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I wonder?

Posted: 24/01/2018 at 09:28

I once sat in a small group taking a VM exam on Diesel Engines, I had just come off the VM's course some of the men were old hands, a couple Soldiers who had left the army when the war finished then come back in, The question, "How do you calibrate a diesel pump to get level injection" I wrote it as Taught although some of the answers were totally different yet achieved the correct answer. As an engineer I learned the same problem can have many answers which will do the job required. It is the same with gardening, we all have experience and have all made our own mistakes learned from it and come to a conclusion, we put that on here in answer to questions asked, you will get differing answers always. Ask a dozen people how they make scones and you will get a dozen fifferent replies but the scones will still taste good.

If some one disagrees with my answer I look it up in the shelf of gardening books I have and usually find there is more than one answer, OK no point in arguing I let it go 


Lawn advice

Posted: 23/01/2018 at 11:57

BARE spots on a lawn, loosen the surface with a small hand fork couple of inches down then rake it level with the surrounding lawn putting down a fine mix of compost and washed sand if it is needed to level the patch and sow a mix of compost and seed, put plenty on, you can get boxes of patching mix at most Garden Centres, read the packet. Net it or string it against the hungry birds and water well. Sow from April onwards depending on where you are in the country. When the gras has some length cut it with shears or even scissors until well rooted, a mower will tear it out of the ground. Hope this helps.

Dove we are more sheltered than you even though we are on the same coast, I can see the weather barrier on clear days, the Pennine Chain, we tend to miss the heaviest weather from the west. The rising ground up into Durham is shelter from the worst Northerly's although when we get it straight from Siberia watch out. The North Sea is a radiator that keeps us cool in summer and a bit warmer in winter, ten miles inland they cop for the lot.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 23/01/2018 at 09:47

Stockton the snow is nearly gone and we have a promise of a sultry 11C about lunch time, better get the  sunbathing bed out then.


Changes to YOUR way of shopping!

Posted: 22/01/2018 at 13:50

Lyn you would be very surprised, having a close family of mixed ages Saturday and Sunday conversation cover a very wide spectrum, they would not want Granddad pontificating about the old days though they do ask questions of family they never knew.

To us at the time it was all modern and new, we knew no better, the events of the time meant you had a sense of fun or you cried, I laughed my way through life and still do more so as my little Granddaughter has just beaten me at Chess twice today by dubious means, she is eight.

Frank  and the world smiles with you.

Changes to YOUR way of shopping!

Posted: 22/01/2018 at 11:14

D.R. We all had them but ours were metal, the local Blacksmith knocked them up, top and whip, allies or Marbles as the Nobs called them, some old men on the green played allies on a board sitting on the green some nights, they were made of clay not glass like ours with our Motte holes. Roller skates bikes buggies made from old pram frames simple things but oh the fun we had.

When I met Joan and she started taking me home her Mother once said out of her hearing, "you want to marry Joan? she washed up on her skates" I thought so what she has butter and jam on her Yorkshire puddings and I can forgive that, only just mind.  Mother would send me to the Co-op, on would go the skates followed by a lecture and do not come crying to me when you fall carrying the baskets, I never did, fall or go crying to Mum, there was no point, "live and learn" was the comfort I got.


Changes to YOUR way of shopping!

Posted: 22/01/2018 at 10:05

Mike the language I use is everyday usage up here in the NE, my Daughter will often say what are you mooching around for meaning what am I looking at in her garden, not much it is a modern take on gardening, plastic lawn decking summerhouse you could live in not my style. One Daughter arrived saying "I made you some Singing Hinny's dad" the youngest Daughter said what are those? She ate plenty of them when she lived with us as well as Stotty's Leek puddings duck and peas, not real duck by the way. Daughter brought me a Welsh leek and Bacon pudding last week we all had second helpings, it was a long time since we had that. My written language is me, not meant to offend anyone, my aggression was used up in the forces we all become pacifists in the end, war settles nothing.

