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Bare rooted aquilegia

Posted: 29/04/2013 at 00:30

This is what my Aquiligia (from wilkinsons) look like now..

 These are the black ones


and these are the mixed coloured ones.

I hope they flower this year


Posted: 29/04/2013 at 00:16

They could possibly be starting to rot, either move them to a window without a radiator or remove the lid, its being to humid that causes the rot I have found.. I would start some more off as a back up or you'll have none if they don't grow

Compost bags

Posted: 26/04/2013 at 01:29

What about growing things in them? if you have lots of drainage holes in the bottom and sides of them I'm sure they would be ok

Bare rooted aquilegia

Posted: 15/04/2013 at 22:35

I don't have a garden as such Leonette, I have a bit of soil thats about 6ft by 5ft so I grow most things in containers, I have a new 8ft by 6ft greenhouse that needs putting up, (waiting for my daughter to help me with it) I built a raised bed which I built up with bricks today on the concrete where the garage used to be, which is empty just yet lol I put the aquiligia in a container and they have started to grow quite well, I grew some from seed last year and they are growing back well too

What's the best way to shade a greenhouse?

Posted: 14/04/2013 at 18:38

Try using some foam sheets (or shapes) that you can buy for crafts, cut some pieces from it to fit in the space between the clips you bought, don't know if it would work but worth a try It doesn't cost much to buy so if it didn't work I'm sure some children would make good use of it

Bare rooted aquilegia

Posted: 14/04/2013 at 18:06

Thanks Matt, I'll go and do that now while the rain has stopped

Freesia Bulbs

Posted: 14/04/2013 at 17:55

I have some Freesia bulbs and it says on packet to plant between Feb/May but wait if the ground is frozen or waterlogged, Plant with tips upward in a sunny spot in well drained soil, the plants should be planted twice the depth of each bulb and about the same distance apart. Water after planting and in summer if the ground is dry but do not waterlog. After the plants start to grow add some general purpose fertiliser. (In cold areas it may be necessary to lift in autumn and store in a frost free place over winter).

Hope this helps

Bare rooted aquilegia

Posted: 14/04/2013 at 16:22

I also bought some of these from Wilkinsons and I haven't long planted them, it does say on the packet that if any has grown in the packet it doesn't affect them, they had lots of white leggy bits on them but now just over a week later they have got some nice green leaves on them and are doing well I bought some of the mixed colours and the black ones too

I left the leggy bits on without cutting them off if that helps.

Talkback: RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2009 - herbs for wildlife

Posted: 21/01/2013 at 21:23

I bought a packet of 8 varieties of herbs from the poundland shop, in it there is Parsley, Basil, Chives, Mint, Dill, Thyme, Marjoram and Garlic Chives

Growing Sweet Peas

Posted: 21/01/2013 at 21:01

I've just been reading about sweet peas, its very informative so it might be of benefit to anyone else who is a novice like me

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