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My New Garden Friend....sorry I had to come and show off

Posted: Yesterday at 22:40

Keep the feeders filled up and they'll keep coming now.

Plant ID please

Posted: Yesterday at 22:35

Thank you!

I can go to bed now.

Hosta fans - guess the Hosta

Posted: Yesterday at 21:43

I haven't a clue but top marks for growing such beautiful plants.

Plant ID please

Posted: Yesterday at 21:38

I didn't touch them but they looked quite rubbery.

Plant ID please

Posted: Yesterday at 21:37

Yes, they might be. Really tiny tiny flowers.

Water voles

Posted: Yesterday at 21:34

Love them. So cute.

Plant ID please

Posted: Yesterday at 21:32


Does anybody recognise this plant please?  Photographed today. The flowers are only about 3 mm across so I'm sorry that they are a bit blurred. They were in fact a darker purple than this. Growing by the side of a boggy and badly eroded path on sandstone moorland in the Peak Park. They grew singly or in small groups. I have never seen them before.

Same old story

Posted: Yesterday at 20:54

My springtime garden is a sea of cut-up yogurt pots, split-in-half soda water bottles, yards of green netting, canes of varied lengths pointing upwards at wild angles, old CDs swinging from branches and Christmas tinsel adrift on shrubs. It looks an utter wreck. I don't think it does much to deter anything either. 

I don't know why we bother really.

Goldfish with feelings!

Posted: Yesterday at 19:46

Yes, I have seen this. Swim bladder problems can be serious. It is best to isolate the fish concerned in a separate tank or put it into one of those big plastic buckets that builders use. Fill the tank with pond water or fill it with  water from a waterbutt. If that isn't possible, fill it with tap water and add Aquasafe, a chemical that makes tap water safe for fish. Then add something to provide safety - give the fish a bit of weed or a piece of old plastic down pipe to hide in. Cover the tank with a bit of garden netting to stop the fish from jumping out. Here is some help with how to treat the fish

Act quickly and the fish will recover, delay and it may die. The other fish are just reacting to the danger that the ill fish may present to them in terms of their own health.

Young gardeners and neighbours

Posted: Yesterday at 09:22

I was once asked what my rates were. Don't know if I looked especially scruffy that day or especially organised

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