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The established Garden.

Posted: 06/06/2014 at 10:57

Busy Bee, you make me smile, you probably come in the range of my youngest Daughter, far too busy with her design job yet in the middle of yet another make over in the en-suit where it would have been best to note the strength of the walls before buying all the heavy machinery needed to shower these days. (What ever happened to the oil drum on a trestle in the garden with a ladder to fill the oil drum and then one go only once you pulled the string)?

Having worn uniform of some sort since being 18 fashion washed over me, functional, workable, needs must, you could not walk around in your jockeys other than in the Desert. At ICI told I had the Managers job and then gently told that swanning around in my Rover in short sleeve shirts open collar hard hat and boots would have to be rounded off by wearing a tie at all times?? came as a shock, why? The look old man you cannot let the side down in front of the men and women can you? The answer was short sharp and military, I have the respect of the men and women now wearing a tie will alter nothing, then wore a tie, if you cannot beat them etc.

I tried the Spain and Italy get away with Joan and got ten days, eight days she started to be agitated ten days turned her from a pussy cat into a wild cat so I would be booking the plane home and got my wife back when we walked in the house. Watching Daughter with Phoebe 4 she was telling her all the things she kept here in separate places would be better all in one and did that. Phoebe then replaced it all where it had been, I was in tears laughing. The garden is my space as I want it warts and all change it at your peril.


The established Garden.

Posted: 06/06/2014 at 09:41

Busy Bee, very profound and very true, I would agree with all the above post having worked it out when my bits of her garden vanished into the great compost heap in the sky. But and it is a very big but why continue the make overs into my garden? if I would let her. Three years ago I gave in was sent packing for a week and the family did a complete bathroom make over plus house decoration. Lovely and was pleased although why it needed changing I could not work out, everything worked?

Now she is saying my kitchen needs a work over? why? it is clean functional I cook all the time in there, (us retired lot have the time) it is how Joan wanted it so I am happy with things as they are. Having hit a brick wall it is now the garden, I tell her that making things into her own image belongs to him above so another brick wall. It is this constant need for change yet and another big yet the grand children want all to be the same when they come, nothing changed, they seem to need to touch a base that never changes is comforting in its sameness like granddad. I have no rules, if things get accidentally damaged as they play they tell me and we do the A&E bit as they help and I usually have some seed they can sow in case our patient dies. Make the garden fun for the children and they will learn to love it as we do.

They say each generation has to have change, in my time gardens have gone through many fads and fashions now I see them getting back to what I knew as a lad, a working plot (well in parts) that helps feed the family, sanity at last I would say.


Cane tops

Posted: 05/06/2014 at 23:25

Artjak, My greenhouse is a Robinsons, the roof beams have a slot in them you buy bolts with half a head push them in the slot turn them then screw the nut on after putting a wire hook on the bolt first. If there is a full greenhouse then fasten a cane to a couple of the wire hooks and drop the strings. Do not know about other makes the Robinson was top of the range many years ago things change.


The established Garden.

Posted: 05/06/2014 at 22:35

Mrs G, Daughter was a full of life teenager who only knew the garden as the place Dad disappeared and came back with green stuff covered with caterpillars she was expected to eat for her complexion. Her first house had no garden, this house Dad did the garden for years then watching TV make overs she took over and it became an extension to the lounge, Dads garden went in the bin and now it is a newly made over play room-chill out area, they sit with a bottle of M&S wine living the life. !!!!!!

Who am I to say that is wrong, I am either up the top end on my sun trap patio or in the conservatory watching the rain pouring life into everything, each end a separate entity hidden from the other, "err" I do lock the doors when I disappear into the rain forest as Daughter calls it, do not try it on or the little Jack Russell I mind will have your ankles. Maybe we are to blame we did not give them the time our Fathers gave us working in the garden, the Grandchildren are very interested especially the Strawberries peas and carrots, at least that is a start.

I am with Mike having been given plenty of advice over the years filter it and use the best bits is the way to go.


The established Garden.

Posted: 05/06/2014 at 19:26

Well, Expectations were a couple of replies though all my old friends and cohorts have appeared, where have you been hiding? Yes Charley we are old school and also as an engineer that was my motto, "if it aint  broke don't fix it" brought up on farms we both know it true.

