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What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 10:19

Cold with intermittent sunshine, methinks Autumn is here that is the NE of our bejeweled land. Now I see Verdun is doing a "we have our land back dance" probably wearing a black hood and bells on his knees. Them there Grockles give you your winter sustenance Verdun don't knock it.


Killing ivy

Posted: 22/10/2016 at 10:10

As with all things gardening Patience is the name of the game. I removed ivy from both sides of my Bungalow when it decided to invade the roof space. Cut through the main trunk and remove about a foot or so of it. I then drilled the base as deep as I could with several holes poured in old engine oil and covered with heavy black plastic which was nailed in place, then walk away and forget it for a year.

One year later there was no new growth, the ivy on the wall had dried up and just pulled off like a carpet which was rolled up covered in plastic tied and transported to the tip in the car. The root base gradually rotted away, it was against a wall so not in the way and end of ivy. Have since done the same with two tree roots that outlasted their stay and it works, patience is a virtue they say well it certainly is in gardening. "Oh" and I had to clean the bricks where the ivy had been using a power washer, angle it to the bricks and it is easily removed.


Fast Growing Screening Trees that Won't Damage a Retaining Wall.

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 14:11

Flick and Cam, Had another look and see the problem and yes New Build Builders have a lot to answer for. Trellis can be fixed by screwing a vertical support to the fence and or fence posts then fitting the Trellis to those supports, (inside your side of the fence would be best) yes it will be on a slant but after a year any climbing plants should be on the trellis hiding most of it. Trellis is light weight as a rule so does need some good support posts to fasten it to, another way is fix supports to the fence posts rising above the fence and running wires through those posts as a horizontal support for your climbing and rambling roses clematis and there are so many other climbing plants which any good Nursery or Garden centre would advise you on. There is also the aspect to consider, which way does the main fence face, do you get sun or shade or maybe a bit of both, it will all need to be looked at before planting the correct plants, there are plenty of plants for each aspect so the choice will be yours. Fruit trees fanned onto walls or fences can both provide cover and something tasty, climbing plants can be very fragrant and you will want to sit outside sometime with a glass in your hand. The suggestion for a few paves and fancy gravel with a seating area is only so you have some where to relax whilst getting the house in order. Gardening needs time thought and patience at least they have not committed the usual crime of six inches of soil on compacted clay and a roll of lawn that will never prosper. Good luck and come back if you need more information.


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Disturbing a newly planted Peony

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 13:50

Hi Sanjy, I consider Peony's or paeonia as I call them to be the Grand Ladies of the flowering garden, they do their own thing only when they think they will do it, We doff our caps and wait for that smile as they flower. They do not like being moved though I have moved them taking care to never sink the root ball below the level it was at. One sulked for two years then flowered fully, another came back with a few more flowers each year and now blooms for England. Each has its own way of doing things we just care for them and await results, as I said Ladies need to be obeyed or is that pampered and obeyed, I do both it works for me.


Yes, Prime Minister

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 12:48

B3, What is the definition of Democracy??? Free will to the people, no Police, no ban on anything, no Government and no Town Council, no having to go to school in fact never having to work let the rich feed the poor only there would not be any rich only the strong as per the Chieftains of long ago. It harks back to my upbringing on Small holdings and Farms that produced most of our food the year round, Mother also a dressmaker, Dad a Haulage Contractor often paid in kind because money was scarce, hence my first Piano, accordion, banjo, steam engine that actually steamed and even first motor bike. Poverty ruled for many, those who could did those who could not begged. That in my lifetime, now poverty is not having a 56" TV I-pad and the latest phone. If you stand up and defame some one you get sued, step out of line you get arrested, hold beliefs considered heretic and watch out, is that Democracy? Is Democracy the Nanny state with all its do's and don'ts, obeying the laws that our peers think are relevant or being completely free to do as we wish no matter whom we hurt. Democracy is only a word, we have certain freedoms but try not paying your taxes which I will pay until the day I die and see what happens even when they have got it wrong you have to prove it. We all obey the rules as laid down by a small number of people in power and I do not think that could be called democracy. My reading of it is, the Weak use the rule of law and the strong use weapons as we can see daily on the news.


Yes, Prime Minister

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 11:32

B3, I respect your respect although out of the 600 odd in Parliament how many can you name, the ones I see appear to be wishing to go back in time to an age best forgotten when our Car and Engineering industry went to the wall because of inefficient Government and Management getting it wrong. The hoo ha a few years ago about MP's with both feet in the trough highlighted that. We have T.M. true blue Tory bringing back the past and the very far left thinking it is Christmas, in between nothing apart from some Kilted manics wanting to anchor Scotland to a rock and kick us into space. There must be dedicated and willing people out there as MP's only they are not news so their idea's are not broadcast by the media in fact listening to the media we only have around a dozen people they think worth reporting on and for all the wrong reasons. Bring back the Stump and the budding politicians having meetings with us the hoy poloy, well those interested that is, we may just get the MP we want and not the one imposed on us by some London Office, I wish?


