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EU. In or Out?

Posted: 16/05/2016 at 14:31

My mention of Verdun was in answer to his quote " Countries are queueing up to trade with us" my relatives and friends in NZ and Australia do not appear to hold that opinion.

People are making statements and making them look like facts when they are not, neither side have given one solid fact that could be proved right or wrong. I rest my case I also consider Verdun as a friend with his quirky sense oh humour he makes me smile, we should all smile more and friends do not by law have to agree all the time.


EU. In or Out?

Posted: 16/05/2016 at 11:32

Verdun, I respect your right to say it as you see it although stating your wishes as facts will not make people opt one way or the other. I have relatives in New Zealand and friends in Australia, they say it would be very hard for us to take back large area's of their markets because of deals with Asia, EU, America, India and Africa. Both sides are stating wishes as facts, my fourteen year old grandson has realised they are all beating their own drums, in his words this will be my world granddad He has to pick up the rubbish we leave.

My thoughts once out now in as Matthew is correct, leave him the world he has to live his life in.

Last word I am in, Frank.

Complete newbie needs help

Posted: 15/05/2016 at 13:37

Bernie3K. Nothing wrong with that as a base, I would now get some washed sand and compost mix it and spread on top of that, it may take a few bags to mix half and half then tread in, the gardeners shuffle, when I did it my lovely neighbour asked what tune I was dancing too. Rake the top gently then sow the seed. Get a medium grass and the packet will tell you exactly how to sow it, water in make sure it does not dry out DAMP is lovely not water logged. I would cover with some sort of net or string cotton to keep the birds off.

My Daughter has just moved house with an old establish garden as usual with her the lot would have gone in a skip and a new start, NO sit and look at it make notes decide what to alter divide into sections work on one section at a time and finish that before starting the next, half done jobs are never completed. You are winning, cut the work to sections you can complete in say weekend then enjoy your effort a glass of wine feet up and listen to the birds (or other peoples radio's kids dogs) we do not often have a choice.


EU. In or Out?

Posted: 15/05/2016 at 13:00

Yesterday the family landed dogs and all amid the munching of plates of sandwiches and oceans of tea plus the usual happy back chat I could see my 14 year old grandson looking pensive, I can read him like a book and he and I communicate without speaking, surrounded by women we have to.

Sitting next to me he asked my thoughts on Exit, the school he attends have split the pupils in groups to make a case for against or an in between solution. For a month he had read up everything he could and listened to the pundits for each. His first remarks were they are all telling lies, they do not know cannot forecast what would happen. They dangle three hundred and fifty billion in front of our eye's when the actual cost is one seventh of that and that against the gross national product is a flea bite. The EU have been very good to our farmers heavy industry and even more so to light industry. Our exports are less to the EU than the gross export yet would take a lot of making up should we leave. Our old trading partners found new markets when we dumped them to join the EU. America is trying to bypass us in agreements for a North Atlantic trade pact. I sat amazed listening to this and laughed when he said France would love us out as we export meat and other products that their farmers think they should have. That old ingrained enmity is still there in the young.

I asked how would you vote, he said IN, why, this is my world granddad I have to live in it and progress, you were once out of it what was that like. Well son we lost our Heavy industry saw Chemicals car building boat building disappear and what is left could go again. We have banking and all know what a mess that is, interest rates at the time were in the teens, wages restricted, each Government worse than the other, a black cloud was coming down on my head. You saw the cold war Granddad yes it was often hotter than people knew and although we were NATO it was made up from many countries it would not have happened had those countries not agreed to put armed forces up front.

Immigration said Matthew this country was made from immigrants, Anglo's Vikings French, Dutch thousands of Poles Chek's German POW's who could not go home after the war and many from the west indies India Pakistan, many hospitals would close without immigrants and what is a few hundred thousand in a population of 66 Million.

Knowing I was wobbling he asked my opinion, what could I say it is his world mine is nearly gone, it is his future and for a fourteen year old boy to have researched it so well he has to present it at school yet I changed to an IN and that is how I will vote. My Grandson amazed me with his knowledge and thoughts on the EU, I think together is better, the way to change things is being on the committee changing it from the inside, in three years time it will be all change as the EU countries hold elections we will see.


