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first time gardener

Posted: 04/10/2016 at 23:05

Your main worry appears to be the lawn. two questions, are you in a new build, if not, what condition is the lawn in and how far off level. Come back and we will try to answer. a picture may help.


What to do now....

Posted: 04/10/2016 at 22:58

Sarah Do not prune them, repot them water them now and then and leave them until Spring. Remove dead leaves which as the nights get cold will be all of them then let the plant sleep over winter. Once those little leaf buds start up again as the weather warms you will be able to see if all is well. Repot then wait and see. The mystery of gardening, what has survived the winter? Not everything does I am afraid to say.


The media

Posted: 04/10/2016 at 22:50

Philippa, By all means make a fuss and the more who join that fuss the better, the TV announcement is not to put a blue pencil through our viewing but to guard people with more tender feelings against the horrors the Camera men and reporters see on a daily basis. When I tell my children I had to kill animals on our small holding as a lad of 14-15 they reel back. How could you do that Dad, to eat is the answer, it was how we lived, their meat and fowl comes from a supermarket neatly packed we killed and preserved our own, they do not need to know how it gets in those packs. It is the same with most viewers, yes war is terrible but they do not want to see it in stark reality. Most Soldiers I met who had seen anything were Pacifists, you did the minimum needed, all wounded were treated and watered even when the nearest medical aid was hours away. Human nature took over and we all hope it succeeds in Syria. That is some hope when each of the many sects believe they are the only ones right and the rest should see it their  way.

As with everything in the Middle east from my time to now, our and other Countries interference only made things worse as with Iraq and Libya. Politicians go happily into conflict thinking it will enhance their profile, the forces have to pull them out of the mire then take the blame for the upsurge in anger, those forces they cut to the bone then withheld the wherewithal to finish the job. No win situations we were used to although we did the job asked of us as well as we could. We do not need pictures look at those we do get of thousands of normal people in huge horrible refugee camps, the boats sinking in the med with the loss of mainly women and children and worst of all the total destruction of the Syrian Cities surely that is enough.


Cutting Back Strawbs - Monty

Posted: 04/10/2016 at 12:19

Remove flowers to let the energy go into the plant, they will not fruit in any case. Try not to damage new young growth as that lets in disease. Burn all old straw and foliage cut off or bin it. I then leave the plants alone until Spring when any damage material is removed and feeding starts.


What to do now....

Posted: 04/10/2016 at 11:27

Sarah, that plant looks OK to me apart from the pot now being a bit small. Get a size larger pot and some fresh compost to plant with and then read Verdun's advice and come back to us in Spring. The plants will rest during the winter months and do nothing though a drop of water now and then, do not soak them just damp, will help. I was a bit worried about salt spray although you appear to have trellis and protection the good thing being bugs do not like salt spray. Pot the plants on keep an eye on them and stop worrying, come back in Spring and we will help you sort them out.


The media

Posted: 04/10/2016 at 09:56

This thread has me bemused, it reminds me of the people slowing down to gawp at an accident on a Motor Way, what do they wish to see and have even been shown taking photo's on their phones. The couple of accidents that happened ahead of me when I was on the road I rushed to help then got out of the way once the proper medics arrived, the urge being to stop severe bleeding which is the killer. Most people up close to such sights would bring up their last ten meals it is not something you choose to see. That little girl did not stop the Vietnam War it was the parents and friends of the Draftees, mainly poor boys who saw what war did to their friends and kin who demanded an end to something we Brits who had seen continuous wars since WW2 knew could not be won. We saw the original pictures in papers magazines and on the media, the people had their clothes blasted or burnt off by Napalm, the little girl was naked her flesh hanging off her and close up something in her eye's beyond fear, seeing the same shot lately at a distance it appears to have been sanitised. Pictures stop nothing and such sights live make you more angry and less likely to think before you act. There is enough violence on TV and Film now with Arny being shot 20 times then getting up and killing his foe with a single shot. Those war games kids play not realising they sanitise war and killing, it is OK it's only a game, well it is not a game and what we see every night on the news is not a game, People die and I do not want to see it ever again. Freedom of speech and freedom to watch are not given rights, there are things we should not have to hear or watch.

My opinion only you are welcome to yours.


Strictly is back!

Posted: 04/10/2016 at 09:28

Sorry folk the right one went on dancing proficiency, Anastasia will be back patched up as any one who has ever had an old wound open would know, it is frightening and sore, she would have had to be thrown through her partners legs yet again and the first time would be bad enough. That girl can dance, she may not go all the way but neither would Melvin.


Frost proofing a greenhouse

Posted: 03/10/2016 at 10:09

Miljee I did away with paraffin years ago for the reason Bob states condensation plus you need to keep the wick short and clean which means trimming it everyday or you go out one day to a sooted up GH.

Screw some Bubble wrap to the wall above the GH roll it down at night with a couple of bricks on the bottom and roll it up each morning, a couple of heavy elastic bands or some string will keep it rolled. My GH is a large leanto so I have electrics and use a fan heater on frost guard, a small area gets bubble wrapped for tender plants and this has worked for many years now. Many plants are hardier than we think and can stand a bit of frost it is fast thawing that causes problems. 


What is your weather like? (2)

Posted: 03/10/2016 at 09:41

"Got no Mansion, Got no Yacht, still I'm happy with what I've got thats the Sun in the morning and the Moon at night and I'm all right". with apologies to the original song. Stockton has sunshine again and our hill is alive to the sound of  "lawn mowers" most of our locals employ grass cutters who seem to all come on Mondays, believe it there are acres of grass around here.


The media

Posted: 02/10/2016 at 22:47

Philippa, No you do not want to see the pictures unless you wish to become totally desensitized and pictures will never give the smells that accompany those scenes. Just seeing the destruction in Aleppo has made it normal for people watching the news and that makes it too normal when it should never be normal. Any Forces man or woman will tell you it does all become too normal although I still wake up sometimes with that smell in my nose, nightmares are always lurking and many who served have the syndrome that wrecks their lives. We came back at a time there was no help for such things you either left or continued as usual. I watch the grandchildren playing those war like games where they mow down bodies as if it did not matter, unlike those games in real life once dead you do not get up again. Stay with what we have some scenes will distress you or we cannot show these scenes as they are too graphic, you do not really want to see them.


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