Fast Growing Screening Trees that Won't Damage a Retaining Wall.

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 11:09

I studied those pictures and do not understand the planter bit. You have built a wall which I assume you will fill with soil but what about the fence you cannot pile soil against a fence it will rot. OK the wall is up now, I would have gently sloped or terraced the garden. Forget fast growing trees or shrubs unless you wish to have a problem in future years, more neighbours fall out over fast growing firs than anything else and in the wrong place can lose you hours of daylight by shading out the sun either your side or the Neighbours. Have you thought of adding height to your fences by using trellis up which you can run Roses, Clematis, Honeysuckle, or even fruit trees which can be fanned, Cordon or Espalier to cover a fence providing it gets some sun. You say you have little time for the garden then for now and I hate saying this, lay a few well placed slabs and some decorative gravels with a seating area and wait until you can get to the garden. That way you can at least use the space, it will be clean and tidy easy to maintain for now, meanwhile with trellis atop the fence and some nicely scented shrubs or fruit at least it will do for now. Hope this gives a few idea's.


Disturbing a newly planted Peony

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 10:42

I grew up with Peony's and have my own now, love them. My way is not to cut off the old foliage once the leaves have dried up leave it as a frost guard and it works, putting mulch on the root can cause rotting, I mulch around the root in a circle and leave the rest to the worms who work it into the ground.

They do need a southwest placing, late morning and afternoon sun is what they like, water round a new planting say a bucket every few days for a month unless it is cold. I wake mine in spring by again mulching around the plant with a mix of compost and granular fertiliser not touching the top of the root ball. A new plant can take a year or so to flower so if it only shows leaf the first couple of years it is building up reserves. One of mine took six years then only one flower now it is a full grown plant with a mass of flowers, you may have to stake the plant when it flowers by putting several stakes in the ground and stringing them across, if you do this early the leaves cover the supports. Hope this helps.


Yes, Prime Minister

Posted: 19/10/2016 at 10:26

B3, Education is not the only measure of success, many people without the required certificates make it in life, the one thing they do have is being driven to do better and working when others are taking it easy, life style is in most cases not given it has to be earned.

There were certainly no uniform bursaries in my time if parents could not afford it then you were out, it was also books kit and the uniform for me was every year as I grew to six feet. Mother bought me the complete set of Arthur Mee's encyclopedias which I  read over and over it set me on course to be an engineer. High School gave me the mathematical ability which is a must to be an engineer, everything you do is to a formula and without maths it is a none starter. In my day you left school to work in Banks, Building Societies, Chemists or became Teachers and Lawyers Clerks. Our area was a massive shipbuilding and engineering area and many of us were head hunted into engineering if we were good at maths. Really we had no choice, I certainly did not want to sit behind a desk for fifty years then retire but engineering was exciting and at that time dangerous, we walked the steel, no H&S so unguarded massive machines shaping metal, they would have your arm of if you made a mistake, once you have seen a girl scalped by a drill you become very cautious, that was how it was and what we did.

Seen so many Governments come and go, all promise and no give, from "You Never Had It So Good" to we will all have to tighten our belts in a speech at a sumtious dinner in the London Guild Hall shown on Pathe News at the Cinema, the Audience gave their view on that loudly and raucously. Our disrespect for politics and Politicians has been weened over many years of "we are alright Jack pity about you lot down there". Will they ever learn respect again I doubt it looking at what is happening now.


Yes, Prime Minister

Posted: 18/10/2016 at 15:41

KT, many things never alter and education is one, I saw a news item this morning saying some Grammar Schools were not getting pupils from poorer area's. That was the same in my time, around 60%  passed the 11+ we all had to take and around 25% of us got to High School because our parents could afford the Uniforms books and kit we all needed, even then some fell out of school when it came to new Uniform, few of us made it to sixteen many were out of the school at twelve thirteen because money was needed, even the few coppers a week those children could earn. Politics as depicted in Yes Minister which we all laughed at first time round has proved to be very much like the programme in fact too much, more snouts in the trough than we believed. I have seen a few on Dave late at night when BBC has failed to produce anything watchable which is getting more often and still laughed only more wryly as we now realise the truth behind the show. As you say nothing changes.


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