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rain and then a reminder

Posted: 14/08/2014 at 12:41

From sunshine to a mighty thunder storm and back, less than an hour. Beauty of living on a hill, all that water rushing by on the road goes straight past and onto the fields below. The garden gets a pass but I have to go and give blood tests, could get wet yet.



Posted: 13/08/2014 at 19:28

Mix them Panda and get Khaki, goes with anything.


Music in the Garden

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 22:32

Rosemummy, As a lad you either sat around eyeing the girls and telling tall tales or you learned to dance in secret and got to hold the girls, I did the latter, some of my mates knew but I was also a boxer, they kept it quiet. I sharp found out that sixteen or not in the big boys dance halls the girls wanted to dance more so the older often married ones with husbands in the forces. Too young to drink I would be on the floor as the first note was played mainly women for the first hour and an empty floor, no shortage of partners often the best dancers and I was a quick learner. I also had to be good at ducking and diving some of those ladies were looking for substitutes for missing partners.

I do not agree with the word expert, it is experience, making all the mistakes you try to tell others not to make first teaches you the best way to do anything from mechanics to cooking.


A Senior Moment.

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 15:41

Remembered yesterday to get some meat out of the freezer, forgot to do it. With the menu for tonight's meal in my head went to the fridge no meat. Hurried change of menu, we are now having panacklety. No one will know it was not planned that way bar me of course "whistle" song I must remember this.


sacrilege or what?

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 12:10

Barbara, for as long as I can remember the powers that be have wanted to ditch gardening programmes for some easy to produce pap. I am no expert but would have left GW where it was and moved the two half hour programmes up, they want to remember there are millions of gardeners out there who will not always remain silent.


Music in the Garden

Posted: 08/08/2014 at 09:41

Beau, at my age I am amazed as are my grandchildren that I find my way round the laptop, pictures are a mystery, well trying to post them, and my piano does record, I can add up to 12 instruments but getting that on here, well a bit like ice cream in the desert, no can do.

All those tunes have a memory of Dance Halls from the UK to Port Said the huge London Locarno's and the Hammersmith Palais especially, Girls of all ages the older ones would always be the best dancers, that often led to trouble but then that was my hobby, trouble I mean.


Music in the Garden

Posted: 07/08/2014 at 23:51

Lionel Blaire???? you go wash your mouth out now, six foot well muscled and never wear frocks. That would have gone down well while I marched 250 men round a parade ground. Parade mince gently to the right holding your rifles like Sonnen Blumen waving in the wind. Load your magazines with jelly babies and no biting the heads off first, yeh can just imagine it.

When I feel a bit down I get on the piano and play all the old Glen Millar tunes I used to dance to, "In the mood" gets well and truly jazzed up, "String of Pearls" "American Parade" then I slow down with "Sentimental Journey" usually finishing with "Don't go under the apple tree" depending on mood South American songs think Carmen Miranda without the fruit bowl on her head and best of all Tango's dancing with the best dancer in the Palais she melted into you, by the time it was over the place was like a steam bath. I have lived a bit Beau.


Secondary Fencing

Posted: 07/08/2014 at 22:30

DIY shops have rolls of chicken wire or plastic netting which could be fastened to existing fence. For a little more money they have rolls of cane which would unroll across the gaps and can be cut to size. Have a walk around I think you would see plenty of reasonable things to fill the gaps.


Music in the Garden

Posted: 07/08/2014 at 22:24

Beaus Mum you will never know as I never did kiss and tell, being a dancer from a very early age got me into some situations though mainly I had fun.

Todays song "Ma belle ami" and yes it was with a girl so many years ago.


Music in the Garden

Posted: 07/08/2014 at 13:07

Beaus Mum, I have many old long players yesterday was Lyn Anderson, I got an interest as a wee lad watching Cowboy films we had singing cowboys back then. I still play some of the old time songs on my piano though South of the Border still rings a bell with me, I fell for a lovely lass who lived in Middlesbrough to us in Stockton North of the Tees that was south of the border, still is referred to in that way, alas nought came of it. Broken hearted I joined up and met a lovely Naafi girl the same night, we did very rapid get over it back then and as I moved from camp to camp many followed.


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