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Ultimate Alphabet 'Q'

Posted: 08/03/2017 at 15:47

Ladybird, spot on Fayid was the HQ of the Canal Zone which had shrunk by the time you were there, Ismailia was half Greek French and half Egyptian divided by the Sweet water Canal, nothing sweet about it. One of my first jobs on getting to Shandur was to take a crane to the Army water filtration plant and lift the filter screens to be cleaned, I have a strong stomach but those screens as they were lifted tested it. I was taken to Hospital in Fayid from the Sinai and spent three weeks there then six weeks in El Kabrit convalescent camp on the narrow part of the Canal as it went into the Great Bitter lake. We crossed the Canal at Kantara which is Egyptian for Bridge, it was above Lake Timsah a swing bridge and you had to wait for the boats to clear that section of Canal before you could cross from Sinai. We had been over there for three weeks on LofC  duty water rationed no shower or even a bathe, six to a bucket then put it in the cooling system. We got to the Canal a long wait so I just dropped all my clothes and dropped in the water, not having seen the bus on the other side full of WAAF a rapid exit, grab clothes run round the blind side of the recovery truck as I said red faced.

The forces left late 1955 and we were back in 1956 Suez, the least said the better. We would go to Tel El Kabier a huge base and on the way to Cairo, as you say we would get into Cairo and take a car to the Pyramids, all changed now.


Ultimate Alphabet 'Q'

Posted: 08/03/2017 at 15:12

Ladybird, Late 1947-49 why were you one of the WAAF's, once seen never forgotten.


Ultimate Alphabet 'Q'

Posted: 08/03/2017 at 13:39

Ladybird, not much chance, the ducks walk in the beck at times when it is very low and as a swimmer it would kick in says he who swam Naked in the Suez Canal in front of a bus load of WAAF, very unexpected as my blushing cheeks, all four of them showed as I scrambled out to cheers. Long story would need a whole board to tell it.


Greenhouse Shading, does the colour matter?

Posted: 08/03/2017 at 13:33

Sheps, what ever you use will increase the heat inside after years of green house ownership and many differing attempts at shading I gave up and went for vents instead. My Robinson Lean to Greenhouse built against a South facing wall came with roof vents and a wide door. I took out some grass and fitted louvres putting everything on automatic vent lifters, adding a fan with a thermostat for extra cooling worked a treat. Opening the door and damping the floor down soaking the gravel side bays and leaving a couple of buckets of water under the plants did the job for me and has done for over thirty years. Remember any type of shading reduces light and plants need light, with plenty of through air circulation plus the air movement by a fan on still days you will find the plants thrive just do not water the leaves while it is hot, early morning or late evening is best for that. I say it as I have found what works for me, depending on the position of your greenhouse things may differ, my garden is South Facing maximum sun and heat in the NE of England further south you may need some shading, I once used some old net curtain fixed to bamboo rods in a small house I had at the time, lift it up onto hooks take it down when i got home, it worked.


Ultimate Alphabet 'Q'

Posted: 08/03/2017 at 13:12

Ladybird, plenty of practice standing in them during and after the war, we got plenty of Queue time.

"Agh" the mail just came and my rates bill for next year, I am walking down to the Beck, if it is deep enough and no Frog Spawn I may not come back.



Posted: 08/03/2017 at 11:03

Verdun, yes today the sun is out though it never did bother me if it was raining. There is always work to do with animals or garden and being an outside man I just got on with it. The Brook or Beck as we call it is just down the hill from me, a lovely walk beside it and up through the woods onto the back lane home and a cup of tea. They had to raise the two bridges at each end because it can become a River, the wild life scatters uphill among the undergrowth and the Vixen sits outside her hole watching us pass, she has no fear as some even put dog food out for her when she has pups. Nature does a wonderful job on her own without help from us hence the small personal garden and let the rest go wild yet managed.

It would be a dream now having reached a good old age when things get a bit difficult more so after the big operation but we are tough in the NE and I do what I can with what I have so with my six acres i would ask for the fitness to work it as I wished.



Posted: 08/03/2017 at 10:25

A piggery, free range hens, Geese, ducks, a small paddock all weather for the pony. Already lived in such a place with a walled garden South facing, fruit trees on all the walls including my favourite Victoria plum. A Green Lane adjacent to ride the pony and we have plenty of them around, a small babbling stream at the bottom of the field with hedgerows full of Bramble, Sloe, May, Wild Roses for their Hips and rushes for the wild life. A Hay Meadow wild flowers and to bring back the wonderful scent of Hay making year on year as well as feeding the animals.

A Garden would be a small personal section the rest to work for me, brought up on home cured bacon fresh eggs, produce from the vegetable garden and our own fruit nothing these days tastes the same. The main reason would be to give my Grandchildren the freedoms I had to live with animals learning how to tend them the freedom to roam meadows and lanes, play in water and generally run free in the open air, all these things they do get on occasion but it involves travel and arranging.

My upbringing at the time on smallholding and farm seemed to be the norm, I now realise what I had was unique (there goes that QU again) we had it all, three miles away in the Town they did not hence the flood of people on the bus to our open spaces the Village Green complete with Pond, the Show Field so called because the Barnum and Bailey Show was there in early 1900. The old Mill Walk past our house and down one of the Green lanes mentioned above, every Bank Holiday sunny or wet they flooded in for a few hours fresh air and some of Mothers home made lemonade and cake, "oh and the Garden gate open for them to use the old toilet up the garden".

Indulging myself in that amount of space without using it as more than eye candy would annoy me, my Peony's, Roses bush and climbing, would be a must with enough room in the vegetable garden to rotate and have Tomato's and Strawberry's in season of course.

Reading my Income Tax return yesterday and what I am expected, no told I must pay in the next year, I should have splashed everything on buying such a place years ago and not bothered saving for my old age, we live and learn.


Ultimate Alphabet 'Q'

Posted: 07/03/2017 at 13:18

Verdun, you may possibly think that but I could never say it, upsetting the girls on here would be the equivalent of tipping over a bee hive. I had better stick to the occasional Quip or quavering remark as it makes me queasy thinking of the girls querulous questions like "what the @@@@ do you mean" that would make me quiver with fright. Any requests I ask.


Ultimate Alphabet 'Q'

Posted: 07/03/2017 at 12:04

Muddle up, at the moment I am on industrial strength Calpol for chest cold which appears to be working as all I can see are quantaties of qualifying queue's or should that be Qu's. The quixotic use of the English Laguage always intriqued me. "Oh eck as like, my brain has gone all GU now, hope I do not Argue with my Lady cleaner when she arrives in a minute. At the moment spitting quoits as I read my Income Tax return, any swear words beginning with Q I ask.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 07/03/2017 at 09:13

Hello Gardners it's a lovely morning, Bright and sunny since the early dawning, Warm and Balmy Stocktons Gardeners army, prepares for action once more.


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