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What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 04/12/2012 at 18:32
Glorious sunny day in the Thames Valley, and I Spent most of it shopping at Dunelm Mills and Costco (big discount warehouse) in rural Reading. I hate shopping, but at least today solved most of the Christmas logistics problems - and grandchildrens presents almost sorted! If tomorrow is as nice it's up the allotment, but I should be so lucky as the girl sang!

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 30/11/2012 at 11:46
Lovely sunny day in the Chilterns, but very heavy frost. Spent yesterday afternoon strimming the front lawn which looks so much better for a quick trim. Also have a lovely display of Gazania's - would have thought the frosts would have finished them off,but then the weather is mad. There are still one or two carnations coming into flower at the front, so must make the most of them all before they're covered in snow!

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 28/11/2012 at 17:28
Nice day in the Chilterns today - washing on the line drying in no time, and I spent the afternoon hoeing the flower beds and tidying up. Tomorrow, weather permitting, will strim the front lawn which seems to have suddenly got very straggly. The Thames down in Marlow is stlii over the banks and travelling over the weir at a huge rate of knots. Up on the hill we have no problem with all the rain, but all of you who are suffering have my sympathy and best wishes.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 20/10/2012 at 21:10
Best sunset this evening for ages! The sky was absolutely on fire, and the few clouds enhanced the effect - just brilliant. Hope my sister in The West Country had the same - the sunset over the Moor must have been outstanding. Hope you all had something similar.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 15/10/2012 at 18:07
Lovely warm sunny morning in Brixham, then in afternoon was up on Dartmoor, near the prison, and the clouds rolled in, and the drizzle started, it got colder - it must be me...every time I go on the Moor the weather changes for the worst!

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 10/10/2012 at 18:58
Glorious sunny day in the Chilterns - lovely sunset just fading away. Spent the last few hours up the allotment, hoeing between swedes and winter greens, and generally tidying up. Picked some chard, broccoli and carrots to go with my potatoes and peas ( stored in the garage), all of which will go well with my steak pie in the oven! Perfect day - has set me up nicely for my trip down to Cornwall on Friday. Always nice to return to my birthplace. P.s - watch out for the jumping spiders!

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 02/10/2012 at 16:35
Frank, after learning of your experiences with some of the old piston-engined classics,perhaps I will go back to one of my early loves - boats......or do you have some bad moments with them? Maybe we should all stick to our gardens and allotments, which should be relatively safe - or has somebody got a tale or two to prove otherwise?

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 01/10/2012 at 22:47
Same with me Chris, just love seeing the old planes. Last year I flew from Duxford to London, from Houses of Parliament down river and over the uncompleted Olympic Site, in 1930's Dragon Rapide - outstanding! What we'd all give for a flight in a Spitfire or Hurricane............oh well, dream on! I still take the occasional lesson just up the road, in a Cessna, and it's great fun flying in the area from Benson up to Aylesbury, then back down to the Thames, overflying my house then on over the allotment, seeing my friends down there working away, whilst I'm taking things easy 2000 feet up over their heads. Back to reality at the allotment tomorrow, and, of course it's as much fun as being in the air.........well, nearly!

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 27/09/2012 at 14:31
What a diverse Country we live in - I'm out to cut the lawn later, whilst RJL is squelching across the grass. No doubt my turn will come in the near future - with interest! Hope things return to some sort of normality for everyone soon.

What's the weather like in your area?

Posted: 27/09/2012 at 00:00
We have been really lucky down here in the Chilterns - some of our local streams are still dried-up gullies, even though we have had a few heavy showers , nothing like the weather you are getting in Yorkshire and beyond. Best wishes to everybody badly affected up there, and hope things soon improve.

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