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Posted: 27/07/2013 at 20:16

The records from the Isle Of Wight are correct and photographed sightings.Also not captive bred releases.We should embrace this as a possible colony and a positive event.The idea od showing them was so that people could identify them correctly and that there maybe other bona fide colonies out there.

To be honest it's about time we looked into reintroductions of the Large Tortoiseshell ,We weren't shy of reintroducing the french sub species of the Large Blue which is now thriving!!.More action like this and less surveys I say.Bring back the extinct butterflies. Oh and for the record I never release captive bred stock of rare species but happily release the common species in peoples gardens to help boost the numbers.More emphasis should be on the good work going on with butterfly gardening in particular like planting the relevant nectar and caterpillar foodplants and cutting out insecticides and fungicides.

Nettles for Butterflies

Posted: 02/03/2013 at 18:05

Hello There

It was my Garden in question at Hampton Court and growing them in pots is a wonderful idea that really does work.Do place them in a sunny site though and preferably have 2 pots so you can cut a pot back and alternate this practice to encourage the fresh green shoots that butterflies love to lay their eggs on.

I will also be stocking a yellow leaved form of Stinging nettle this year which works just aswell but looks far more ornamental.

Hope you get lots of butterflies!

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