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Specimen Leylandii

Posted: Today at 17:45

Well, the leylandii is a good deal less ugly than what is behind it; a broken down old heap of rusting rubbish. And it provides the birds with nest sites. And it has  conveniently shaped branches on which to hang feeders that the various birds of prey can't attack.

The wood pigeons are a nuisance, but I used to say that about starlings and I haven't seen a starling for over ten years. So I treasure everything, however much it may irritate me, because, in the words of the song, you don't know what you've got till it's gone.

Distorted Tomatoes

Posted: Today at 17:19

If your plant isn't supposed to be a beefsteak one, nodislab, I would add that one of my Ailsa Craigs produced one tomato like that, all the others on the plant being ACs. I think it got bashed by a passing dog while the baby tomato was forming. It maybe distorted the sepals or the pistils or whatever they are.

Where's Mike?

Posted: Today at 17:15

Ooh, thanks for that. If I could persuade my d****d cucumbers to calve iI'd be able to do it more or less in its entirety from the garden.

Will give it a go tomorrow - assuming it is still hot tomorrow in these parts.

Quince Pollination

Posted: Today at 17:11

It's self fertile. No other plants required. Honest!

Where's Mike?

Posted: Today at 15:18

I feel a recipe is in order Philippa.


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storing begonia corms

Posted: Today at 11:40

A fridge sounds about your only option. It's not a problem that many people here in UK have to deal with. We are currently "sweltering" in a heatwave where our outdoor temperatures are the same as your indoor ones.

Picking tomatoes

Posted: Today at 11:36

Leave, leave, leave! Wait until it's red. It won't ripen if it's green.

Tomatoe supports

Posted: Today at 11:34

I thank you, Fleurisa

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