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Bench renovation

Posted: 20/07/2017 at 11:07

Wooden furniture gets jet washed allowed to dry then oiled, it is still good after 25 years apart from renewing some of the bolts. Why waste money on fancy paints that do not do what it says on the tin, this is the North East even tighter pockets than my mothers Yorkshire.


Leaf mould compost

Posted: 20/07/2017 at 10:57

There are outlets for Leaf Mould although I have never used any of it so cannot comment, look on line.

Leaf Mould if you have a supply of leaves is the easiest of composts to make. I live on tree lined lanes so have a plentiful supply of leaves. My way is to put the piles of leaves on the drive and run the mower over them to chop them up a bit. Then put them in black bags and wet them, tie the bag but cut holes in the bag in several places and I hide them behind my bushes. Turn the bag over every few weeks making sure the inside is damp not soaked and in one year you will have black gold. You can soon build up to a constant supply by adding bags to your stock. Leaves are Carbon rich as against Nitrogen rich compost, perfect for seed growing or adding to normal compost. If you have room for a compost heap or even three plus your leaf mould you need never buy the so called stuff that passes for bought compost these days.


I Need Help.... QUICK!!!!!

Posted: 20/07/2017 at 09:28

Stephieme, Please accept some of the above posts as tongue in cheek, I think you would know you were on a UK thread, my Daughter in Sunnyvale often asks advice then complains when she gets a War and peace size answer. There are of course American Gardening threads and they at times talk to us. Having walked the Malls and Shopping streets in California the people are much as you would find in any UK City though I did find them very helpful and courteous. I do hope your tree thrives.


Leaf mould

Posted: 19/07/2017 at 13:16

Richard, leaf mould needs air and damp, so yes turn it every few weeks with a fork, make sure it is damp not soaked and cover with a plastic sheet weighed down. It is high in carbon and my way was to put the leaves on the drive and run the mower over them to chop them down a bit for a quicker yield it should only take a year in any case. I used plastic bags filled with leaves damp it cut some holes in the bag for air then put it behind the bushes out of sight remembering to turn the bag over every few weeks and checking it was damp. Being on a country lane with trees along it leaves were easy to come by and as it is a very good additive to compost I collected loads hence the plastic bag method. You have gardening gold in that cage use it well.


Peat-free compost

Posted: 19/07/2017 at 11:54

We very old gardeners were brought up using peat as the big growers still do because seeds and young seedlings need much less nutrient and like babies are weened onto the more nutrient bearing composts. The Greens killed the trade although only for us amateur gardeners the big boys still cock a snook at the so called ban. Where is the sense in all that I would ask apart from a few people will feel rather Saintly.

Our new power stations which are popping up like weeds in the North East are importing wood chips from Canada, chopping down forests apparently a bad thing? transporting them across to docks then on boats to our new multi million pound Dock and then burning them for our need to power the iPhones computers and TV's, I often ask myself have I gone mad or is it those around me, not having solved that question as yet.

I will continue to use what does the job best, peat, having found most of the modern recycled goodness knows what is in it composts need to be riddled to remove noxious substances then enhanced with home made compost or dare I say it CHEMICAL supplement. With my once pristine views out over the North Sea hampered by a solid mass of windmills my view across the valley to the beautiful Cleveland hills now hidden in a haze of sooty particles from wood burners I ask have I lived too long.


What is wrong with my Geum Mrs Bradshaw

Posted: 13/07/2017 at 11:26

Rosie, my geum was moved six times, five times it did nothing the six and last as I told it bloom or the compost heap. That did the trick it found the place it loved and has bloomed year on year since growing and spreading. As above it is in well drained gritty soil, I mulch with good compost mixed with some fine grit and washed sand yearly after flowering. Your soil needs some grit and sand mixing into it or move to a position where it gets more sun. Top growth will die off then it will come back next year, patience is the gardeners best tool, we wait and see and that is years not weeks.


I Need Help.... QUICK!!!!!

Posted: 13/07/2017 at 11:14

Stephieme, my Daughter lives in Sunnyvale and grows her own fruit trees, I can still taste the fresh Apricots from her tree and yes they work in Fahrenheit measure. Put the pot in a more shaded place keep it well watered and feed the pot every few weeks as it has no leaves to make it own sugars. With luck it will start to bud again it will take time and you may need to prune off any truly dead branches but  it should bud again. I saw fruit trees growing in the Middle east in conditions that were worse than California they alway came to fruit in the end. One thing they did out there was to pile rocks around the base of the tree, the cool night air condensed into water which trickled down to the roots it also kept the roots cool during the heat of the day 111F in the shade many days on end. They had thousands of years to learn how it is done California a few hundred so hope yet.


Ultimate Alphabet 'Z'

Posted: 02/07/2017 at 17:58

Ladybird, depends on which dictionary you use, they are adding words weekly it surprised me to find Zablaglione at the head of one, Italian sweet custard? where is the crumble I ask. I always saw the funny side of the military, you could not make it up. The dancing Para's and Commando's would really go downhill when they decided to ask us Tanky's to dance, luckily Stella came in good solid bottles, a few cracked heads normally drove them off.


Ultimate Alphabet 'Z'

Posted: 02/07/2017 at 17:25

Ladybird, I slap my hand, my rereading was amiss. Zygosis means conjugation which of course should have been followed by STARS and not starts. My apology's. My brain must have been invaded by Zyzzyva a South American weevil.


Ultimate Alphabet 'Z'

Posted: 02/07/2017 at 14:27

And so it came to pass, back in Garrison sitting drinking Zythum (ancient Egyptian beer) that went under the name Stella on benches outside with the Zygosis of the multitude of starts above swapping stories of much cooler times in England before we became Zygnomic warriors of a discordant Government. The Colonels wife cycled by, a Zaftig (full round figure) but to us lads who only ever saw female Camels it put a stop to our drinking the Zythum for a minute. Some of the 6th Para were dancing the Zamacueca with some of the 42 Commnado’s a sight to see as we sat eating our snack of Zakuska, the Zambomba beating out the time for the dancers in their zanyism accompany was the Zanza all quite barbaric in we knew how it would end, black eye’s loose teeth and blood everywhere, still it passed the time Zappy entertainment. The evening progressed as we quaffed our cups of Zythum Billy from east london went into his usual Zemirah although he did not have a Hebrew bone in his body, Tom went into his Zemni phase or blind mole rat falling into a tank trap, and Ted started on his story of the Nun on Dartmoor, it changed every time he told it but always included the Zelator and zelatrix, we all reckoned those Nun minders must have caught him and punished them both. To loud shouts of ZOUNDs, well we were soldiers and did not use heavy language. As the Battle started we departed from the fray doing an in line Zydeco passed the sleeping tanks to our beds and a last supper of Zwieback, nothing like a toasted biscuit to go to bed on.


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