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Strictly is back!

Posted: 26/10/2016 at 13:39

B.L. you keep provoking memories, a training School for Nurses. We were stationed at Bordon in Hampshire once again recovering a wreck out in the wilds, getting dark we decided to look for some food and a drink. A country Pub warm and cosy only us in, suddenly a door opened and a head peeked round, a giggle and disappeared, another head looked more giggles, the landlord came over and said there are some nurses from the big house in there would you like to join them. Stampede into back room and yes, the jackpot. Needless to say we transported them in the Scammel to the big house, started making egg sarnies in the huge kitchen, they put some records on a player and we danced until near sun up. They may have been tired but they were fun, I managed to hit the gate post on the way off the drive, we pushed it back in place and went back to the sunken wreck.

The Nuffield Club in London for British forces held Sunday Tea Dances, a lot of the girls from the shows came in, no shows on Sundays then, also some Nurses from a nearby hospital, they were training too, plenty of dance partners to a live band and tea thrown in, (not literally,     added), it often ended in tearful goodbye's at the gates of the Nurses lodgings, no entry meant exactly that, do not venture over the door step.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 26/10/2016 at 12:11

"Ah" B.L. know what you mean. We had gone up on Bodmin to recover a vehicle, it was late cold and misty, so much so we were reduce to a crawl, split windscreens then wide open and eye's on stalks trying to get a Scammell round those bends. We saw a light and pulled over, it turned out to be a Pub so we went in to warm up. Low and behold at the back of the pub a large barn and barn dance, the good news, ladies out numbered men and the better news there was food. We got stuck in and danced our heads off, Boots Tank suits, a bit muddy and the bar never shut. Eventually the Dads arrived to take the girls home, some sad departures and the Landlord said get your heads down lads, being by then well oiled we said OK and woke next morning to the smell of home cured bacon. As I drove away next morning I thought I would be back, the Army had other ideas, wonder what happened to those lovely country girls?

Beryl seemed to flit through my life, always dressed to kill even up to six or so years back when she was reduced to living in a Council flat. I had seen her in Town and we had a coffee (I paid, oh and don't forget the toasted teacake) we talked about old times and she told me her pal had been crackers over me. She had set me up to take her friend to the pictures, Beryl was the village beauty and those girls usually had very plain friends to put it bluntly. We did go to the pictures, once, she told Beryl it was such a disappointment as I had watched the film??? Well what was I expected to do in a crowded cinema about ten rows from the back. I did at times dance with Kate as she was quite a good dancer, that was it as far as I was concerned she must have wanted more.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 26/10/2016 at 09:46

What did I miss? Listening to you lot reminds me of early dancing days when stockings were a rare item it was leg paint and a black line down the back of the leg. One night all of fifteen I went to the local church hall dance, wooden plank floor complete with the odd nail sticking up, Victor Sylvester records on a wind up Gram and the Vicar playing the old clapped out piano. It was seven till nine and well populated as a place to meet the other half to walk home a quick peck before we bumped into her Dad out on the Green waiting, 12 bore hidden up his coat. And so it came to pass, it was tossing it down the rain was bouncing back off the pavement and my trouser legs wet rags. In the vestibule there was Beryl the local beauty come here you and clean my legs up, where upon she drew her dress up to her nickers and handed me a pad of the toilet paper Sanizal, now that stuff was as absorbent as a plastic bag. What she had dyed her legs with had run and looked a bit like camouflage. I tried but the sight of those blue bloomers over what looked a shapely bottom did distract me some what. Job done as best as I could she flew off into the hall, when I went in she was dancing with the local Spiv who could get you anything from a battery for the torch to a pound of butter. A couple of weeks later she had silk stockings, don't ask. I was away overseas for nearly three years, on coming back recognised nothing, Maxi skirts, queer hair do's and make up that masked the face. A lot of the kids I had known were married and pushing prams up the High Street others had left the area. Those who had not done either had not grown up still school kids to me, I went back off leave early. Beryl married three times, once asked me why I never made a pass at her my reply was I do not like queuing.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 25/10/2016 at 13:37

Peter West and McDonald Hobley, Judith Chalmers was also a presenter if my memory has not failed.  Peggy Spencer also had the Formation Dancers who were on those first shows. At the dance school we boys were taught how to dance with a girl in those massive skirts without tripping tearing or otherwise denuding a lady of her modesty, quite a feat. Back then the huge dance halls held country wide dance Competitions, I danced with my first real Professional lady  dancer at the Hammersmith Ballroom during one of those competitions. The Competitors went on the floor and danced two dances on which they were judged by judges standing round the floor, they then called back the top of the lists and they did the same dances again. There would be a break when we general dancers would all get on the floor and the competitors had a break. One of the ladies came across and asked me to dance I was 17 but not short of confidence. After two more dances she asked if I considered going professional that left me a bit gobsmacked as I thought them well above my level. They had six dances to compete in altogether and the winner was declared there and then, the lady I had danced with came second with her partner, apparently  they were not talking to each other once the dance was over. At the end of the night she gave me a card with her dance school name and asked me to call, who knows I could have been sitting where Len sits had I taken her up on it.

