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Hello Forkers December

Posted: 15/12/2016 at 11:00

Joyce, the probability is that as I found as a soldier interfering in other peoples wars only causes even more death and destruction. In my time all we ever seemed to do was retreat from areas we had once ruled only for chaos to follow. Should we have stayed taken our casualties but letting the local population take it out on us, no instead we usually left suddenly leaving a vacuum that left sections to fight it out, often with a massive death toll. We never did learn to keep out as Iraq and Afganistan proved. Our input solved nothing, caused even more trouble for the local populations. Having often had to seperate sects of the same religeon trying to kill each other, why? I did realise it was impossible to get them to see sense. My impression is that after Libya our politicians got cold feet, as an ex-soldier my way would be why go and interfere knowing we would leave it a lot worse. Religeon has a lot to answer for.


Music and YOU, or MUSIC & ME

Posted: 12/12/2016 at 09:52

My late wife was into Keep Fit so every year we would be in London for the Albert Hall, we always took in one or two of the live shows in Town and never saw one I did not like. Seeing it live watching the singers the live orchestra it brought a magic that is missing from plain listening.

Utube has some wonderful keyboard music way beyond the double keyboard Yamaha I had years ago, try Paul on the chromatic keyboard, he is an orchestra with two hands Hiedrun Dolde is a whiz on the latest Yamaha. Plenty of good music out there with video you can watch and listen.


Music and YOU, or MUSIC & ME

Posted: 11/12/2016 at 17:51

D R, I did not say playing in the key of C was a like, playing for the normal sing along it is a waste of time doing anything else, when the drink is flowing tonal excelence goes out the window. Many Lloyd Webber tunes are five flats, try playing those in C and even the drunks do not recognise them. Funny when playing my Honer Accordion it can be in any key I wish, the old Accordion man song goes down well but then look who is playing it.

Joyce, Have to put ABBA on on Tuesdays for Joanne to clean to but orchestral not a vocal, I am also  C&W fan have a lot of vinals of the top singers. Love all the big bands even when they jazzed it up. All our Dance Halls had live music although the dance class put Victor Sylvester records on for his strict tempo. I fell about laughing at his jive instruction though, jive in my day was anything goes and your partner better be wearing big nickers, they were on show a lot as we threw them around.

It was the three chord wonder period when I switched off, out of tune repetetive and musical not, luckily we still had some good travelling orchestra's we could and see or even still dance to in Blackpool.


Music and YOU, or MUSIC & ME

Posted: 11/12/2016 at 14:41

In music we are what we were brought up with, think it has all been said on another thread. Learning instruments and dancing at an early age that music genre has always been my love. Dad was a light opera buff and I got taken to the local Hypodrome to hear live singers with Vilja and Wien Wien Nur Du Allien being my all time favourites. Piano was classical mainly until Dad would walk in with music sheets saying half a crown when you can play this. Blue Danube, Tales from the Vienna Woods, Alice Blue Gown and many more. Parties usually saw me pushed on the piano bruising my fingers hammering out all the old favourites and watching the girl with ginger hair I fancied being whisked away by the local romeo because the crowd would not let me leave the piano. Pub and Mess piano's battered keys missing playing everything in key C because that is the norm with people who definitely thought key changing was being toffee nosed. When dancing went astray to dancing round a hand bag or sitting on the floor rowing imaginary boats to three cord wonders I lost interest both in playing and listening. Getting back on the piano of late discovered those old songs are so imbedded I do not need put the music up. The music played on my system has to fit the mood, Glen Miller, Dean Martin, Foster and Allen or even the E L O and Bing Crosby, sometimes Martha Algarich, one of the best pianists I know of. Yes I am getting too old as all the above links bring only a racket to my ears, I will stick to Irish ballads and Lily Marlene with the odd mad In the mood circa Glen Miller.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 11/12/2016 at 10:54

Poor Craig, he calls it correctly and gets panned. They all made mistakes last night small ones admittedly but in a real dance competition would have been down marked. Len usually calls the mistakes and I could not agree with his outburst last night, he was wrong. I have worried about Len the last few weeks, he seems lost for words at times, a couple of times not finishing what he started, he is right saying it is time to go.

Louise and Danny for me, both made the least mistakes and both have improved beyond measure, Claudia has reached the end of the line, a lovely girl although she must think about the her training for up coming competitions.


Good advice does not come quick

Posted: 07/12/2016 at 11:58

Skinned many a rabbit and during the war they said "a cat with its skin off looks much like a rabbit" never tried that though. I give advice on what I know having learned from a top class gardener my Dad, that advice is from my own experience and mistakes over many years, given freely it is up the the person asking the question whether they take heed or not. My beef is people with little experience guessing a solution to the problem and as said in another post not knowing the conditions prevailing for the questioner, best my way, never seen that then do not reply.

Christmas way back for us would be killing plucking and ploating the geese ducks chickens then hanging ready for sale, preparing hams and bacon joints then cutting or digging up vegetables for the meals, doing that was good preparation for skinning cats, I am a dog man, sorry cat lovers.



Posted: 06/12/2016 at 15:30

Clarington, each time I post about wood, burning composting or as a mulch my head gets chewed off. Much as we gardeners hate waste and would re-use the nails from the Ark, there is little that can be done with your saw dust. Using it in any way on the garden is out having no idea what it is sealed with or from where it came. Making brickets and burning is out as apparently so many people now have wood burners they are causing smogs, polluting the atmosphere and thus destroying the planet. That is not me by the way but the latest information from the greens. It seems the only way is bin it unless you sell it by the bag to the wood burning power stations springing up in our area, the N E, it may save a boat load from Canada. Now I would ask, how is that reducing greenhouse gasses. Cutting, then to the docks, a long boat journey to Teesside, it must make sense to someone though not me.


Minimum temperature for a frost-free greenhouse

Posted: 05/12/2016 at 21:11

Flo7 crack the top vent a little the fumes rise but so does the heat. Condensation is the main problem and it can cause problems with the plants. It is difficult to organise if you work and would be out all day, if it looks cold enough to last all day then leave the GH closed up otherwise some air flow is best. No easy answer and I did at times lose plants. I did keep some in the garage it was warmer but does not get the best light so had to be turned daily.


Minimum temperature for a frost-free greenhouse

Posted: 05/12/2016 at 15:33

Flo7 had trouble with parafin heaters years ago and bought a small electric heater with a frost guard thermostat. You need to trim the wick on parafin heaters or as I found out one morning you wake to a sooted up greenhouse. If you have staging put the plants under it and cover over with bubble wrap, the floor temperature will be a degree or so warmer than higher up. Make a tent within the greenhouse not touching the glass, lay fleece over the plants and then drape bubble wrap over that. You cannot put enough heat in to a greenhouse with normal heaters to stop a severe frost, I live in the N E of England, we have had hard frosts all weekend, the glass is frosted but inside under cover above freezing. Some plants can take a few degrees of frost and wrapping pots will also work. Remove the covers during warmer days, let the plants breath, keep watering to a minimum though do not let them dry out. Heating depends on what you can afford, electric fan is cost efficient if you have a cable in, gas and parafin best used sparingly.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 04/12/2016 at 20:14

Thank to the Gods on mount Olympus, the annoying judge had gone, the dance is on. Elaine Page spoilt my favourite music tonight, what on earth happened to that once faboulus voice.


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