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Removing rocky boarder

Posted: 29/06/2016 at 15:21

Faye, those rocks look as if they would fall off, a hammer and possibly a crow bar would shift them without damage to the paves. The point being the paves could also cause problems for a toddler, they tend to fall about a bit. With my grandchildren we bought flexible rubber mats that interlocked, they took minutes to lay down when they arrived and were stored in the garage at other times. If you look on line for childrens play area's you may get some idea's. Your problem could be getting rid of the rocks when you knock the wall down.


Independence Day?

Posted: 29/06/2016 at 12:20

KT53, You are wrong about the weather, My Junkers jumped into one of his aeroplanes and lassoed the Jet Stream towing it down to the English Channel and thus forming a barrier between us. The weather then came straight down from the North pole with Putin setting up large fans to keep it moving. Well if you will vote out expect the knee jerk in the testimonials, Junkers does not like dissidents you do it his way or get bombed with large lumps of fresh horse poo so there. Could come in handy for the compost!!!


Is it too late to plant anything this year? & A soil question

Posted: 28/06/2016 at 14:23

Danielle, Potato's grow in open fields so do need sunlight, if you use grow sacks they are OK to leave in a sheltered though sunny place open to the rain and will still need watering as the tend to dry out. Growing them for Christmas you do need a greenhouse to shelter from snap frosts or winter weather, I do admit to using a fan heater on Frost guard in winter.

The trees will have to stay until they lose the leaves in Autumn, then re pot them in fresh soil with some grit and bone meal that gives them the winter to settle and make fresh root in Spring. You could scrape off some soil from the top of the pot carefully then replace with fresh compost with a handful of granular fertiliser and a little bone meal, at four years they should be almost ready to fruit, look for small immature fruits on the trees. If not re pot and wait for next year.

Your pots depending on what they contain may need to be in shelter during the winter months, bringing them close to a brick wall of the house will suffice if you do not have a greenhouse, wrapping the pots them selves in bubble wrap can stop them freezing and reduce watering to barely damp not wet. If they are hardy then they should take minus five degrees of frost providing the pots are not waterlogged and crack. The main thing is try experimenting seed can be cheap sow a little and see what you get or you could sow bi annuals that grow the first year and flower the next, we all of us do this trying new things, I am retired gardened all my life and still learning so give it a go.


Is it too late to plant anything this year? & A soil question

Posted: 28/06/2016 at 12:27

Danielle, I grew up at a time the garden produced most of our food, dad was a super gardener who believed in planting single rows and then repeating every couple of weeks which meant a continuation of fresh crops. Peas carrots beans can all still be planted and will fruit, read the packets for quick growing foods and you can go beyond the recommended dates, they are just a guide. 

It also depends on which part of the Country you live in, the South will be two or three weeks ahead of us in the North yet we still have time to put in salad crops and keep on sowing a small row at a time to keep your salad bowl full of fresh sweet lettuce or cut and come again. If your child is showing interest then find a small plastic food pack such as a clear punnet strawberries come in and sow some cress. you will need either an inch of soil or else layers of kitchen paper, sow the seed on top water and watch, it is rapid growth and tastes good too one it has its leaves, the part you eat. Another thing I showed my children was a jam jar with some soil in and push a couple of bean seeds next to the glass, you will see them root and grow a stem and leaves, they will not get any beans though you can see the process.

Your fruit trees, how tall are they what are they in pots or the ground and how old are they, fruit trees may not fruit for several years and some need another tree nearby to fertilise them for fruit. Come back on that one. You can put potato's in containers in Autumn if you have a sheltered place or greenhouse and have new potato's for Christmas dinner, it is a bit late now though why not try, a large container or bag with soil in the base place two or three potato's depending on the size of the container cover them with soil and water. As the stems (Haums) grow and bear leaf top up the soil so just a little leaf is above the soil do this several times until it flowers watering well. The new potato's actually grow on the Haum which is why we earth up as it is called, if light gets to the new potato's they turn green and poisonous.

Hope this helps but do come back with any questions plenty of people on here keen to help.


Independence Day?

Posted: 28/06/2016 at 11:30

QUESTION watching all those stern faced new young shadow ministers in the commons yesterday it struck me what do they do?? I had this picture in my head of them covered head to foot in a cloak flitting along behind the proper minister (even into his /her bedroom?) or pretending to be a footstool for him/her to put their feet up whilst eating biscuits and drinking tea which we pay for, pencil in mouth writing down every word as they balance with his/ her feet on their backs, cannot spill the tea can we?

Do they get entry to the office they shadow, are they allowed to see documents, do they get a heads up from the secretive Civil Service or is it all guess work. Most cannot possibly have any experience of the ministry they shadow, they can read Hansard, the papers, their I Pads, Google, after all I am sure the proper ministers google for answers at times or in the case of Ministers on the in out campaign read Grimm's Fairy Tales, I actually think they believe in Santa Claus. Of course reality has hit home they are now putting a great distance between themselves and the promises they made, typical politicians. So I ask WHAT DO THEY DO?????


Independence Day?

