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Things I don't get

Posted: 28/08/2016 at 11:22

Hello HFC, know what you mean there are two large campers in our family although they are towed by the appropriate vehicles, the bit I do not understand is at a camp site they take it off the vehicle pull out a cord and drive it into position with its own motors??? Me I would just reverse it in. They came back from the lakes last week and have all gone back this weekend, the grandchildren love it.


Gardening bikers?

Posted: 28/08/2016 at 11:13

P.P. Joan would never get on my bike. One night there was a show trick motoring at a racecourse a few miles away she wanted to go. The Hillman was sick so it was agreed she would go on the bike this once and no going mad !! So it came to pass one very nervous passenger so tightly glued to me it was difficult to breathe. Dead slow upright on corners do nothing that would break her grip and so we saw and enjoyed the show. Coming back, "oh well" she would never do it again, let loose the horses, and home in a tenth of the time it took to go. Mother, (she rode motorbikes all over the UK) "how was it then Joan", "well going I did not like it a bit, coming back great, were are we going tomorrow"? Women I never understood them.


Things I don't get

Posted: 28/08/2016 at 10:57

Fairygirl/Daughter, beware of anything that is automatic, those computers have a mind of their own. A lad working on Motorway recovery told me the cars he was called to most often were Mercedes and always it was a computer board. "have you got a credit card" right £250 please, then slip out the offending board in with the new and a shocked motorist went on his her way.

I had VW when in Germany then Ford, none ever broke down or let me down at any time, none were 4x4 yet we drove in all weathers, one simple reason, on the Continent it was the law to have chains in the boot from October to Spring, ten minutes to fit the chains unlike some British makes that take forever to untangle and away you went. In Germany spiked tyres would be fitted in the worst weather, you did not see cars sliding downhill there as you do here.

It is mostly common sense and no matter what your driving preference is the same rules apply. You are in a killer machine that needs care and attention, no phones no reading the newspaper and no ducking under the dash board for the sweets you dropped or plugging the kettle into the lighter connection, "Oh" and regular servicing they do not run forever on the same old brake fluid.

I only ever met one stroppy garage manager, he mouthed off, I took my order for the new car elsewhere, a letter arrived from the Garage asking why I told them in no uncertain terms and never went back.


Things I don't get

Posted: 28/08/2016 at 10:02

Fairygirl/Daughter, in your case yes a 4x4 is needed now and then though having driven them for years, Jeeps, Austin Champs, Land Rovers and Range Rovers I can almost count on one hand when I needed 4 wheel drive. Even on Luneburg in mid winter with chains it was just two wheel drive, we put up high mileage on the Autobahn where four wheel drive would have burnt out if used continuously, it was not needed and as an engineer I see very little use for it on modern roads. More parts to go wrong more wear and tear more fuel needed and it makes for top heavy cars, centre of gravity high means more chance of rolling. I just do not see the point, why use a truck when a van would do the job???


Gardening bikers?

Posted: 28/08/2016 at 09:50

P.P. thereby hangs a tale. One of my men at ICI had a Bantam, he was six feet four weighed eighteen stone of muscle and rode that BSA Bantam winter and summer. Picture a person on a Unicycle, all we could see from the back was nothing of the bike apart from a wheel emanating from his bottom and we wondered how that skinny thing managed to hold him up at all, it never let him down he was never late or absent even in the worst of weather, that says something about those Bantams.

I was moonlighting trying to save up for a Vincent I knew was for sale, went in one day and Joan smiling, "how is the bike fund going" "oh oh" Joan never asked for much but when she did it was needed, OK sweetheart what is the problem says I, "well says she, we are going to need a bigger car, you have around six months" "right Darling" after the hugs and kisses end of dreams end of Hillman small car and in with Vauxhall Estate. I changed the BSA Gold Star for an AJS which stood me in good stead for seven years. Those were the days "J" happy memories never leave you.


Gardening bikers?