To me there are no rules, no fixed lines, no fads, no fashions, you garden as you feel, my first 18 years were with a walled garden with no view but the garden 12 foot walls two sides a house and stables t'other and a 10 foot wall pigsties hen houses a huge midden on the fourth, to look out you climbed a ladder and then fields as far as the eye could see. The whole focus was on a working garden that fed us and the extended family through the war and long after. Every inch of wall was used for fruit trees, Green houses, and even a vine, the actual garden which had four seasons with in its walls all year round grew vegetables all year round, the pigs were fed on the waste from those plots, nothing wasted really. Years of travel many gardens later I am settled with what I have so Daughter dear you do your own thing with your own garden and leave me with memories of Joan in mine, it pleases me and that is all that matters.


The established Garden.

Posted: 05/06/2014 at 16:17

Philippa, Capability Brown did Vista and I am not a lover having seen many of his creations, much prefer the winding paths and open spaces appearing from behind wooded areas. It probably comes from being a soldier, we never liked wide open spaces, bit of a bind when they sent me to the Desert.

Podgy would have been true five years ago but careful diet got me down three waist band sizes, chocolate now makes me ill so I indulge in a little Scottish fire water with some gentler water now , purely medicinal of course.


The established Garden.

Posted: 05/06/2014 at 14:12

Sorry Lyn, Being fully detached and getting very long in the tooth my two lawns are a godsend in work saving. The daughter likes those then a Herb Garden and what she calls the rain forest, the grand children love that and the Gnome searches I set up for them, well you have to hide them somewhere!!

Phillipa, my problem is not weight though I love things being hidden then coming into view as you progress along the paths, you want surprises. I got one last week when I found the Deutzia in full wedding gown bloom, one minute nothing next minute a blaze of white. My last Peony well and truly staked is coming into bloom, the oldest and best, a mass of red. That to me is a garden the hidden bits, turning a corner and being pleasantly surprised, standing in the conservatory and seeing it all in one eye full is not for me, note tell Daughter when she returns from Cyprus.


The established Garden.

Posted: 05/06/2014 at 13:26

The established garden is the reflection of the owners personality, how do you tell your children that.

Sitting in the conservatory eating sandwiches Monday yes it was sunny, my Daughter told me the garden wanted a make over? “err why” you cannot see any of the fences for shrubbery and the paths are getting narrower. “Err yes” but tell me who wants to see fences? Our fences are nice and new and now they have added even more decking. I looked after her garden for years and no, you could not see the fences. Then came Dave, his idea of cutting back is to a foot below ground and anything over twelve inches high gets beheaded, I am sure in another life they called him Henry. All new fences with concrete posts raw and bare, not to my liking although Daughter is minimalistic in everything.

Short but definite answer was I like it, Mum and I made it, it stays as it is, any one getting a hedge cutter out will find it turned on them and they will be reduced to dust. In other words it reflects my taste not theirs and so it is with each and everyone of us though how do you tell them, those followers of fashion. Their Garden like the Kitchen and Bathroom have had more make overs than the so called celebrities, who needs it.


No nice, cute grannie tat in my garden....

Posted: 04/06/2014 at 19:40

Rosemummy, when you are a grandparent then it begins, they know the Hotel of Mum and Dad is ten star and better still free, they get too well treated we have to put the boot behind them to send them home again.

Two of the pot gnomes went missing and we started to get postcards from them as they travelled around the world, funny enough it also coincided with my Granddaughters gap year travels and wonder of wonder they suddenly reappeared when she came home, she could have left them on Bondi Beach but no they are sitting out there in very cold rain at the moment.


No nice, cute grannie tat in my garden....

Posted: 04/06/2014 at 13:58

Sorry SweetPea, the cat owners in this area seem to put the cats out all day to ruin peoples gardens so my dislike is more the owners. Brought up on farms and smallholdings I saw and indeed killed animals for our needs never domestic animals off which we had many through the years. On a family holiday in Scotland where the midges flew in Squadrons I was the one never bothered by them, probably all that Mepacrin we took in Africa and yes allergies can be caused by many things such as an allergy to Gnomes which has to be hidden from the children who give them as presents, they do have fun searching the garden for them though so some good can come from it all.


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