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Posted: 07/06/2014 at 15:59

 Must admit there is something quite familiar about it KEF  just cant quite put my finger on what it is though..  

My wee garden!

Posted: 07/06/2014 at 15:47

Lavande, i did the exact same as you, though i got it within ten seconds once i scrolled back up and seen the thread title, i am also Scottish so the use of the word wee just comes naturally, i'm also with you on the water butt thing, maybe we are just thick in this country, Jackie it's fairly easy to upload pics on here if i can do it anyone can, if you click on the little (sorry the wee) logo that looks like a tv and take it from there...

Potato flowers

Posted: 07/06/2014 at 15:22
Buddyboy wrote (see)

A lot of rubbish dovefromabove

Seed potatoes are small tubers from last years crop


Buddyboy wrote (see)

If you are going to be an authority on giving people advice make sure it is correct

The who's right who's wrong debate i care not, but to come on here and be so rude say's a lot about YOU Buddyboy, maybe you should go learn some manners before you start writing on forums my friend, there are ways to disagree, but to come on here and say to a respected and most helpful member of this forum that they are talking a lot of rubbish right off the bat is not one of them.. Sorry Dove i know you can fight your own battles but such rudeness gets my hackles up...

easy plant id

Posted: 07/06/2014 at 14:32

Cheers guys good news about dividing it, if you's see Verdun before me can you's direct him over here please..

Doc the white flowers are not gospel, to quote the OH "I am pretty sure they were white but not one hundred percent positive" she should have been a politician, sometimes when i ask her a question i am more confused afterwards than i was before i asked her...


Posted: 07/06/2014 at 14:15

Ah well was nice while it lasted, wished my sunglasses had wipers on them 

Put some mesh over the arch just in time, not sure the Jasmine will reach that high this season, Jasmine on one side Clematis Bill Mackenzie on the other, we can but try...

Panda you are dressed properly, you can always take the coat off, but can they put a coat on if it starts chucking it down..

easy plant id

Posted: 07/06/2014 at 12:47

Cheers nut, i like it for it's round compact mound forming habit, though it is getting a bit big for it's allocated space...


Posted: 07/06/2014 at 12:10

Just nipped in for a cuppa and some lunch..

Still dry and no imminent sign of rain though it has got a little chillier here in central Scotland...Nar Nar Nar Nar Nar excuse my childishness but it's not very often we get dry when our southern cousins get wet..

easy plant id

Posted: 07/06/2014 at 11:54

The OH says it has white flowers

easy plant id

Posted: 07/06/2014 at 11:16

Well knock me over with a feather is it really nut, i had no idea it was a hellebore, that's a nice surprise, thanks nut i can go look it up now...

Blanket weed uses

Posted: 07/06/2014 at 11:10

I plop mine in the bog garden next to the pond...

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