Posted: 27/08/2016 at 16:07

P.P. Never heard of a side prop, my BSA, and Norton's had them built in, you reached back with the heel and kicked them down perfect. The first bike came in a box of bits at sixteen, a New Imperial 125 that had raced on the Isle of Man pre-war. Dad said when you have built that you can learn to ride, "On the Farm tracks" "ye Right", he expected it never to go again. Three weeks later they all came running to see what the noise was, one bike running nicely without the silencer. That bike was a flyer but the next bikes were not, BSA H model with girder forks no rear springing, Norton the same, Royal Enfields and after again assembling a box of bits a BMW shaft drive ex German, the MP's watched me pass them on the Canal Road to Faid for a couple of weeks before stopping me and stealing it, well I said they stole it.

After I could afford it there came a series of Feather bed Norton's BSA Gold and Silver Stars, a Triumph that nearly killed me, it had a spring heel and the most unstable bike I ever had, that went for another BSA Twin. Joan said enough we need a car, we could not get three on the bike, so a few as personal transport and always an army bike to run around on, if you have the Rank Flaunt it. My next bike may be a pensioners passion wagon though I cannot see me doing 8 MPH down the High Street on one of those, can you get Go Faster Stripes.


Things I don't get

Posted: 27/08/2016 at 15:40

Some things I will never get. Office speak? out of the Box, Blue Sky Thinking, At the end of the Day, how on this earth did I manage to run both military and Civvy offices without resorting to such silly sentences. As to Bonding, every one cuddle? sing the song for the day or works anthem? all go Paint Gun Playing, well I did use guns, Real Bullets, far better result. Golf definitely a good walk spoilt, better off walking the pooch.

Three of the lads in the family have motor bikes, they were discussing a long distance ride from Stockton to Whitby then on to Scarborough and back over the moors. Maps were out mileage worked out times set. I sat listening and never said a word_______ about the six winter months I rode from Aldershot to Stockton after parade on Friday then back again after lunch Sunday. It was during the winter  of 1955 cold wet snow and ice, I had waterproof trousers a leather coat and helmet apart from the odd stop to warm up it was in one go each way every time. Six months later it was back to the Desert.

Motor bikes fast cars were all the same to me they got you from A to B, we did the Defensive and Offensive driving course with the London Met, they came to us and were more interested in firing our machine guns. A mornings driving a liquid lunch in the Mess then a very interesting afternoon, we set up a row of weapons plenty of ammo and took off in their cars, bumps dents and grazes were part of the course. Having learned to drive in trucks they were my first and last love everything else were classed as toys.


Things I don't get

Posted: 26/08/2016 at 20:49

Why oh why do the News programmes have to give the headlines as the last programme rolls away then thirty seconds later do it all again, I throw things at the screen. Why do they have to rush all the top news readers to parts of the world where catastrophe strikes then interview people obviously in dire shock, they would be happier to see people who can help not intrude.

As to driving, try taking a 44 Tonne truck through a town to a High Street Supermarket, they did not all have back side warehouses. If they did you would probably need reverse down a back street using all the road to get the back round, the language used by car drivers without a second to spare usually found me out of the cab and facing them off. I am 6 foot and was well muscled, oh the joy of seeing the shock on those faces. Next time you pass and cut in on the motorway remember it takes a truck three times as long to stop. On a Roundabout a truck swings wide because the back of the trailer does not follow the cab, it takes a narrower line, if you try nipping through expect to end up under the trailer or pushed onto the grass by the side bars, be warned.



Posted: 26/08/2016 at 12:00

Daisy, you could use one as a gozunder and the rest as planters. I compared my old dinner plates with some new ones after reading this and it is correct the new ones are a quarter size bigger?


What is your weather like?

Posted: 26/08/2016 at 11:55

Be afraid, very afraid. A large golden orb giving out rays of light I am unable to look at and if you step into them you start to smoke? Is this an alien ship hovering over Stockton? has the war of the worlds begun I ask? I rattle my brain box and it brings back long gone memories of idyllic days chasing the girls through the flower filled meadows during the summer school break and skinny dipping in Billingham Beck, oh what innocent days those were. Now what was it called again Son, Sonny, Some? oh yes SUN.

Every bit of bad weather this year has flown across country stopped over the top of us and ditched its load of rain, what did we do, I never meant what I said about Cornwall Verdun, can you just move those clouds North a bit, that lot over the border are used to it. every thing rains on their parade I blame the bagpipes and all those naked knees. Explanations please in writing with stamped addressed envelope included.


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