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RIP Joe Cocker...

Posted: Yesterday at 22:36

And from Sheffield so, of course!

Perhaps a Survey worth doing...

Posted: Yesterday at 22:30

Perhaps a Survey worth doing...

Posted: Yesterday at 22:22

Must get weeding finished?

It's OK, Nut. People don't notice the rickets now that I am so bent with age.

Perhaps a Survey worth doing...

Posted: Yesterday at 22:13

No. I had a deprived childhood.

Perhaps a Survey worth doing...

Posted: Yesterday at 22:11

I think you are all horrible. P.face (2nd. class)


Posted: Yesterday at 20:55

Some of ours always choose to roost on the cords of some sash windows. Often we forget that they are there and open the windows. Then there is an unpleasant crunching sound as they go round the pulleys.


Posted: Yesterday at 20:41

Apparently they hibernate in the same place every winter. If it's too hot in the house and you find that they are wandering about or flying around, you could move them to a shed or somewhere cool. I find the best way to pick them up is to lick my finger and press it gently down onto their backs. They lift off quite easily.

If they aren't moving about but are just in a huddle on the window frame you could just leave them where they are. They will mysteriously disappear when they think the time is right.

Waterproof Garden Shoes

Posted: Yesterday at 14:18

That reminds me of the old joke about the two boot makers in Rome. The Pope was wanting some new shoes so he asked them both for quotations. Mr Cohen quoted 200 lire(it was before the European union)and Mr O'Malley quoted 220. After he had got the job and made the new shoes for the Pope, Mr Cohen proudly put up a sign saying "Cohen Brothers. Cobblers to the Pope"

Next day, Mr O'Malley put up a sign of his own - "B***s to the Chief Rabbi"

Sorry for any offence caused.

New hedge advise

Posted: Yesterday at 07:58

A rose, such as Canary Bird, would do a good job and have a good show of flowers and maybe hips too.

tropical garden scheme

Posted: Yesterday at 05:58

Dennis Norden and Frank Muir I think were taking the mickey of travel programmes on tv. Peter Sellers took it up later on.

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