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Dare I say.

Posted: Yesterday at 20:44

Can't help with clamping, unless it's the gripping type. No good at pickling either unless it's to do with the alcoholic type. Hic

Dare I say.

Posted: Yesterday at 20:34

I thought the chap that's looking for help with a lawnmower was trying to sell a motorbike.

Got all carried away with last night's reminiscences with DavidK about motorcycling....

Can't help at all with lawn mowers. Haven't got a lawn.

Oh Thank You Neighbour!

Posted: Yesterday at 17:49

Just in case anyone is thinking that I put the trellis there to encourage my neighbour's clematis onto my side, you are wrong. I put it there to encourage a climbing rose to go up it but the climbing rose is so far only knee high.

Oh Thank You Neighbour!

Posted: Yesterday at 17:45


Sorry for the delay. Had to find camera, download onto tetchy laptop, etc etc, Oh the joys of modern life. So here we are - Polish Spirit. The south facing flowers are full out and the west facing ones are in bud. No idea what neighbour's north and east facing ones are doing


Oh Thank You Neighbour!

Posted: Yesterday at 16:15

That is beautiful BM. 

Yes, why DO plants invariably flower the wrong way round? I have found it to be true in every garden I have had. You plant them in a north facing wall and they put their heads over the top to face south, fair enough. But they do it the perverse way too.

I have several large-flowered clematisses (?) which are all growing through a piece of hurdling fence and facing a dark, windy tunnel of a path. What is that all about?

But yes, my neighbour is currently unaware that 90% of her Clematis Polish Spirit is cavorting around on my side of the fence.

Forum names

Posted: Yesterday at 13:56

Blind as a bat from the age of 8, but undiagnosed, I screwed my eyes up to see. Now I do indeed look like the face of a pansy. At least that's what the kinder members of my family say I look like.

Clematis "Apple Blossom"

Posted: Yesterday at 11:51

What a wonderful mental image I have of it Nut. They are so willing to please when they get started - and the perfume really is of apple blossom.

Don't give up on it PR.

Clematis "Apple Blossom"

Posted: Yesterday at 09:13

Yes, slugs and snails. But keep after them (for a couple of years) until the plant has settled in and started to grow properly and one day it will be off and over the fence before you can get the garden twine out.

Dare I say.

Posted: Yesterday at 09:08

My approach to gardening is Jackson Pollock's (rhyming slang).

Pernission to speak SIR!

Posted: 29/07/2014 at 22:37

Night all.

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