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pinching out

Posted: 08/06/2012 at 23:05


 Cheers J,


pinching out

Posted: 06/06/2012 at 23:14


Hi Guys

Looking for a bit of information..

I have recently planted some G3 clematis, all two year old plants, they have took very well and are all producing plenty of new growth, although not expecting much if anything in the way of blooms i was wondering if it would be to my advantage to continue to pinch out new shoots during the growing season to increasing leaves and therefore increase photosynthesis and have a healthier plant and root system for new growth next spring...


Thanks in advance


clematis pruning

Posted: 15/05/2012 at 19:38

Thanks again Obelixx, i think i'll follow your example on pruning and keep a close eye on my G3's..

Well i never, all these years i thought it meant till the end of the month of May, thanks for that John..

Lang may yer lum reek..


clematis pruning

Posted: 13/05/2012 at 12:32

Hi Guys,

Looking for some help (again)..

Thinking ahead, i have planted a lot of clematis, various groups and varieties, my main worry is the group three type, as far as i can see i should prune them back to about 30cm in early spring (Feb/March) considering i am in central Scotland and we had frost only the other day in the middle of May wouldn't this be harmful to the plants new growth?..Could i wait till late spring early summer before pruning back or would this be more harmful?..

Never cast a clout till May be out...

Thanks in advance



Posted: 29/04/2012 at 22:45

Giving away your age there Doris,....  I thought the recommendation was to prune it back shortly after planting, especially in spring after the danger of frost has passed (which is about July up here) ... But yes it makes sense to leave it alone for a season after the stress of planting..




Posted: 29/04/2012 at 08:46

Hi peeps

 I have recently planted a polish spirit clematis, is it to late to prune it back for this seasons blooms? keeping in mind i'm in central Scotland and i reckon about four weeks behind the season for the majority of the uk..



Scottish Clematis

Posted: 23/04/2012 at 20:43

Hi Shell

Thanks for taking the time to reply...

My end goal is to grow climbers such as clematis, roses, honeysuckle and a few other climbers in-front of a long row of 12ft leylandii that run along the perimeter of our garden, i will certainly try train some to grow through the trees, it all comes down to aspect as there is a lot of shadow in our garden..

Your showing your age if you get my username.. 

Thanks again


Pound shop plants- any success stories?

Posted: 16/04/2012 at 13:07

Tis great reading all the success stories of plants successfully grown from purchases at the various pound stores, but a word of warning, if your wife is anything like mine don't take her with you, or you could end up with 30 quids worth of stuff that you don't actually need but was a bargain...


Scottish Clematis

Posted: 16/04/2012 at 12:50

Thanks Yarrow

Your post (story) and pictures have given me a little confidence, and a lot of inspiration to get out there and just do it..

Thanks for the info Obelixx, finding hardy clematis is a must for a scottish garden..


Scottish Clematis

Posted: 12/04/2012 at 16:03

Thanks Yarrow & Laura

Funnily enough i have planted two montana's and have a polish spirit waiting to be planted when i find the right spot, lovely picture Yarrow i'd be well chuffed if i get something like that this summer (providing we get a summer this year)..

I hear you about the aspect being exposed Laura i'm much the same on top of a hill, i don't have any Alpina's but i will definitely look them up, i was thinking of sticking to Montana's & Viticella's for now they seem pretty hardy for our climate..

Thanks again guys


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