The producer knew what she wanted but the camera man and director were arguing while I perambulated around the green bored as h@@@. The eventual film shown on TV was ten seconds as I walked towards the Pond the very first shot taken, it is a funny business  The best bet is half believe what you see then imagine how long it took to get a full thirty minutes and soon an hour?


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 26/03/2017 at 11:06


Woke up this morning to a very bright glare, Blue sky and Sunshine to welcome you there. A sight to make you want to sing, for here at last a reluctant Spring.

My Daffodils are blooming bunches all over the garden they bring joy to the heart.


Gardeners World- what's going on ?

Posted: 26/03/2017 at 10:51

Papi Jo, wonderful pictures, loved them, a look back over millions of years, not those plants of course their forbears, to a History Buff a long look into the past. The start of life on land and if you study them properly they have memory, destroy their enemies and out live us by eons.

The Peat free sermon is to please those people who in their innocence wrecked our Peat industry which was mainly Ireland anyway and moved it to Eastern Europe. Any one living near docks will know it is imported by the ton, most of the big seed companies still use it and many of the pots bought will contain some peat. If we really wish to go back to the glorious past for wild life we should ship all the people to a desert somewhere and let the UK become what it once was one huge forest with the seas around the coast as the main highways. You can still get imported peat bails if you know where to look.

Steve, how long would you be interested in watching a programme that every week told you how to plant a carrot how to grow a leek, the eatable ones from Wales not those monstrous un eatable things we grow for show in the NE, or how to chit a potato. I think interest would rapidly wane and audiences dwindle. It is a Garden Show not a tutorial on how to plant everyday things. It is a look over the garden fence at what other people are doing, mixed with a lesson in how to of probably one item. It is that mix which keeps the audience, try it, look at Paps Jo's pictures, the wonders of nature always intrigue.


Just need to vent...

Posted: 26/03/2017 at 10:22

WillDB, Social Media is the Forum in Roman times, people who are not going to get hurt feeding innocents to the Lions. I am not on any of it, would not go on any of it and cannot understand why people would put their whole lives on such a media where it is almost an invitation to be abused. That twittering thingee is to me for twits, that is the kind word. Point one who is interested as to who went to a certain coffee shop and paid a ginormous sum for hot water milk and a few grounds of pick me up, point two who the H@@@ are the people who would read such stuff, they need to get a life, something like gardening, growing things, not destroying ego's on a trip. OK bite me and you will be bitten back and not in one throwaway line either.


Just need to vent...

Posted: 25/03/2017 at 20:53

KT, I am with you, those reporters are on an ego trip to be first with everything, accuracy is not important even if (and they do) get it wrong, they just claim it was the information they had at the time which proved incorrect  a cop out by my standards. If some one shoved a Mike in my face after something like that awful event they would be speaking Latin into it from the wrong end of the body, I do not wish to see people sobbing their hearts out from shock fear and distress at what they have just seen happen. Even they must realise some things cannot be given out at the time as security services had to weigh it all up then dash round the country searching places so evidence was not destroyed, or is that too much for simple brains to understand.

Also with you DR, I knock the sound off or switch over when they do that to Athletes who have just given their all, fail or not they are all winners.


Gardeners World- what's going on ?

Posted: 25/03/2017 at 20:37

Here in the cauld windy Norf the Subtitles definitely needed by us Tykes come Makem's come tackems. sorry to mention this but London Hinglish is not the only dialect around. Loved seeing the plants on Barbados, loved the Lichens we have plenty of them up here and they come in all sizes, very interesting, may even do the pleached Limes although it would have to be all along the road. A couple of trees in each front lawn, maybe the odd one in a drive, they will not get their cars out but "hey" a blow for Global Warming. Normal every day gardening information, how to plant things can be found on Google these days by the barrow load though they never seem to mention double digging or potato trenches with plenty of horse muck, but then I am old fashioned, moderns want everything easy or quick.

I watch GW as a relaxation a nosy into other peoples gardens and to see what Monty is up to now as will many of the viewers, but then, that is me, as they say you cannot please all the people even some of the time. "OK" aisle gitten me ganzie and gan down t'Bladen Arms then for a jug.


Yet more moss in lawn advice needed

Posted: 25/03/2017 at 15:02

Hello W.W. I know what you mean, neglect things for years then when it is too late get the help in. You could well be right about the hard stuff under the lawns, fashions came and went quickly at one time up to the decking period, I call that the dark ages then lawns laid on top of everything, they were told grass grows on  nearly anything we know that is not true. My first Lawn had the ground dug out for nearly eighteen inches, brick hard core put down then gravel. On that went twelve inches of good topsoil and then compost mixed with sand, then seeded. I got two years out of that before we moved, the people moving in said they had been attracted to the lovely lawn they would have nothing to do? What. I never went back but shed tears for that lawn.


Just need to vent...

Posted: 25/03/2017 at 12:32

Correct, we do not have to watch and yes we all have on off buttons, or on here a scroll facility, though we do tend to be a curious lot. BBC think they need pander to that curiosity by their phrenetic coverage 24 hours seven days a week. What annoys me is the need to be filmed on site, have they not heard of greenwall and back ground projection? Why go to all the cost of moving people around on already over loaded road systems, where does global warming come into the equation I ask.

As to content this is a discussion part of the forum, we all have views some widely divergent to others. In my case those who attack inocent people to pursue thier own ends are terrorists no matter what they do in the future. Those people leave devastated families broken bodies and cause breakdown in social order, would I have obeyed the order to shoot on sight? Yes I would at that time and those circumstances. Someone has to say it.


Yet more moss in lawn advice needed

Posted: 25/03/2017 at 10:25

Wonky, seen the day as they say then started helping on a bowling green for many years. Everything apart from the Autumn layering of £600 worth of compost was machine, that was hard enough, my own lawns then got the machine manicure, quicker easier and less of a backbreaking event.

Lawns are high maitenance, hard work however we tackle it, anyone thinking put a lawn in then sit drinking wine the rest of their lives have it completely wrong. A few hours a week in summer and leave it alone in winter will give a good green sward, well that is me, there will be many who do things in a different way.


Yet more moss in lawn advice needed

Posted: 25/03/2017 at 09:55

As with all things, you pay your money and make your choice. Evergreen is my choice after years of trials and yes the all in one ontains iron sulphate they all will. On another post sea weed was the choice, never used it so looked it up, it contains salt and some trace elements, not a lot. Salt is what we used as a weed killer in my Dads garden when I was a lad, the worms take to the hills at the first sign of salt.

Over the years it suited me to weed and feed in spring as soon as the grass started to grow and then again six weeks later. In Autumn scarify first and compost the moss and mat that is pulled up then winter weed and feed. Obviously as Fairygirl Daughter says in spring feed and weed first then scarify the lawn binning the lot, do not add to compost.

That is what works for me in the NE, others may differ, I was once told ask ten gardeners a question you will get ten different answers, that is true they will tell you what works best for them, the funny hing is they are all right.


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