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Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: 22/01/2016 at 10:18

Dour and wet, that is just the weather. Sitting here sniffling the family cold which has gone around since Christmas finally caught up with me. No gardening today then.


Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: 21/01/2016 at 09:31

Solid white frost here in the NE and fog with it, shopping to do so garden goes on the back burner.


Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: 20/01/2016 at 15:40

Hospital check today one year and five months after the big one, everything normal Sister Lorna said they will call me in six months for one final scan session then it will go to every two or three years, my consultant said I will out last him, will he guarantee that I ask.

Weather very dull although we now have 4c, knowing our NE area I will still hang back a few weeks, we often get a bad February no point in rushing.


The Gingernut Cover-up ?

Posted: 18/01/2016 at 16:07

Obelixx, problem, on my own I would eat the lot, not good for secondary dibetes, leave it for the weekend mob and i would not get a crumb. I always made scones and by the time we sat down to tea they had gone, trifle there would be a few sticky finger prints by the time I got there, at least the finger prints would show the culprit.


The Gingernut Cover-up ?

Posted: 18/01/2016 at 14:04

Pansy if i lived near Bakewell it would be the puddings in short supply.

Obelixx, orange trifle !!! I am on the boat over, yum.


Any tips for growing rice?

Posted: 18/01/2016 at 11:26

David, water sports. You can (could) walk or cycle coast to coast across Northern England now we could try to swim it or cross country water skiing dodging trees the odd sunken car mind that chimney pot though it would need to be deep to cross the Pennines. The container ships from the east coast ports could make a direct route to America or we could drop heaters into a field and have mass sauna's well possibly only once as it is not a good idea dropping heaters in water. The uses are boundless and do not worry about the Spuds about half come from Egypt probably fertilised way back by me?


Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: 17/01/2016 at 15:40

Just the way it falls Verdun though the odd present would come in handy. Rolls Royce, Yacht, The odd mansion in Italy, nothing big.


Anyone done any gardening today?

Posted: 17/01/2016 at 14:08

Gardening??, no we hybenate until sometime after my birthday in February, it would take a jack hammer to lift a weed if there were any, gardening is to enjoy not head out into the storm saying I may be some time.


Snow frolics

Posted: 17/01/2016 at 11:49

Lily, NE England, one foot in the north sea, our weather is dictated by that the coastal weather front nearly always in sight if not directly above, we have our own microcosm as they say. On good days i can see over the Tees valley to the Cleveland hills, today the woods at the bottom of the bank are hidden in mist and the birds are coughing and hiding under the eves of the house. I keep the feeders full and water free from frost, we do what we can.


Snow frolics

Posted: 17/01/2016 at 10:22

Solid white frost, birds skating on water bath, cannot see the woods at the bottom of the hill and car all white. Oops it is white. Birds now swimming in defrosted baths and fresh food though it nearly froze my err arms off.


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