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Eating Spider Plant - House Plant.

Posted: Today at 20:02

Eating Spider Plant - House Plant.

Posted: Today at 20:01

Sorry, not too hot on the old computers and am using an ipad just now. I'll have another go.

Eating Spider Plant - House Plant.

Posted: Today at 19:58

When you've read this you might be inclined to try a bit of a nibble yourself

To-do lists

Posted: Today at 19:34

The thing is to write the lists on very small pieces of paper. Easier to finish.

Gardening Survay for my Product Design Degree

Posted: Today at 18:49

done, but I think you are expecting too much of us. It is a very long survey and too detailed. Also, asking if I like to buy heathers is daft as my garden is limestone but there is nowhere to explain. Also the questions about what I think of wood versus concrete depends on where and when and I didn't really know how to answer them.

Trimming Lavender and Wisteria

Posted: Today at 17:05

I know nothing about wisteria but a bit about lavender. If you look at each of the lavender shoots you'll see that they have small young buds and baby shoots going down the stem. So long as you leave a few of these on each shoot they will continue to grow from those. When they say "woody" they mean that you can't see any new leaves or buds on the branch. It's best to trim them just after they have flowered so that they have time to make new growth, but you can do it now.

University Project

Posted: Today at 16:58


What is it?

Posted: Today at 16:49

Pittosporum tenuifolium?

Before the darkness

Posted: Today at 14:42

Making the first cup of tea and feeding the pets in the dark. Can't bear to put the lights on. Plenty of scope for disasters there.

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