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Things I don't get

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 13:13

Reading the other day MOIST was a word most people hated and when you add carrot and beetroot my brain goes numb and I switch off. All those things were wartime additives when other ingredients were in short supply, too many memories of sloppy cake that tasted of nothing, I became a cake hater outside of our house where with our own eggs and butter we got proper cake. On my birthday two Granddaughters walked in with cakes candles the lot, Carrot Cake and Chocolate Cake, I hid my dislike smiling as the soggy mess hit my taste buds then let them take them away to give those who were not here, gladly.

Making many chocolate cakes it was always Cocoa powder and an extra egg white to make it rise, inside would be cream and on the top tempered chocolate, that ganache stuff had not been invented then and as to adding bought chocolate bars, why? There are many ways of making a cake batter and none beat the Victoria Sponge mix as far as I am concerned. Chili why would we want to burn our taste buds to death and why I ask add it to anything sweet, Chili Mars bars?? I think they would go with the deep fried kind, in the bin.


Things I don't get

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 12:55

Herbaceous, What happened to the two inches? the mind boggles! The picture you brought to mind was somewhat bazaar, a bare rump and Jeans worn as socks is not my usual High Street experience.

Why do they need your name? if they ask I lie, "Oh Billingsgate" Billingsgate how come? there was something fishy about my Parents, "OOHHH can we call you Billing" Christopher Columbus can you not just bring a coffee, you know Powder Hot water and Milk, no sprinkles no smiling faces and NO cup cake. I do manage to keep a modulated voice that can only be heard two streets away. What happened to the good old greasy spoons?


Am I wasting my time?

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 12:31

Linda. A tree with different grafting's will be a small tree to be grown in a container, if you have a spot that gets a good bit of sun and is sheltered from the coldest winds then go for it, we gardeners are eternal optimists. Keep the tree in the pot it comes in for a year, or plant the pot into the container for a year or so until the root system starts to be too big for the original pot then plant the tree into the container. The size you quote is large enough to last several years though in time you may need to transplant into a larger one. In winter or cold periods put the pot in the shelter of a wall if possible, a brick wall will take in the heat from any sun we get then give it back at night reducing frost risk. Our William Pears grew on the wall as a fan along with Victoria Plums and we had very good harvests of fruit.

Go for it Linda, and be surprised, that is the beauty of gardening sometimes our expectations are fulfilled.


Apples-anyone recognise this problem (pics)

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 12:12

Scab. A fungi, which thrives in wet weather, this year has been a bad year for fruit. The tree needs all the bad fruit and leaves removing plus any on the ground burn or dispose of it do not add to compost. Prune the tree to give an open centre with more air around the branches that have fruit on them. Next year in Spring prune for fruiting many books will tell you how or come back here and we will explain how. The main thing is to get the bad fruit and leaves off now then cut back inward growing branches to open up the centre and allow air in.


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Things I don't get

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 12:01

Dove what ever happened to Fairy Cakes, small but tasty morsels with just a dab of icing and why does everything have to have chocolate in? Joan made perfect sponge cakes which I loved just for the sponge a chocolate cake was a special occasion now it has to be chocolate whether you like it or not and one recipe I saw had chili in why?


Things I don't get

Posted: 29/08/2016 at 11:52

Lantana, Overalls are made so that if the id, err Fo,  err gentleman falls off said ladder or scaffold they turn into a parachute depositing  safely on the ground whereby he or she can be chased back on the job forthwith.

I never understood why any reasonable person would wear Jeans a friend of mine even had a pair for best with creases in them, luckily we had plenty of pubs so when we went out for a drink together he could go in one me in the other.

Do not start me on Coffee, I stopped going in those coffee houses after time and time again asking for a coffee they reel off a long lists of types then another list of additives??? A COFFEE, grounds or powder hot water and milk !!!! is that so difficult and no I do not want one of your giant cup cakes with a shovel to eat it, in fact if I see another cup cake it will get booted so far into touch it will need a spacecraft to bring it back. Apart from that I am a reasonable bloke.


Things I don't get

Posted: 28/08/2016 at 11:22

Hello HFC, know what you mean there are two large campers in our family although they are towed by the appropriate vehicles, the bit I do not understand is at a camp site they take it off the vehicle pull out a cord and drive it into position with its own motors??? Me I would just reverse it in. They came back from the lakes last week and have all gone back this weekend, the grandchildren love it.


Gardening bikers?

Posted: 28/08/2016 at 11:13

P.P. Joan would never get on my bike. One night there was a show trick motoring at a racecourse a few miles away she wanted to go. The Hillman was sick so it was agreed she would go on the bike this once and no going mad !! So it came to pass one very nervous passenger so tightly glued to me it was difficult to breathe. Dead slow upright on corners do nothing that would break her grip and so we saw and enjoyed the show. Coming back, "oh well" she would never do it again, let loose the horses, and home in a tenth of the time it took to go. Mother, (she rode motorbikes all over the UK) "how was it then Joan", "well going I did not like it a bit, coming back great, were are we going tomorrow"? Women I never understood them.


Things I don't get

Posted: 28/08/2016 at 10:57

Fairygirl/Daughter, beware of anything that is automatic, those computers have a mind of their own. A lad working on Motorway recovery told me the cars he was called to most often were Mercedes and always it was a computer board. "have you got a credit card" right £250 please, then slip out the offending board in with the new and a shocked motorist went on his her way.

I had VW when in Germany then Ford, none ever broke down or let me down at any time, none were 4x4 yet we drove in all weathers, one simple reason, on the Continent it was the law to have chains in the boot from October to Spring, ten minutes to fit the chains unlike some British makes that take forever to untangle and away you went. In Germany spiked tyres would be fitted in the worst weather, you did not see cars sliding downhill there as you do here.

It is mostly common sense and no matter what your driving preference is the same rules apply. You are in a killer machine that needs care and attention, no phones no reading the newspaper and no ducking under the dash board for the sweets you dropped or plugging the kettle into the lighter connection, "Oh" and regular servicing they do not run forever on the same old brake fluid.

I only ever met one stroppy garage manager, he mouthed off, I took my order for the new car elsewhere, a letter arrived from the Garage asking why I told them in no uncertain terms and never went back.


Things I don't get

Posted: 28/08/2016 at 10:02

Fairygirl/Daughter, in your case yes a 4x4 is needed now and then though having driven them for years, Jeeps, Austin Champs, Land Rovers and Range Rovers I can almost count on one hand when I needed 4 wheel drive. Even on Luneburg in mid winter with chains it was just two wheel drive, we put up high mileage on the Autobahn where four wheel drive would have burnt out if used continuously, it was not needed and as an engineer I see very little use for it on modern roads. More parts to go wrong more wear and tear more fuel needed and it makes for top heavy cars, centre of gravity high means more chance of rolling. I just do not see the point, why use a truck when a van would do the job???


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