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Something is snacking on my fruit trees

Posted: Today at 14:17

Are you in Oz, Angelica?

May bug?

Posted: Today at 14:09

It certainly looks like one. The adults eat leaves and the grubs eat roots. However, given that they work alone and don't hunt in packs, I don't think you have much to worry about

Me Vs Slugs

Posted: Today at 09:24

Do you have a compost heap? Everyone should have a compost heap.

Grass has black after using evergreen extreme green

Posted: Today at 09:22

Sorry , still can't see them. But here is an old thread along similar lines.


Grass has black after using evergreen extreme green

Posted: Today at 07:46

Did you follow the manufacturer's instructions to the letter?

Czar Plum Trees

Posted: Yesterday at 22:51

Could you let us see it? You can put a photo on here by clicking on the little green tree icon in the reply box (unless you are using a phone, in which case you can't).

A hummingbird!

Posted: Yesterday at 19:51


In the garden today - amazingly camouflaged, especially from the underside.


Boundary marker

Posted: Yesterday at 16:55

But don't use a tree. Years ago the previous owners of our two properties planted a selection of saplings. Now we don't know who owns what - OK until they start to fail.

Salty Air

Posted: Yesterday at 15:26

Sea buckthorns


Cherry tree

Posted: Yesterday at 14:13

I don't really know what the technical details are relating to the word "patio plant, etc" - I think it just means "small, compact and easily managed". No reason why it can't live in a small flower bed, I shouldn't think.

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