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Cosmos flowering

Posted: 18/05/2015 at 12:29

Has anyone noticed how the weather seems to be more April like rather than May  It seems to have got things all widdershins right now. At the moment, it's raining, but we're almost expecting a drought. Broad beans are doing well, as are the runners. lettuces are fine too. But the peas are very lackadaisical, the sun flowers are 50% or less germination IN the greenhouse.  I think we need a bit of Verdun's Hayle weather oop here in t'north !  Right on , Pard !

Cosmos flowering

Posted: 17/05/2015 at 22:37

This year is good for cosmos, here on wor lotty. I sowed out two trays of seeds, and they have BURGEONED !  Thanks for the idea of NOT watering them. 


Coffee anyone ?

Posted: 01/05/2015 at 07:54

I am struck dumb  for once ! 

Coffee anyone ?

Posted: 30/04/2015 at 23:11

PERHAPS it might be polite to have a cup first, and then break into a discussion, and THEN ask for the grounds, as if you're doing them a favour. Take a smally pail or bucket and ask them to use that, for the grounds, and you'll collect it three or four times per week.

Coffee anyone ?

Posted: 30/04/2015 at 18:21

Don't get me started, Dove !

Coffee anyone ?

Posted: 30/04/2015 at 17:58

0700hrs, oop t'lotty and armed with bird seed, fat balls and a mug of niger seed !


Coffee anyone ?

Posted: 30/04/2015 at 17:48

With the change in the weather this past few days, I think cocoa, Bovril, hot choccy laced with rum is more to the challenge than simple tea !  Cheers !


Coffee anyone ?

Posted: 26/04/2015 at 14:12

And, for a bit of exercise, you can always go for a walk around the grounds !


Coffee anyone ?

Posted: 26/04/2015 at 11:24

I know ! besides, cats HATE coffee OR  TEA, Tha's why they like milk. 

Coffee anyone ?

Posted: 26/04/2015 at 10:55

If you are into having a cuppa when gardening, and in to either fresh tea with tea bags, or filtre coffee, why not use the old tea bags and coffee grounds on your soil ? A courteous visit to your local Starbucks , Cafe Nero  or whatever, will have you coming away with bags of free used coffee grounds and tea bags to use as a great addition to your beds, and it ends up as a great win win situation.  Free nitrogen, soil conditioner and all the fun of the fair !

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