The Waltz was the first dance we all had to learn as it was the basis of most of the Old Fashioned dancing, it would be called sequence dancing these days. Fast slow and English waltz and yes they are different. Tango we did fast and slow plus some which were much like sequence dancing. I was by then at the Modern dancing school though we still did some of the old fashioned dances which would also be done in the large Ballrooms as it remained popular. It all went base over apex when Chubby Checker came on the scene.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 24/10/2016 at 16:30

Those were the days D.H. "and the next dance will be the Dorothy Waltz, the ladies are wearing" where upon we got a lecture on fashions for Ballroom Dancing. This would be followed by the Peggy Spencer Dancers doing a sequence dance, all very sedate. Peggy also sat as a Judge on Come Dancing as it was then known, I have memory of Angela Ripon commentating also.

Before your time SGL is that a big humph? We who went to the pictures twice a week saw the Lindy Hop on film and wondered, it was a street dance with no set pattern or rules, when the Canadian's and finally the Americans (they took their time about it) got here we saw the Jitterbug, again a street dance and still without rules or format and then came the Jive and believe it or not, Victor Sylvester cleaned it up added format and rules as to how it was done. That is the form done on Strictly although over the years it did digress, I remember dancing Jive with hops skips knee wobbling and lots of throwing the partner all over the floor. Put your passion killers on Joan we are jiving tonight. It was and still is a young persons dance, not for Lesley at 71 although being the trooper she is she would have given it her best shot. What happened to the music this week? I could give them the correct music if they asked especially for Rumba and Tango. The world has gone mad is my excuse, methinks it time to get off.


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 24/10/2016 at 15:58

Stockton's sunshine did not last

Last time I looked it was raining fast

Memories of years in hotter climes

Where we all prayed for rain at times

The land was dry arid and hot

Of rain we ne'er did see a drop

Returning to these wondrous shores

We got our wish it poured and poured

Sometimes we may wish it to be hot

We are blessed I'll take what we've got.

I knew it would not last, Frank.

What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 24/10/2016 at 10:58

A sunny day in old Stockton Town

The sun is up and the clouds are down

The High street warm the fountains flow

And good old Stockton Town is all aglow

Will it stay that way I'll let you know?

They should write a song about it, Frank.

Strictly is back!

Posted: 24/10/2016 at 10:52

D.D. no offense taken and never will be, these boards are for discussion not warfare. We all have our likes and dislikes "oh" and opinions which are our own and should not be taken as statements of fact. I hold counsel until the real dancing starts, lets face it the Dancing wins in the end. We have all seen some very good dancers leave other years whilst the GBP kept in the clowns, that is a fact of life, I always hated clowns even in the circus although will put up with them knowing their time will come. Get next week over the one I never look forward to and then to Blackpool my favorite. Tentative thought is Louise will be in at the finish, I did say tentative.


Gardeners world going to try an hour long

Posted: 24/10/2016 at 10:16

And what may I ask is wrong with Roses and Bedding or even Peony's as I grew up with and have had in every garden since. A Garden full of oddity's or one off's would to me be an odd garden. There is room for the quirky plant in every garden from a Balcony to seven acres and lets face it we all have our quirks. I saw lawns vanish rose beds torn up and bedding laughed at and yet there are more queries on this board about Lawns roses and Bedding than anything else. Walking the area looking at gardens they are more like my parents than theirs used to be, call it old fashioned if you wish but it seems very popular. Monty and the other Garden presenters manage a good mix between them and it suits my taste, remembering those early garden shows on TV with men in suits polished shoes and spades that had never seen soil, not a woman in sight,  today's programmes are great, sit back and enjoy even if I never had a banana plant in my life.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 24/10/2016 at 09:50

That made me laugh in my porridge "DR" you missed one thing, Ed Balls is really the Prince in disguise and sweeps Cinders off her feet at the end (nearly dropping her) and then drops the glitter ball on her foot "err" I mean fits it on her foot. Thanks for that it took the bitter taste off the Blueberries, have to be careful with sugar.

"SGL" believe me I am right about the Jive, a couple came to our dance club every week and demonstrated the Lindy Hop Jitterbug and Jive, he was a retired Policeman and she was younger, they both had to give up when she had a mild stroke and he a suspect heart attack, Joan and I had given the jive up a long time before. Remember when the Jitterbug was what took place in a corner of the ballroom by young kids in flares that tripped them up whilst we dancers gave it full speed ahead in the Quickstep to "In the Mood" the jitterbuggers (we called them worse than that, they got in the way of real dancing) could not do the normal dances.

Zoe would be OK if I understood half of what she says, they all do it on Radio, rabbit on your brain stops working and then you miss the title of a song you had forgotten, Karen in her review of the dances slows it down and demonstrates "Phew Wow" so my slow old brain can take it in. I just stopped watching.


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