Dad a Haulage contractor and small holding owner had a Saturday round moving baskets of laundry from the big houses around Norton green to the Washer Woman near Norton Station, when I was old enough to push the barrow you describe I got the job. The washing was in a large whicker basket, I would get four on the handcart push them up Station Road bring back the four clean ones then progress to the next four houses, luckily our Village was quite small and compact though we had a lot of Doctors Lawyers ICI Managers and such so light nights i would start on Friday night, in winter Saturday was a long day. At one shilling a house sixpence for the dirty basket sixpence for the clean I got half a small fortune in pocket money. The washer woman would give me tea and cake half way through she had a shed full of old style coke boilers and washing tubs a garden full of clothes lines, she must have been the busiest woman in the Village as she also ironed everything, she must have had help but I only ever saw her.

As a lad we came from school did our chores and for me that would also include feeding the pigs, making sure the Hens Ducks Geese were OK then preparing the vegetables for the evening meal when both Mum and dad were on war work, I learned to cook at an early age, you just did it then meal over it was skates on and "away the lads and lasses" we had plenty of room to play in.

Good Days in fact great days but go back??? Outside toilets, Sunlight soap, Castor oil, Mucking out the animals, cooking huge boilers full of potato's for the pig mix, "oh" and trying to catch the goats when they escaped yet again. NO, I will stay will my nice warm and comfortable home life saving shower and Imperial leather soap thank you, it was fun, it is done, we move on.


Changes to YOUR way of shopping!

Posted: 21/01/2018 at 22:21

Because the past is the past for a reason.
It's been, and now it is gone,
So stop trying to think of ways to fix it.
It's done, it's unchangeable, move on.

Not my effort author unknown but so true.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 21/01/2018 at 10:12

Stockton, Frozen snow and a high of 2C today, the car stays home and we get the Husky's out, sleigh bells and Ganzi's at the ready.


Changes to YOUR way of shopping!

Posted: 21/01/2018 at 09:51

Mike, Think about it, you had the time to mooch around checking prices and then to go back and buy at the best value to you, Modern married do not have this time, they barely keep their noses above water if they need a home, transport and all the other things their parents had. The bank of Mum and Dad now usually includes bank of Granddad too. Last year was a wedding one Granddaughter two births the other Granddaughters and this year another birth. They cost money and I was glad to help knowing the struggle we had and the help we got. Also this year two moved into a new house near where they work more expense and they had to share it, both are University graduates and both get less money than I get in pensions, something tells me that cannot be right.

My argument is they do not have the time to shop as we had too, it is not their choice but the lifestyle, they work to live, they can only look at their parents and grandparents with the hope they will one day reach those standards and possibly inherit the wealth we worked hard for but in an easier time.

Times change people change with it, in just over 170 years Stockton High Street went from posh Town Houses to a Street of shops and Emporiums with Cinema's dance Halls and Music Halls it is now retreating back to those times and I am sure will be back to a street of houses in the next few decades. My Busy Daughters use online shopping even I use it through my Daughter more so in this weather. Years ago Mike we had no Fridges yet preserved food quite easily but then there were no sell by dates either as the VE and VJ street parties showed we were eating pre-war tinned and dried food with no ill effect, somethings change for the worse i will give you that.


Changes to YOUR way of shopping!

Posted: 20/01/2018 at 15:33

AnniD, Stockton has changed in 38 years I say for the better having seen it from the War years to now. The Market still runs twice a week though a mere shadow of what it once was. The Town Council are forward looking and have spent money on changing the High Street into a lovely Family area and attract street shows music raves and some of the top entertainers, they all attract life into the town and the Cafe's Coffee shops and other outlets survive. We can now view the River from the High Street as a panorama instead of a narrow view down Silver Street or Bishop Street, the river attracts water sports after the big clean up, it is now a fresh water lake where once it was a tidal sewer, the fish are back.

You would not recognise the place now AnniD though the flower plant stall is still there, look it up on Google or even Picture Stockton the History Forum i write on. Progress is always two steps forward one step back, the Town I knew as a mad youth has gone and people rue that but I do not, my Grandchildren think it a great place to live as I did and still do. Give it 50 years and town centres will be back to Houses, quiet residential places they once were, change goes around in circles, each generation will put their stamp on things as they always did.


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