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Phalaenopsis Moth orchid

Posted: 30 July 2013
Overall: After helping my landlord with some decorating, i had found an in a cupboard. It looked in a real sorry state. The flowers and flowers stem had died and the two 'main' green leaves looked bit sickly, pale green, slightly yellow, but the central leaf seems healthy. It is in a clear inner plastic pot with a ceramic outer pot.
I may have done this completely wrong [and any advise is welcome], i cleared the obvious dead foliage and emptied the plastic pot of plant and soil. Then trimmed the roots a little. The i part filled the pot with general compost with a little rooting compound, put in the orchid, then filled the pot with more compost, leaving space from the top of the pot. I'm using Baby Bio plant drip feeder. I have given it some water in the evening.It's in the [east facing]kitchen at the moment, out of direct sunlight. It's been nearly a week now since i've done this. [as with anything with nature, i know it takes time and patience].
Any advise if i'm doing anything wrong with it.