Posted: 27/06/2016 at 10:57

Obelixx, a very good assessment and very true apart from the labour costs in Europe at the moment are higher than the UK, if they do move manufacturing it will be to one of the Satelite Countries, Sunderland Nissan is part of Renault because of the wage and pension structure in France. When large industries move you have to put in place all the supply chain and most use a demand system where the parts arrive at the moment they are to be used no one stores parts these days, this is a vast and well organised system which would take some moving. There are many ifs and buts no one knows though firms like Hitachi who have built a multi million pound factory in Durham are not going to upsticks in a hurry.

There will be turmoil upset and false starts as we change track, in a few years those of us still here will wonder what the fuss was about,my worry is that half of the population at the moment hates the other half because of the way they voted, the political picture will change, I only hope that the dissidents groups do not manage to grab power in the aftermath.


Independence Day?

Posted: 27/06/2016 at 10:39

Doghouse Riley, tell me about it, when I retired finally I was already in a fracas with the Tax Office over calling my Pension unearned income, writing erudite letters to them explaining I had worked for every half penny of it. The trouble was English as she is spoke had not been part of their curriculum. you are already getting pensions that incur tax this is extra money that can only be explained as unearned??? My next letter contained some really old English words which they would at least know the meaning of as you heard it every day as they came home from school smoking their lives away. They then set a rate which I did pay being the good citizen I am and at the next accounting was told I had paid too much, did they send me a cheque? No, they altered my code, next year it turned out I owed them money and so it went on for five years until feeling somewhat abused I went over the local office heads and guess what? they sent me a check corrected my code and so it has been ad infinitum, my eye's water every year when I get the tax return.

The youngsters think all old people live off the state and they have to work to keep them, that is far from true having never had one Government hand out myself I know few who have, most live on pensions they had to work for, insurances (something that appears to have died out) though we took them as normal a way to ease things for the children when we took off to the big parade ground in the sky, they also think we cause all the car accidents by obeying the traffic rules stopping them doing their Lewis Hamilton impersonations. I am ranting? Rant over.

What now I ask what will rise from the Witches cauldron of politics now? we will see, one certainty we will definitely pay.


Independence Day?

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 23:44

Hello HFCharley, long time no see, you are correct only in my day some of the children left school at thirteen and worked all their lives, Intelligent kids who passed the 11+ but parents could not afford the uniforms books and kit, what did they get, a lifetime of lowly jobs a meager pension and early death from overwork, do not get me started. My parents could afford uniforms and books so it was High School until 16, no chance of us going to College it was unheard of, so night school in our own time no day release. We worked earned and saved for our pensions and when I reached the age for the National pension I was told it was unearned income so they taxed the pensions I had paid into and worked for, I will pay income tax until I die very begrudgingly  I may say.

I give the EU in its present form 10 years, all the governments will have changed by then expectations will differ from today's and the countries such as Greece Italy Spain and probably others will want to be free of the Brussels shackles and the monetary noose they are hanging in at the moment. Any one wish to take the bet?


Independence Day?

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 16:42

KT53 we called Mother Boadicea, she was blown over a wall into bramble bushes by a Bomb that hit Craythorne Police station, had to get two buses home (yes they ran, what was a bomb here or there) arrived home tattered and scratched dirty from her foray  into the bushes and was still back to her war work next day. She was an electrician at the big bomber base near us and went by train each day, one day as they approached the stop a plane coming back from a raid crashed on the line and burnt. The driver stopped the train with their carriage over the flames, by the time he got it going again they had burns and smoke inhalation. Taken to the medical centre they got the usual sniff of Sal Volatile and a cup of tea then were told it would be best to go to their work as being the best treatment for shock, she arrived home frazzled hair no eyebrows and clothes smelling of smoke, finished the meal I had prepared and back to work next morning.

She would have shrugged off all this hoo ha called the politicians some choice names then got on with life which she enjoyed into her 80's. I learned from her, when the muck hits the fan wash it off and carry on with life, they have their world we have our real world and now the infighting starts, it will all be different this time next year.


Independence Day?

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 14:16

Replying to KT53 "waving canes and things" was very much tongue in cheek style, having been on quite a few boards in the last 16 years this GW  board appeared to be a gentler area to dabble in and I would put that down to an older section of the population, calm in thought, slow to rile, though once started do not stand in front of them.

Yes indeed I remember the 1940's and the way people reacted. When the Church Bells rang one night the signal for invasion which we all thought was coming mother dashed into the Stables and brought out two pitch forks, "right you German B####### come on then and see what you get" Dad and I were trying to drag her into the shelter she would have none of it, she was prepared to go down fighting as where most of us at the time.

The people are not fools they saw though the rhetoric, laughed at the outright lies and none existent facts stated, then Voted. We older folk have seen it all, a new government elected do not look to the future they do as much for themselves and Party as they can get away with for three years then spend two years trying to win the next election. Must have seen it at least 16-17 times three years attack your pocket then two years of let go the purse strings. It has come home at last and stuck one of Mothers hay forks right up their tender bits, get out of that I say although we the common herd will be the ones who suffer.


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