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Hedging and Horses

Posted: Today at 18:16

Katherine, the OP was talking about horses but we have been led astray, over the hills and far away, by someone who lives nextdoor to some athletic sheep.

Hedging and Horses

Posted: Today at 17:36

It seems a bit perverse to risk poisoning the livestock just because their owner won't act reasonably. The link that I provided is from a company which specialises in boundary matters. You could maybe give them an exploratory phone call. The first one is usually free.

disguising Leylandii

Posted: Today at 17:32

If you go to the top of this page you will see a small box marked Search this Site. If you type in  "Leylandii disguise" you will find any number of suggestions to browse through.

Garden produce recipes

Posted: Today at 15:50

Do you have a recipe?

Neighbours tree

Posted: Today at 14:51

There's a tree in my garden with a very nasty expression on its face...

Too much red wine for lunch sorry.

Hedging and Horses

Posted: Today at 14:44

I have no idea if the extract attached below is of any relevance but it makes for interesting reading on a wet afternoon.


Neighbours tree

Posted: Today at 14:30

Orf with their heads!

Ok...its nasty

Posted: Today at 14:17

Ah, I don't have one.

But they wreck my conservatory roof.

Neighbours tree

Posted: Today at 14:16

Pat E, I wonder how long it will be before the Health and Safety squad insist that every tree has a sign on it warning of Danger of Death From Falling Branches pinned to it.

That's if you don't choke to death on an oversized pickled onion or scald yourself with an over-hot cup of tea.

Ok...its nasty

Posted: Today at 13:57

Verdun, I did the same with the rasps except that I was eating all the half rasps that the blackbird had rejected.

Lyn. Loose stools all round.

1 to 10 of 3,365

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