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greenhouse advice needed

Posted: 26/05/2016 at 23:33

Sanjy, any greenhouse is better than none and 6 foot by 5 foot gives you thirty square feet of ground space. on top of that staging all round gives another level then shelving will give even more space for pots trays hanging baskets. How will it face N. S. E. W.  Mine is South facing so the North wall is shelved in tiers though I do have a shelf on the South wall. On the floor under staging is a good place for bringing plants on in other words used properly there will be plenty of room. Unless you grow Tomato's peppers cucumbers Melons the green house will be empty once all the bedding is out, my way is to have staging in Autumn to Spring then take one side out it comes in handy for potting or putting plants on outside. Think about it, read some greenhouse books then make it suit your needs.



Posted: 26/05/2016 at 23:13

"J" my manly legs have been admired in shorts on beaches although Joan was a top shot with a shot gun, you did not get between me and her 12 bore. A dress??? the nearest I came was a posting to Stirling, the Lads in the Mess had their fun about wearing Kilts and must not wear Fair isle knitted shorts to cover things, how the girls up there preferred not to encounter booby traps in their rush to deflower and marching over a mirror when going out so they could see your heritage. I arrived and was kitted in Tartan trews much to my delight, the rough old QMS saying by the time you learn to swing a kilt you will be on your way again trews for you lad. Phew narrow escape though I had not known you had to be taught to swing a Kilt. The 4TH RTR I served with were all Scots who broke out the kilt when ever they could, they let us wear shorts so it was boots gators Stocking tops smart shorts and KD for us engineering types.

Tonight apart from J. Swift was better, I did not have to kill the sound.



Posted: 26/05/2016 at 16:28

Hazel there artists and artists, you could say some gardeners are artists in the gardens they produce. I see beauty in Engineering and often stopped on the road to the North Tees Refinery at night, lit up and steaming against the dark sky it looked magnificent, the Northern Lights could often be seen in the background, that was truly a sight to see. On the marsh land there was a three legged Vixen with cubs, she would wait for me on the track in as she knew I always had a tin of meat for her, she was quite tame and her cubs would be just behind her, had I been any use with a pencil a sketch would have been good. I like traditional art modern stuff is way over my head, I did fall about laughing as I pictured your face when your BH walked in dressed like Grayson, feathers would fly methinks.

My old Dad would say it takes all sorts to make this world, he was right of course though at times the mind boggles, well mine does,  all those CELEBS to whom I ask and the news is full of Hero's where did they all come from, a Hero to me stormed the beaches of Normandy, oh well I am getting too old for this strange world, take care,



Posted: 26/05/2016 at 12:31

Steveo4, Cleaver??? yes I would gladly take a cleaver to some of the Z Celebs what ever that means.

M.U. As a Turner Gainsborough lover it would be interesting to see what some artists would produce, glass cases with half a cow surrounded by flowers, Massive stones with big round holes and a Donkeys bottom sticking out, a vine growing up its tail. How about a Dali with flowers every which way, I see chaos, in any case what on earth was that artist doing on there with so much time given, what makes him so important when it is admitted they know nothing of gardening, we have many brilliant young gardeners who in the modern way can talk the subject through how about Alice?

Chelsea is a Flower Show just as Crufts is a Dog show keep it as such, why must we trend towards super modern to please the few aficionado's, I would bet the Queen bless her had something to say in private.


What is your weather like?

Posted: 26/05/2016 at 11:19

Awoke to find the North Sea ashore once more, dull and wet now brightening though cold, it is supposedly going to be a sunny weekend, when I see it i will believe it.



Posted: 26/05/2016 at 11:14

PP "err yes, um I think? maybe" having seen my Eden, a micro dot of perfection in the middle of an arid Desert produced and looked after by gardeners supreme all in uniform I do know they can exist, still move on.

Last night drove me crackers, men in dresses apart from Scots make me foam at the mouth and he-she was on every few minutes, I turned the sound off until the end and only just prevented myself from throwing my I-Pad at the screen then on again with Monty talking a load of artistic twaddle we not in the club do not understand. The background noise even to me with clay ears was horrific AND there is plenty to see at Chelsea without going into background stories over and over, I think it time ITV took over we would only have to switch the adverts off. Carol Sophie and Monty yes the rest time to go, Joe was talking Monty down all night and his interviews are 75% Joe 25% person being interviewed, please can we have more of the actual people building the gardens and less idle me me me from the presenters.

OK that is off my chest back to placid Frank, I love the thought we Brits can produce a Garden show noted world wide, Gardeners who can produce plants of such beauty and gardens that make us dream then go out and try to emulate, in my case never managed that yet probably never will as age slows me down. Still we can all dream.


What is your weather like?

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 13:39

The North Sea strikes again here in the NE, the cold damp mist spews into Tees Bay and up the Tees Valley shrouding us in cold damp miserable definitely none gardening weather. One thing after another, first the flipping Vikings and now this, roll on Global Warming I say.



Posted: 25/05/2016 at 13:33

Hazel this thread makes me smile stop worrying.Some said they switched to BGT??? I would rather watch a programme on sewerage than watch that, then we get big words I have to Google like Provocative and Evocative the brain sizzles. Love it or hate it Chelsea is a class show, that is when the continuous chatter stops and we are allowed to look and wonder. Joe Swift I could do without, he could not help but strut after he got the winner for gold over Monty who just gave that enigmatic smile I knew exactly what he was thinking. Apart from Kate Aide they could drop most of the interviews and let us see the gardens in detail. Had to admit the garden in the Main Pavilion was superb, looking forward to tonight's show when we see who got the golds.

Moan groan laugh with delight there is something for everyone at Chelsea and anyone who has been will tell you we have the best seat watching the TV.


Chelsea 2016: Modern Slavery Garden. WTF?

Posted: 24/05/2016 at 12:25

Are they gardens or pictures to hang on a wall. We gardeners never have everything ready at once it is impossible so Chelsea is a garden of dreams and fleeting ones at that. As to making a point the press took the designer of the slave garden to task at the weekend, why? every other garden is making some sort of point lets face it how long could you live with some of them, as to swiveling trees no thanks.

Watching the parade of fading so called Celebs reminded me of the strutting Peacocks I saw standing Guard at Brancepeth Castle, they ruled the roost unlike the people trying hard to get themselves noticed. My way would be to select brilliant Gardeners from all walks of life for the Queens private viewing much more realistic.

Too much talk not enough showing of the small gardens and for the BBC too much advertising, only my opinion of course you are allowed to differ.



Posted: 21/05/2016 at 11:35

"J" you made me laugh as a picture of your Gran whipping the sheets out from under your Dad and his Sister without waking them, and even more so imagining her sneaking them back.


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