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What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 16/02/2017 at 11:42

OK Verdun, do not rub it in. Stockton has sunshine on and off clouds drifting by pulling the shutters down now and then. The East winds have ceased blowing for now, temperature 9c. Spoke too soon the wind has turned East again, rapid cooling taking place, on wit ganzi lad, ye reet.


Forum names

Posted: 16/02/2017 at 11:31

Lirodendron just written a piece on back yards, outside toilets and horse drawn vehicles, some one born in the fifties did not know why the toilet down the yard had a trapdoor opening onto the back street? Explaining when those street houses were built the outside toilets were soil boxes that had to be emptied before flush toilets were fitted much later allowed some humour to show. Lets face it, the contents went into middens, once sweetend? went on the vegetable plots and thus the ultimate recycle, from you to plot to vegetable and back to you? When I was in Garrison in the Middle East the night soil collectors told me English night soil was liquid gold, that was what Gyppy tummy did for you. Nice to be useful.


Forum names

Posted: 15/02/2017 at 19:55

Ok lay off, my back is sore from all this slapping, it will be a short break owing to the time of year. I lost Joan four days after my birthday six years ago this month after sixty years of love fun dancing and at times a little too much excitement, raising a strong loving family as well. They want to make a fuss and I know it will go over my head as memories come from nowhere to make me day dream, you never forget.

Give it a little time although you will not get answers for quick and easy questions, where it is possible to give useful advice then I will try to answer.

I do have nearly a full time job on local history as one of the few survivers who remembers Norton as a Village and Stockton in its delapidated condition after years of need war and then austerity, the young budding historians have no idea, some one needs tell it as it was.


Ive got a garden and i dont know what to do?!!

Posted: 15/02/2017 at 14:50

My goodness you certainly have some work to do. Firstly that bank needs stabalising, heavy rain over a period will wash the top away downhill. You may need to terrace it, there could be a nice surpentine path up it with low walls, sections above the walls levelled a bit then grass in rolls laid on it. Depends on your budget a weekend digger hire and a couple of helpers could do the preperation work although a plan of work would be needed. You have some heavy roots showing, if you cannt get a root grubber to get them out then drill them fill the holes with a root killer from the GC and cover with heavy plastic nailed on, otherwise you could find it growing. Make a feature with pots some ivy, gravel or slate to cover the eyesore, I did that and the wood rotted away over time.

Take the garden in sections, work on one part of the project at a time and finish that bit, you will have achieved something and feel good about that, a bit here and a bit there never completes anything you lose heart and interest. At first it will seem little although trying to complete the whole garden should be divided over more than a year, that is unless you can afford to get people in for the ground work. Tackle the bank first grass beds, a flower bed, plants in pots and containers that can be moved about, it will begin to look like a garden.


Forum names

Posted: 15/02/2017 at 13:43

Verdun? You sailed too close to Sirenium Scopula and heard the Seireine song of the Greek Sirens dripping doughnuts. As a man from Corwall who like us in the NE you should have brine instead of blood resisting the wiles of those dangerous females. You return as I prepare to leave, a birthday at the weekend one it never even entered my head I would ever see makes me realise my type of old hat gardening has gone, quick and easy is not my way, the truth brutal, back off there are plenty of moderns on here.


Weedkiller Woe

Posted: 14/02/2017 at 14:10

Pansy is right, it needs some drastic remedy apart from shooting your neighbour. The soil will be contaminated now so it could mean removing it and getting rid of it. A heavy membrane fixed partly up the fence and across the bed then new fresh soil added and new plants should cure it. If that is too much the pots or boxes of soil with new plants is the only way. People with stone gardens use moss killers which often do not disopate, we have to live with neighbours however much they cause us pain, I am lucky with mine they are gardeners not stone masons.


Japanese anemone won't bloom

Posted: 14/02/2017 at 13:53

A very invasive plant, mine came from next door under a fence to my side and is very happy growing on rubble and pebbles. It gets full sun and flowers for weeks with no feeding at all. It actually spreads by the roots that spread along the drive into my Herb bed and takes some getting rid of. You need to get every last tiny bit of root out or it comes back. It covers a fence where it grows so apart from cutting it down to the ground in Autumn and putting it in the Council waste never in the compost otherwise it will get all over the garden I am happy to leave it. Here in the NE of England it gets plenty of rain, the fence shelters it and it gets hours of sunlight, ( when we get any). I would think your soil is too rich promoting leaf growth and probably not enough water.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 11/02/2017 at 09:44

Stockton. louring clouds, dark as night, lights on. It is persistantly pouring down with rain. If this was snow it would be worse than 1947. Nothing showing in the garden the bulbs have more sense than poke a head up before April.

Just heard a bird coughing.


Hello Forkers - February 2017 Edition

Posted: 08/02/2017 at 13:02

Joyce sorry to hear you are not well, you are doing what I do sleep it off. Up here we would be saying "can us giv ee a hand Pet, love, dear" but it is now banned by the descrimination police? I am afraid they would get very short measure from people here, it is the normal form of address when we meet or in shops my cleaning lady and I are on such terms and the window cleaning lady yesterday "I have no change my love will be back in an hour" and she was, "Sorry about the delay darling here is your chage" no offence meant or taken.

So get well soon pet, it sounds much friendlier to us a normal wish.

Over the last three months every one I know all the family and me had that lurgi yet the papers are not screaming as they normally would, The UK brought to its knees by flu, they normaly blame Asia, must be too intent on what Prisident Trump will do next?


Big Dreams Small Spaces

Posted: 06/02/2017 at 14:18

Kt, believe or not I agree about weddings although I was brought up in a different era, a Church, local posh Cafe then In laws for a while, honey moon two years later in Scarbrough and that was top end. Bottom end would be Registry Office home and spam sandwiches no honey moon. Expectations are so different these days. With a wedding coming up for Granddaughter a two day affair at County Hotel the cost has to be shared among close family so I do know it aint cheap. Loving my Granddaughter I give willingly, the last few years they have worked hard to stand still, at least it will be a lasting memory unlike     a pile of bricks that will go with the next owner.

Gardens I had were hard work make do and mend plus DIY,  money? Are you kidding, beg steal borrow, we had morgages and other things more needed. Gardens fed the family until the time there was spare cash, the problem being once you had the rhythm in your gardening bones spending on decking fountains and Gnomes seemed a pure waste of money and time. I am thinking my writing on here not now needed, double digging? Mulching? Planning years ahead? What is he talking about, it has to be quick easy maintinence free these days, out of my league, £25.000 on a garden, I could do a world cruise for that but then I did, we called them Troopships.


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