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Repotting an Orchid

Posted: Today at 16:40

Yes and yes. They photosynthesise through their roots and the bark is extremely free draining. Not difficult to buy these days.

Are you sure it needs repotting already? Mine have been in the same pot for two years and still flower like mad.

Advice on unavoidable repotting of a dwarf cherry tree

Posted: Today at 16:24

So you are planning on uprooting it within the next week when it is in full leaf? Not ideal is it?

Well, you said that you should have pruned it in the past. Now is your big chance

To minimise transpiration, probably the best thing you could do would be to hard prune it and then cut off a good many of the remaining leaves. Dig as big a rootball out as you can, find the biggest pot that you can, some John Innes No 3 compost and water it in well. And keep it watered.

Good luck.

whose poo?

Posted: Today at 13:51

Hedgehog, I think. 


Posted: Today at 11:47

Have you been keeping up with this?

Nothing at all to do with day lilies but a nice happy story nontheless.

Spray marking paint

Posted: Today at 11:43

In the old days we just used to use chalk, lime or sand.

Should I encourage house mice into my garden?

Posted: Today at 09:13

We have house mice, field mice, and voles visiting our bird tables. I love to watch them. They provide a nice little larder for the owls and other birds besides giving me a smile.

The only thing you have to remember is that, like all animals, they like a comfy life and they will want to come and join you in your house in the winter time.

We have a big old house with a cellar that is connected to the garden by an old drainage channel. They are welcome to live down there in the cold months as we keep anything chewable or edible well wrapped up or out of reach. They are not allowed to come up the steps into the house though. 

Pond hole keeps filling up with water

Posted: Today at 09:07

I've been thinking about your pond. Two foot deep at the deepest is really too shallow for a fish pond. In warm, sunny weather the water will heat up a lot and will become deoxygenated very quickly. Any fish in the pond will suffer and possibly die. By all means have a shallow pond but don't put fish into it. A shallow pond is ideal for amphibians and as a drinking spot for birds and other animals. Fish aren't necessary. If you really want to keep fish in it, keep digging until an area of at least three feet by two is at least three feet deep and the rest is appropriately marked out in levels leading down to that.


Posted: Yesterday at 22:43

Pat, I've only seen a handful of shots of their house and garden. Lots of trees. And some sort of swamp thing.

It always looks very hot and steamy. We once spoke on the phone and it was nice to hear the calls of the birds - so different from ours. 

I don't think that I could cope with all the venomous critters with which Australia is "blessed". I only have to watch out for the flower bugs that can give a nasty bite in summer.

I must ask them about the day lily nursery.

Pond hole keeps filling up with water

Posted: Yesterday at 21:43

The mud will settle. It won't get dry if you keep it topped up. Or if you empty it, put the liner in and refill it with rainwater then the water that is bound up in the clay won't reappear because the pressure on both sides of the liner will be equal.

Pond hole keeps filling up with water

Posted: Yesterday at 20:13

Old ponds didn't have liners. They were lined with clay that cattle trod down to harden and compact it. As you have found, clay makes good ponds.

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