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Independence Day?

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 23:44

Hello HFCharley, long time no see, you are correct only in my day some of the children left school at thirteen and worked all their lives, Intelligent kids who passed the 11+ but parents could not afford the uniforms books and kit, what did they get, a lifetime of lowly jobs a meager pension and early death from overwork, do not get me started. My parents could afford uniforms and books so it was High School until 16, no chance of us going to College it was unheard of, so night school in our own time no day release. We worked earned and saved for our pensions and when I reached the age for the National pension I was told it was unearned income so they taxed the pensions I had paid into and worked for, I will pay income tax until I die very begrudgingly  I may say.

I give the EU in its present form 10 years, all the governments will have changed by then expectations will differ from today's and the countries such as Greece Italy Spain and probably others will want to be free of the Brussels shackles and the monetary noose they are hanging in at the moment. Any one wish to take the bet?


Independence Day?

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 16:42

KT53 we called Mother Boadicea, she was blown over a wall into bramble bushes by a Bomb that hit Craythorne Police station, had to get two buses home (yes they ran, what was a bomb here or there) arrived home tattered and scratched dirty from her foray  into the bushes and was still back to her war work next day. She was an electrician at the big bomber base near us and went by train each day, one day as they approached the stop a plane coming back from a raid crashed on the line and burnt. The driver stopped the train with their carriage over the flames, by the time he got it going again they had burns and smoke inhalation. Taken to the medical centre they got the usual sniff of Sal Volatile and a cup of tea then were told it would be best to go to their work as being the best treatment for shock, she arrived home frazzled hair no eyebrows and clothes smelling of smoke, finished the meal I had prepared and back to work next morning.

She would have shrugged off all this hoo ha called the politicians some choice names then got on with life which she enjoyed into her 80's. I learned from her, when the muck hits the fan wash it off and carry on with life, they have their world we have our real world and now the infighting starts, it will all be different this time next year.


Independence Day?

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 14:16

Replying to KT53 "waving canes and things" was very much tongue in cheek style, having been on quite a few boards in the last 16 years this GW  board appeared to be a gentler area to dabble in and I would put that down to an older section of the population, calm in thought, slow to rile, though once started do not stand in front of them.

Yes indeed I remember the 1940's and the way people reacted. When the Church Bells rang one night the signal for invasion which we all thought was coming mother dashed into the Stables and brought out two pitch forks, "right you German B####### come on then and see what you get" Dad and I were trying to drag her into the shelter she would have none of it, she was prepared to go down fighting as where most of us at the time.

The people are not fools they saw though the rhetoric, laughed at the outright lies and none existent facts stated, then Voted. We older folk have seen it all, a new government elected do not look to the future they do as much for themselves and Party as they can get away with for three years then spend two years trying to win the next election. Must have seen it at least 16-17 times three years attack your pocket then two years of let go the purse strings. It has come home at last and stuck one of Mothers hay forks right up their tender bits, get out of that I say although we the common herd will be the ones who suffer.


Independence Day?

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 10:13

Rent a Mob KT53??? Half the posters on here would fall over if they tried waving their walking canes (frames) at any one in anger, we grew up in an era when most of the food we ate came out of the garden, we have seen it all. General De Gaule tried to keep us out we should have listened, we dipped our toes into the Euro and got our fingers burnt. Many good things came out of us being members though many frustrations at the same time, it was always a love hate relationship now we are out, we think! Two or more years from now we will all be asking what happened, we thought we had left, this will take some time to unravel and in that time Governments both here and in Europe will have changed  including the Brussels lot. It will be fun to watch the shenanigans as our and their politicians squirm trying to wriggle out of it. Meanwhile we will all be taking holidays on Russia's Black sea resorts, been there quite good, Spain Italy France will be begging us to return and we as true Brits will give the usual two finger Victory sign, we are an obstreperous lot after all. Misery this may be to some others are now wondering what they did, me, I am now looking forward to what will happen in this country now politics have changed forever.


Independence Day?

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 10:55

Hi Obelixx, True it is laid down in the Lisbon Treaty although it has not been tried yet, my bet is that in two or three years time people will be asking why are we still in the EU.

It has been a good couple of days up here in the North east another area that saw some EU funding but then the Government dumped a mass of refugees into a run down area with no work for the locals and a shortage of housing then watched as the Steel works closed down, the knee jerk happened, they have only themselves to blame.

Spending yesterday in my Daughters new garden was very relaxing even if we did get wet and had to retire into the new summer house for a short while as it passed over, we forgot it all as we lunched and talked, Gardens Obelixx are the best opiate in the world.


After the madness of the day

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 10:41

Jacqueline, my Daughter has the very same furniture in her new garden, they moved in a few weeks ago and never stopped, the garden was well established and needed some cutting back, it was on a slope and is now stepped an old shed was removed and a new summer house installed. Yesterday I was comfortable in one of the arm chairs in lovely sunshine directing operations next minute I was wet, a black cloud crept up on us and dumped its load. A mad rush into the summer house where we had our lunch as the sun came back out. Sitting there watching the birds flying into the garden I thought how wonderful a garden is for relaxing our body and mind.

You have a lovely Garden enjoy it.


Sowing Peas

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 10:30

Silvia, sow a row directly into a raked bed and then another row two weeks later, you will get crops of sweet peas well into summer (if we get one).


Independence Day?

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 10:23

Not to worry "SV" nothing is going to happen very quickly, a two year get out is quoted? by whom? they do not know and cannot forecast the length of time it will take to throw off all the shackles. Independence day or Black Thursday, what ever we call it is now a done deal, knee jerk reactions will not change anything. The one thing that has changed is Politics and the way they see the common sheep like voters they think us, we who vote a certain way because our forebears did so, they woke up on Friday morning to see they had been rumbled, we the sheep had brains. We saw through the lies false statements of fact that had no basis, we saw them pushing their own agenda for their own aggrandisement and turned our backs on them, I look forward to the next election to see if they did learn the lesson.

Meanwhile biting each other on the bottom because things did not go the way we wished will only lose us long term friends on this forum let us go back to what we know GARDENING.


Independence Day?

Posted: 24/06/2016 at 11:03

The Children of England (not the UK) cross the red channel into the wilderness, let us hope it does not take 40 years to find the promised land.

My heart was out though I voted IN for the sake of my fifteen year old grandson, as he said, it is his world now not mine. Already on the Continent others are asking for the same referendum, the end of Europe is nigh?? We do not know as no one knows what will happen now, a member of the European Parliament said today the UK still has to obey all their rules until the day we actually leave which could well be more than two years away. Independence day co-meth though not yet for a while.

It is done live with it as my old Dad used to say, my fingers are crossed.


What is your weather like?

Posted: 10/06/2016 at 14:22

Stockton, dour and dire or t'other way round if you like.

Agh? just got letter through post, Fathers day Card, is it that time again, fuss Cake, more fuss, more Cake, who thinks these things up?? "oh" well lay back and think of England, it is soon over.

How come this thread got relegated to the bottom of the pile, are they trying to tell us something?


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