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What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 28/01/2018 at 10:13

Stockton on Tees overcast but a magnificent 12C today  If it gets much hotter i can see Stockton being IN the Tees. I speak too soon the Sun has just appeared miraculously through the South facing window. "Goodness gracious me" do you think we are going tropical?? 


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 27/01/2018 at 10:34

Stockton on Tees, starting quite dour brightening later but I will not need my sun cream and dark glasses today even though we may reach a tropical 7C. "oh well" there is always tomorrow as the song goes. (breaking into song and watching the neighbours flee in horror). 


Renourishing compost in a planter

Posted: 26/01/2018 at 14:40

Remove a few inches of the old compost from the top, and replenish with new compost plus a hand full of granular fertiliser. The goodness will wash down into the soil as you water. Once your plants are in and settled you can add more fresh compost to the top. If you are planting peppers again, dig out a hole and fill with fresh compost this should guard them from any disease from the last crop. I would never plant the same crop twice in the same place, just a thought.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 26/01/2018 at 09:19

Stockton is dry this morning and brightening we have 5C so may get another heat wave today of 7C, I will take a look outside to see if the Palm trees are waving in the breeze. 


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 25/01/2018 at 11:37

Lain R tempting offer but my West and part South facing Conservatory has the doors open at the moment it is so warm the South  facing greenhouse would grow Desert thorn bushes or camel thorn as we called it, any one got a Camel. I noticed yesterday some of the owners in an Arabian Camel Beauty contest had been using Botex on the Camels lips, they were disqualified. Mind after a few months out there I can tell you those camels with their soft eye's and long lashes did get quite attractive, pity about the smelly breath.


How did your love of gardening begin?

Posted: 25/01/2018 at 10:19

I grew up living on a small holding in what was then a small village surrounded by Market Gardens, a very fruitful area you could say my Uncles had farms close by with walled gardens as ours was. Those gardens fed the family and extended family at a time when supermarkets did not exist in the form they have today. I had my chores feeding animals mucking out and best of all helping in the garden, I had the best tutor as my dad would forgive my mistakes. It was knowledge of rotation of crops, what when and where to sow, Hot beds, resting, preparation and we had a huge midden for compost mainly horse muck which I would turn producing the best compost ever apart from the hot beds assembled every year which needed a lot of fresh manure to give the heat needed for early crops. Today the garden is ornamental with some fruit and salad crops, lawns for the Grandchildren and dogs to play on (not my dogs theirs) at weekends. A wonky knee and stiff back slow you down, the brain may be 21 but it has not kept up with the nature of things.

The Market Gardens are gone, now housing estates, Dads old garden now has a large detached house on it and the rest divided into three gardens, a secret peek in one day saw some lovely vegetables just as it used to grow. Nothing stays the same yet I now see veg patches again where once there was decking, lawns get smaller as people develop flower beds, people are getting the taste of food with the soil attached to the roots as we had, no bad thing there could well be a renaissance on the way.


Neighbours plants damaging my Mum's fence

Posted: 25/01/2018 at 09:51

Never known of any insurance that will fix a fence, in this area the fences are owned by the householder. I own the South and part of the West facing fence my Neighbour owns the North facing fence which has just been replaced by them, with my permission they took down a six foot fence and put in a four foot fence as we talk and the little dog next door is lifted over into my garden for a change of scenery.  I would never touch anything beyond my border however annoying as it is a minefield of litigation in some cases.

The options are if you own the fence then replace it, get a couple of estimates from a local installer. If your Mum can live with it put a shorter in height fence in  then chop off any of the bushes that climb over the fence, the neighbour refuses to cut back her bushes so I cannot see her being helpful on any issue. I do not recommend you doing this but as an old soldier a late night foray with a good shrub killer might come to mind, not saying i would but do not tempt me?


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 25/01/2018 at 09:31

Stockton today has bright sunshine, no lights on in the house, must be saving a fortune in electric. High today of 7C, these heat waves are very disconcerting for January, "oh well" make the best of it. 


Police UK

Posted: 24/01/2018 at 14:54

Sorry Puncdoc it has to be said, Three massive cases up here in the N.E. have lead to trial and long imprisonment, a couple involving children and one drugs, the drugs case had two white faces out of eleven charged and the other cases had no white faces. We have to say the cases involved a very small minority of our population of none UK born people. Our town being a port saw many people from many nations, ordinary law abiding people with whom we socialised and lived alongside happily, suddenly you start looking side ways after all these years. Mr Singh who owns a local shop is a lovely jovial person who never would but could call me names, I could not retaliate as it would be classed as anti racial. in some cases the shoe is on the other foot.

Cleveland have seen two very long Saga's in its handling of racism within the Police Force with Senior people sacked as they should be. My point is somethings do happen but in an area of mass immigration as here and parts of all the large Cities you will get mistakes made, they are rare yet get blown up by news hungry media the worse it is the better is their motto, things get blown out of proportion.


Police UK

Posted: 24/01/2018 at 12:07

Well said Hazel, we have too high an expectation of what they are able to do. The government has cut their numbers by thousands, hog tied them with health and safety rules, the Sue and be dammed policy's of some people mean they need to consider every aspect of a situation before they can act. I saw the same in the forces, yellow cards had a lot to answer for and the Police have the same sort of shackles. We have had two cases up here of kids stealing cars tearing round taunting the Police into a chase then crashing and someone dying, uproar in the press and media most blaming the Police. They cannot win as a youth we had respect for the Village Bobby who knew us all and our parents, the glove filled with dried beans around the head made us toe the line, this week we had kids dancing on top of the police car sent to stop the vandalism, no respect there then or even fear of the Police. Other countries i have been in the Police carry weapons and use them, here some have them but have the same yellow card we had before they can even get them out of the boot. The day is coming when they will all have guns and then hear the screams from the do-gooders.


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