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Music in the Garden part 2

Posted: 19/07/2016 at 11:17

David K and I have been friends on various Boards often talking music and dancing. "I'll miss you now you have gone" a nice song see it on u tube.

We tend to take the regulars for granted then they disappear, panic, jump to conclusions usually wrong as Nora explained. Leaving a board can be for many reasons, I left the BBC WW2 feeling it had come to an end, they promised to clear my account although since 2007 there have been quite a few calls from programme makers talking about my input?? so much for the clearance then. David probably wanted a clean sheet well he has it and we should thank him then let it rest.

Like your pictures Doghouse though not my style, more the wind up gramophone type, still have loads of the old LP's that play on my radio gram.


What is your weather like?

Posted: 17/07/2016 at 11:26

Stockton on Tees, having had nothing good to report for weeks I opted out of this thread not wanting to make you all miserable as well as myself. Yesterday SUNSHINE, the family landed, my Daughter with a very bruised leg hardly able to hobble, she did her hamstring during the Parents race in the school sports? We sat in the conservatory all doors open and the rest in the garden sun worshiping  "oh bliss" a bowl of strawberries completed the wonder of it being summer at last. Today awoke to dull overcast skies although as I write the sun has broken through and lit up the room, could it be true?? are we actually getting a heat wave?? "Oh" I do so hope.


Favourite Music Genres What's Yours?

Posted: 16/07/2016 at 11:12

Would not disagree with any of that post Doghouse, people will always try to improve the original to their own likeness, I would suppose it is built into the human psyche. It also depends on our age, my Piano Teacher was traditional my practice pieces and exam music was usually classical and very dry classical at that. Dad a pianist would short circuit Miss Cook by bringing  home sheet music and saying half a crown when you can play that?? my fingers would be red raw where Miss Cook belted  them with her foot long pencil as she realised I had not done the practice, had she asked me to play "Alice Blue Gown" or "Blue Danube" she would have got perfection. Never failing an exam which I took until joining up at 18 proved Miss Cook did get attention, more the fear of that pencil than anything else.

In a time the front room piano was the focus, no TV then, you were expected to earn your cream cake by playing all the old favourites until your fingers became numb, the same in the forces, managing to get a tune out of those battered uprights earned you your beers. It also got me on a few occasions to sit with top classical pianists as they practiced to give a concert, making sure they got fed and watered, then with them, the music on my knee in case they went blank, it never happened of course, I did realise they worked hard at it one man practiced a full eight hours then played the concert note perfect. I knew my place as they say.


Favourite Music Genres What's Yours?

Posted: 16/07/2016 at 10:27

Sorry Doghouse, Brubeck definitely not on my shopping list, I listened to the ones David put on as well and thought it a good tune spoilt "Somewhere over the rainbow" being my Granddaughters favourite. If I order a steak and it comes covered in sauce mushrooms etc. it gets scraped off and I eat the steak. When I gave an order in the Army I expected the troops to go straight to the task not wander through the woods picking bluebells watching the bubbling stream and listening to the birds which to me is what Jazz is. Take a good tune and try to embellish it beyond what the songwriter originally wrote. Had I embellished Lilly Marlene as I played it for the umteenth time on a mess night the lads would have tied me to a tank track and driven it away. Probably the Engineer in me, see a task fix it, if it does not need fixing leave it. I listen to some classical music and wonder why the soloist is trying to improve on the original which must have been good to last so long.

That Doghouse is me, others will think that approach very minimal but like Mothers rice pudding no one could ever improve on it as far as I was concerned. At least we have the Prom's for a few weeks, I can soak it up.


Favourite Music Genres What's Yours?

Posted: 15/07/2016 at 10:52

Today Doghouse probably because the news got to me it is Mozart, Piano Concerto 25, with Martha Argerich playing, I find it calming listening to a Pianist who can touch the key's with such finesse, I am supposed to have a soft touch but would burn my piano before comparing myself to her.



Posted: 15/07/2016 at 10:44

Horrific news from Nice, one image of a body with a little teddy bear beside it tore me up. Like Bushman I served in area's where we spent more time bayonets fixed keeping opposing sides of the same religion apart, (not nice), than in a war zone. I did see men crack on occasion though I did learn patience.  mad men who do those things never learn that it brings people closer together and more determined they will not win. I also served with Nato and that is one thing we must still do even after Brexit.


Favourite Music Genres What's Yours?

Posted: 14/07/2016 at 11:47

Correct Doghouse, that I understood though at times it got a bit much for me, I play the Glen Miller classics straight as I love the musicality and my Grandchildren think "In the Mood" jazz but not as I play it. We have various Glen Miller discs mixed in with Andre Rue plus some classical piano pieces by top pianists. An eclectic mix which is enjoyable and changes as the mood does.

The Jazz club I went too in London was well noted at the time although to me it was just noise in fact cacophony to my ears as I said it takes all sorts. "Oh well" I will put "Tales from the Vienna Woods" on and Waltz through the washing up.


Favourite Music Genres What's Yours?

Posted: 14/07/2016 at 10:57

Jazz, never understood it, never liked it, it takes all sorts I guess. As a pianist accordionist it was classical or folk depending on which instrument I was playing. Brought up on Light Opera, Richard Tauber, Gigli, Tito Gobi and many others. Then Bing Crosby, Chick Henderson, the big bands, Henry Hall, Glen Miller et al, the Beatles to me were the start of a musical desert for decades it appears to be easing a bit now with more musical to me that is, sounds. I was once taken to a jazz club and sat wondering when they would play a tune, with aching ears I left.

If and when I play Piano these days it is Music from the shows, Glen Miller, some Classics, now and again the old favourites from Sgt's mess days when you slowly slid under the piano as the drinks were quaffed, still on Parade next morning though bright as a button stick.

Did see Monty last night it was more by accident not realising he was on a Wednesday, will they please stop messing GW about.



Posted: 04/07/2016 at 13:45

LesleyK, my Peony has flowered at last and all the buds opened. Having been in the ground for thirty years it is now a large bush and my favourite being a Rubra, the other peony's were flowered and gone in early June, that one hung around a while, worth it in the end as it is surrounded by Cranes Bill in full bloom, quite a picture.


New peony browning leaves - is this ok?

Posted: 02/07/2016 at 10:17

Answer no they should not be like that it is Leaf Spot probably due to stress, the plant is large for the pot has probably dried out and not enough sun.

Peony's need moist but well drained soil in sun or partial sun, one that size should be in the ground planted to exactly the same depth as it is now, that is important. You say it turned up? from where? if it was a purchase then tell them, if not you could pick off the brown leaves cut it back a third then plant it and leave to die back it will come again next year. Once in the ground mulch around the root ball without covering any part of it, inches away is best the mulch will help retain the moisture and feed it.


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