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Strictly 2014

Posted: 09/12/2014 at 16:08

Got to disagree Claire and that is why this thread has nearly 400 posts and 11000 viewings, we all have our own idea's about it. It is now a dance competition may be the winner will be the most acrobatic or not they will still need to dance. I also watched for many years the Come Dancing programme's and we would still argue over the performance, a bit like snooker or tennis you either love  or hate it, never did understand what the point was of watching a ball being knocked over a net?

I was a dancer when little, my daughter's danced around their hand bags as it was the done thing at the time, Mum and I were old hat dancing with arms around each other, now they are paying out large sums of money to learn Mum and Dad dancing so they do not miss out on their cruising and Holiday fun, they all argue with me about who should or should not still be there, I play back and point out the foot faults which they now understand. Certainly a lot of people watch the entertainment element for the first few weeks including me, now it is serious and a DANCE competition ask Len, feel free to disagree.


Strictly 2014

Posted: 09/12/2014 at 11:13

Obelixx, you and I both make one big mistake, we watch from a dancers point of view, the vast majority of the GBP watch from the dancing round your hand bag era with no idea of what they see. Next week should be fire works week as whomever goes the GBP will scream foul, from the purely a show point of view they could be right, at least Darcy and Head Judge Len have the right take on things and are with us, it is now a DANCE competition full stop, Pixie failed, hard luck the dance goes on.



Posted: 08/12/2014 at 13:47

Very true on all counts Verdun and we are within 20 minutes of long beaches although these days you are not allowed to take stuff from the beach, saying that people leave plenty of stuff on the beach, we would take our rubbish home along with some sea weed. Dads secret weapon was sea weed, we always had a metal drum of the stuff soaking in water that was then watered onto the vegetables, the Iodine must have worked wonders. I suppose we all have our fads, I do not spread wood of any sort on my garden but then I make plenty of good compost.



Posted: 08/12/2014 at 10:34

Hester, I would not normally get involved with these arguments though I cannot help but smile at our puny attempts to save a lost cause. I live in the North East of England with a view from my hill across the Tees to the Cleveland Hills down as far as the Hambleton's, the other way it is the Dales right out to on a very clear day the Pennines all renowned for their beauty and once all forests. The whole would be covered with trees which over the centuries vanished to be replaced with Heather and Grouse Moor grazed by sheep. The Dales once the place lead and other minerals were mined, where I live once brick clay, gravel and sand pits, now all gone and housing in its place. A few miles up the road to Durham we have Quarries for minerals sand and gravel plus Dolomite used in face creams and powders, that is if women still use powder. We do not now burn coal as I remember we all did though quite a few people are going back to burning wood including two power stations locally, that comes mainly from Canada shipped into the Tees to new dock facility. I saw an article last week saying 6,000,000 more vehicles would be on the road in Asia by 2018, so I ask, why am I paying taxes out of my pensions and extra taxes on goods to pay for climate change? I want my money back as it is one big con by the Government, we change nothing because those we held down are now catching up and want what we have. Bring back peat I say.


Strictly 2014

Posted: 08/12/2014 at 10:09

It was a shock to see Pixie and Simon in the dance off so I closed my eye's to the full picture and watched the feet and legs, Simon was the best so Len got it right, Pixie did better than her first run at it, Craig was right her legs somehow looked inelegant. The great British Public did her down not the judges.

I was not really listening when they announced One Republic, who??? I just heard Public and wondered how are they going to get them all on the floor? Oh well better go to lug savers then, Daughters say I only hear what I want to hear anyway.



Posted: 07/12/2014 at 14:00

Debra, yes you only need to dress the top of the pots or trays  it stops moss growing and keeps the seedlings dry. Because grit is freely available here we use it into our seed trays, using one third grit one third washed sand and one third compost. Seeds like babies do not need a lot of feed and I have grown some in sand, they then need to be pricked out into a better mix. My daughter in California has problems with the heat, no such worries here with our mild climate. Good luck with your gardening


Strictly 2014

Posted: 06/12/2014 at 23:11

Caroline for me tonight, what a Tango fast and slow sections as it should be and the correct music for once, wow and wow again. Simon definitely on the up. Jake where did he come from, I actually enjoyed his dance tonight the first time for that. Pixie a maybe, Frankie and Mark not quite up there tonight but I would not make the call. It is wait and see what the GBP have to say then the judges, roll on tomorrow.



Posted: 06/12/2014 at 15:46

Absolutely true Verdun which is why you would scatter inorganic fertiliser before covering the ground with wood chips, shavings, sawdust, none of which I would use. Tried it all over the years found it wanting and use only home made compost now, it tidies the bed up feeds the plants in a light more controlled way and the little Jack Russell from next door keeps my garden free of cats. We all have our own experience and mine tells me wood in any form does nothing for my patch. When my Son started to bed the horses down with sawdust instead of straw he wondered why I spent time separating the muck from the wood and then added it slowly to the compost heaps, the straw is now back and the wood in chips is burned in the furnace that heats the farm, best place for it.

Hester had you lost a lot of seedlings to damp off you would know fine grit is the answer, it keeps the seedling dry adds to the drainage allowing excess water to drain off and is not really just for pot decoration. I dress all my seed trays with it and the fresh young seedlings push through it, like babies they are tougher than we think as long as we keep them warm and dry. Sand Gravel and Rock have been quarried for thousands of years, I cannot see what difference we would make not using it after all they banned the gardeners friend Peat and yet we can still import it from the old eastern block of Europe after taking the living away from our own peat diggers? The mix of soil and grit from all the trays and pots after use is spread on the garden to lighten the soil and give better drainage, it does work after many years of doing that.



Music in the Garden

Posted: 06/12/2014 at 10:32

“Oh” KEF, you know how to insult an old reprobate, Gent, been called many things with the accompaniment of “Sir” well they had to call me that though probably spelt it as Cur in their heads but GENT?? Still it is nice to know we weave “That old black magic” putting you “In the mood” as David and I “Try a little tenderness” with I must say “Amazing grace” sending you “Over the rainbow” were knowing our luck we would land in the pig pen of “Old MacDonald's farm”? You would be ensconced in a feather bed playing with your “String of pearls” whilst David and I would have a “Blanket on the ground” as we “Roll out the barrel” and with a “Little brown jug” quaff ale until the “Sunrise serenade” ? I would dream of my “Lily Marlene” probably still standing under the lamp by the barrack gate in Bridgend, the Fred and Ginger of the Bridgend dance hall, “err” well she had dark lustrous hair and I was Frank, who disapeared on the “Chattanooga Choo Choo” to the dark reaches of Hampshire, Hoping she would “Not go under the apple tree” while I was away. With a wave and chorus of “Goodnight sweetheart” we would bow to the audience who thought “Babes in the wood” would be a lovely Christmas theme Park by Llewellyn Bowen and not a right old Pantomime as they threw their LIDL vegetables at us and we kept bowing hoping a turkey would follow so we could have a good Christmas lunch, “Look out he is behind you”???



Music in the Garden

Posted: 05/12/2014 at 19:02

David, in my viking North hugs come with skirts attached, trews a firm handshake and those skirt wearers o'er t'border a clout with a claymore if they get close enough. I use midge spray on them it does the trick.


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