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Posted: 20/08/2016 at 10:17

I eat my original words ""Cannot watch the same old lot jumping yet again"" Hats off to Nick Skelton who I remember as a lad riding with Harvey and Robert Smith at any event in the area, they turned up like the rest of us living out of the horse boxes and boy could they party. The Great Yorkshire Show was the stamping ground for a lot of those riders back then, many riders progressed from that show jumping era. Poor lad looked flummoxed in the interview, he had just reached a life's ambition what did they expect.

I also ate my words and watched the Hockey, "I mean you just had to really" nail biting stuff and a lot more heavy contact than I expected, neither side was going to give ground. In the end the shoot out and they certainly showed our foot ball Prima Donna's the way home and what a celebration. Having Dutch friends I felt for those girls, they fought to the end but there has to be a winner. 

I did not watch the opening show as I was on my back in Hospital then suddenly it took off for me with the athletics, having a granddaughter who is into that, she comes in to the house and hand stands everywhere, backflips and does the dance you have to be interested, a local girl got a medal. In all a big success both for the Olympic idea and the people taking part, well done Brazil.


Mulching questions

Posted: 19/08/2016 at 11:02

The obvious answer to the question is do as I do, mulch round the root ball of each plant, why waste good compost on area's that will only have bedding plants in which last a month or so whether you mulch or not. I have access to rotted horse manure though follow the same process, round the plant and any left over then spread it on a section of the border or better still mix it into my compost containers. A long handled hoe as I walk around the garden acts as walking stick resting pole and and? "oh yes weeding" you can get right to the back of the bed with a long handle a couple of times a week deals with weeds. Digging some fresh compost into a planting hole is the best way of using the compost and gives most plants a good start some do not need the soil to be too rich. Rotating properly in the veg patch can give you free fertiliser naturally from the previous years plantings, sometimes the old ways are the best.



Posted: 19/08/2016 at 10:39

KT53 It is in the blood I never let my sibling win at anything, swimming cycling running or even ludo, saying that she was my Sister and nearly two years younger. I gave it a bit of a rest after the Brownley's won their event, ping pong and feather swatting are not my thing, the hockey a bit dull to us Northerners, we never had the Jolly Hockey games at school, football cricket rugby boxing fencing and wrestling more our way of killing each other. On the other hand Jade Jones did well, kicking your opponent to death would go down well up here.

So what more surprises await us from our wonderful athletes, lived through many Olympic Games over the years many exciting and memories that live on, Mary Peters among them. London was glorious although these games after all the false starts and claims it would not go ahead has turned out wonderful too well done Brazil.



Posted: 18/08/2016 at 10:56

Fairygirl/Daughter, nothing to be sorry about what you say is true, all I was saying was the bread and butter people like us are now priced out of it. Daughters then Granddaughters rode from an early age which meant horses a means of transport and all the kit including Saddles, expensive but parents and grandparents did it. Now only one rides usually in one of the paddocks and this year the all weather one as the others could become mud baths.

Being brought up with heavy horses, Clydesdale, Suffolk and Dad had Cleveland bays you quickly learn how intelligent they are they do not suffer fools gladly, they can tell your mood before you know yourself. Any one can learn to hack, feeling at one with your horse over jumps something else. That is what is missing, all those kids from the Pony clubs are not there now learning the craft from the bottom up, well not in our area, once it was a pony now it is an I-phone. Watching those same old faces trying for medals to me is a turn off.



Posted: 17/08/2016 at 10:33

Fairygirl/Daughter, the answer to the lack of Horse Jumping success is easy to see, back in time we loaded the horses into the wagon and traveled to events every weekend, we lived in the horse box. Now though we still have horses the events are few and far between. The local Pony club has diminished in size mainly because of the cost, few people can keep horses to the correct standard of feed and veterinary care required. Our stables were rebuilt a few years back to a high standard, not many people can do that in times of recession and it shows when big events are held, the young ones are no longer there. Millions of pounds have gone into other Olympic training schemes some of it should filter down to the horse events as it was at one time cost effective in that our horses and kit went all over the world.

As to the touchy feelly goings on some of those Discus and shot putters might show them the way home?


Myths and Legends

Posted: 15/08/2016 at 13:39

Ah LesleyK, I was sixteen going on seventeen as the song goes, the girls came in gangs to the local Dance Halls, the jam factory and brush factory girls would be seventeen to don't bother asking we will lie, I had danced from eleven going to dancing school don't tell my mates, though I boxed as well, those girls were there to dance and as most of the men were out tanking up that left an open floor and a few men, our services were in huge demand. The jam factory girls en-mass were very cheeky girls and usually would smell of what they had made that day, as most of the bulk of jam was turnip or other root veg with some concentrated fruit and sugar it reminded me of nice girls (sugar and spice and all things nice) only the arm wrestling when three of them walked me home would leave me panting, less not more. Being on the Coast when the Herring girls arrived with the fleet we had a different set of smells, I love herrings but======. Never smoked in my life so sense of smell was acute, too much so on occasion, great days and very memorable. Ange my night nurse said I could teach her to dance?? Ange I am bed bound at the moment? you will not be when I am done with you?? Time to flee methought.

Many hands make light work because:- Inspector, what is needed, Foreman who is free to do job, Storeman to order parts, Electrician to remove and replace bulb, Mate to carry tool bag, Cleaner to get rid of mess. I found it much simpler to let my wife do it.

I have left out the machinist girls from the ammunition factory, a right explosive mob.


Myths and Legends

Posted: 15/08/2016 at 12:45

Goatskin?? Ferrari? My Ferrari was a bike with a cross bar, the Sunday suit was the skin after we killed a pig, the hair still on. If you were short of money for fish and chips after the dance you could chew the skin, think of uncooked pork scratchings. If you were lucky the dancing partner would have just baked bread otherwise imagine a wet Monday washday, sunlight soap being the dab behind the ears. I danced with one girl because she baked the pork pies at the local butchers, she always smelled nice, mind she objected to me licking her face whilst we danced, better not mention the girls from the Jam factory then.


Myths and Legends

Posted: 15/08/2016 at 11:47

B3, Neither, it was the manly aroma, we bathed every Christmas Eve whether we needed it or not. We did not need man scents as they do today, a couple of hours turning the midden before going to the dance did wonders. Of course we did have a lot of horsy ladies who appreciated the aroma of fresh turned manure. I did not mind the rub down after a gallop around the dance floor but linseed oiling my Hooves was a bit much.


Peony help!

Posted: 15/08/2016 at 11:37

Judojub, A good tip is always water the pot well a few hours before planting out, it will hold together.


Myths and Legends

Posted: 15/08/2016 at 11:08

B3, Indeed, which is why here in the NE we are still wearing our sheepskins and woad well into July. Another local saying was Flibbertigibbet, usually applied to a girl who was a flirt, she blows hither and thither like the four winds. being people with one foot in the North Sea it is probably a nautical saying, we always hit the deck running never the floor? Being a very keen dancer in my day it always amazed me how flirtatious some women could be whilst their husbands filled their tanks in the local pubs before plucking up the courage to have the last dance. Oh happy days.

A full moon look, change your money from one pocket to the other for luck??? i have just spent it on fish and chips, lend me a penny!!!!

Smile and the world smiles with you.


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