Help with patching a lawn

Posted: 15/05/2016 at 12:11

Peter 212, I mix compost washed sand and seed, scratch the patch so it is loose then dust the compost sand seed mixture on the patch, smooth it level with existing grass then scatter another hand full of seed just to make sure and shuffle it in with my hand then water. Never any problems though as to cutting I usually wait about six weeks then shear it a couple of times before letting the mower loose on it.


Hi Daughter, relieved of lunch duties today so it is laptop and I-pad.

Complete newbie needs help

Posted: 15/05/2016 at 12:01

Bernie3K, that does not look too bad at all, definitely worked on worse so what to do. Rake the biggest  lumps off I would not bother getting on my knees to do it, rake as flat as you can manage, dragging a flat edge batten over it tells you where the bumps and dips are.

Right our council dump collects waste plant matter to compost then allows so many free bags, worth a try. If not we can get from local GC's three bags of compost for ten pounds or asking on line can often get some one wanting to get rid of soil. Spread the compost mixed with some washed sand on the garden and level using the batten again the idea being to raise the level where you need a lawn. At this stage you could draw up a plan for some hard standing and some grass up to you though a seating area usually needs some hard standing think about it. You can sow lawn from now until October I once put down a small lawn with grass rolls ten days before Christmas and it thrives well now.

The idea would be do not look on it in dismay, look on it as a clean canvass for you to make your own Eden, if you dragged the best soil to the place you most want grass then used pots of all sizes to make a border plus a seating area it will become manageable. We have all struggled at times though us tough old gardeners shrug and get on with it, do not lose heart, I see a very good working area in progress it just needs you to stand back and make a workable plan. Good luck.


Peony flowering at last

Posted: 15/05/2016 at 11:31

Grew up with Paeonia as I have said before on here a very beautiful but frustrating plant, my garden has several Paeonia Lutea Ludowii, Paeonia Rubra Plena. One came from Dads Garden a huge plant that he thought may have been planted by Great grandma Brown in the 1890's. That took seven years to flower but worth the wait.

You can with great care cut off the newest growth on the outside of the root ball and replant they will take up to five years to flower. Never cover the root ball though I mulch around the root in a circle keeping away from the actual root. They like plenty of water, after flowering I leave them alone,  growth dies off but provides some cover for the root against frost in winter then clear all the debris from the root and mulch as above. They will give years of joy, I love them.


New Greenhouse

Posted: 14/05/2016 at 11:27

Simon, having moved quite a few times with various G/ houses the last move cured all previous mistakes in that I bought a Robinson, a good well made aluminium which for thirty years has worked perfectly. Costly yes, buy cheap you get cheep. In high winds some around lost everything, mine never moved and not a single broken glass, fingers crossed.

one row of slabs up the middle, the south side dug out lined with heavy plastic and small shingle, this holds water so tomato's thrive on it I use twelve inch pots with large holes in the base, half fill them and plant the tomato then top up with compost every couple of weeks. North side are the benches, home made from solid wood and a heated sand bed. Through the years heating a g/house got more expensive and each method of heating has its problems. The sand bed gives bottom heat to start seed then shelving above means they can be lifted up as less heat is needed. Hang a bubble wrap blanket around the sand box to contain the heat. The rest of the bench for pots the potting bench is in my garage so do not need roomto work in g/ house.

We all do things differently so pick and choose from any advice given.


National Limerick Day!

Posted: 12/05/2016 at 23:19

Well done each and all, this is my last before bed.

A neighbour purely by chance

Saw me watering the plants

She said in dismay

No no not that way

Now go and zip up your pants.

Goodnight all,


National Limerick Day!

Posted: 12/05/2016 at 14:33

"Oh Dear"

We have a neighbour Plant Pauper

Up to things she shouldn't ought-er

Now she's up on the roof

Which gives us the proof

She's much madder than we thought-er.


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