London (change)


About me:I honestly do love the thought of gardening. A spark grows within me that has me looking up old seed packets and opening Geoff Hamilton's’ books to see if my timing is correct or not. Mind you, I have usually become too enthusiastic with the seeds and everything has come to nought but those I bought at a garden centre, which I promised I wouldn't do because I would be doing it ALL myself. Oh dear. Well, all that is going to change. I have greater gardening ambitions now and also a year old, so see how we go and wish me luck on my journey. With the past several years being way out there weather wise, I think my time of putting on my gardeners armour isn't the best, but what can I do. My excitement is at fever pitch and Suttons sent me their latest catalogue to tempt me away from my small greenhouse!I will insert photos and a small video of my top garden tomorrow. I have three main gardens on my small property and before you go thinking I am loaded, I have to tell you that I haven't a brass farthing. I care for my partner full time and only have a small pension to live on. Oh yes, and I am a vegetarian. My partner says for Vegetarian see “pain in the arse!” Oh dear, that's an ominous start to the blog then? Seeya!
more coming soon...