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Nesting Box Help

Posted: Today at 17:22

The bluetits began to put bits and bobs into our camera nestbox for the first time this morning.

Water Cress

Posted: Today at 17:20

Do you have a pond in your garden?

Sweet Peppers

Posted: Today at 13:29

No, I don't think so. 

Anybody else got a funny looking forum or is it just me?

Posted: Today at 13:28

Yes, mine's OK now too. Sometimes I wonder if it's my eyes that are the problem.

Thanks all.

Anybody else got a funny looking forum or is it just me?

Posted: Today at 11:05
Everything on the left hand side and with minimal information?

Is it ok to heavily prune Vibernum tinus now?

Posted: Today at 07:59

They are very tough. I inherited one in an overgrown garden once and cut it down, thinking that I would eventually get round to removing it. But it sprang back and I was happy to let it grow on again. Here is something from the RHS website

"If you inherit a garden full of neglected shrubs or have a plant that is overgrown and choked with branches, you can try to rejuvenate it by pruning. 

Some shrubs can be severely pruned just as growth begins in mid-spring. Spotted laurel (Aucuba), box (Buxus), camellias, Choisya, Euonymus, hollies, Pieris, laurels (Prunus laurocerasus and P. lusitanica), Viburnum tinus and yew all tolerate severe pruning to near ground level. 

Other evergreens are often best renovated over several years, removing one-third to half of shoots to ground level, and reducing all other shoots by one-third in the first year. Over the next couple of years, each year remove half of the older shoots to ground level."

I'd leave it just a little while until the spring revs up a bit but then go ahead. But use sharp tools to ensure that the cuts don't become infected.

Bell peppers!

Posted: Yesterday at 21:03

Something like these?

There are quite a few companies which market these. They are not very prolific and they are rather slow to come into production. But they are an interesting bit of fun and nonsense.

Overwintering Sweet Peppers.

Posted: Yesterday at 20:58

Can you see the thread called Sweet Peppers, Marygold?  I've "bumped it up" for you.

Sweet Peppers

Posted: Yesterday at 20:57

Bump for Marygold

A Valentine meal with who ?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:13

When you cry, Philippa. The tears run down your back..... Er.....bacteria..... 

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