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Plant orders for 2017

Posted: 19/03/2017 at 12:05

I got mine delivered Mark for a fiver I think, I can't remember where they are based but it was to far to travel. 

I am eyeing up another salvia to plant with kniphofia timothy, I'll have a look at B&M for that. Longacre sold out of savlia mainhut thankfully, I always want another plant after my order has arrived.

Looking at adding some clematis now, so many choices. Means a trip to the GC first.

Suggestions for clematis through this weigela?

Posted: 19/03/2017 at 00:30

Got me looking at clematis now ,  oooh the temptation . I seen quite a lot very small variety's I've not seen before, maybe they would be suitable. I think a white with a tinge of pink would look the best.

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Suggestions for clematis through this weigela?

Posted: 19/03/2017 at 00:05

Personally I wouldn't use a weigelia for a climbing frame for a clematis. Not only will it smother a weigleia that size - difficult to prune unless you use a group 3 like buttercupdays said - it will ruin a very nice shrub it look lovely just like it is. I am with buttercup a group 3 clematis would be best summer to late flowering if you really wanted to try it. 

Can you not use the fence behind for a climbing frame? Or use a wigwam. Maybe a different shrub like a buddelia or tree?

Plant orders for 2017

Posted: 18/03/2017 at 22:08

My plants arrived ok Victoria  I bought them from Longacre garden centre recommended by Mark, well packed and good quality plants and well priced. Shame they sold out of lobelia vedrariensis but I suppose nursery's / GC are to busy to be updating the website all the time.   

I got a Geum totally tangerine - 2x eryngium giganteum - 2x penstemons garnet - lobelia tanna - verbena B. My plant stash is growing, it starting to keep me awake at night making plans and wondering where on earth I am going to plant that.

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New plants....Who wants them?

Posted: 17/03/2017 at 11:07

Thanks Verdun 

New plants....Who wants them?

Posted: 17/03/2017 at 10:12

Verdun - I want to split the calamagrostis in two , would it be ok to split now like most other perennials? Its in a 7.5litre pot at the moment. I dont know why but I got in the back of my mind that you not suppose to split grasses to early.

Loam based compost for bulbs

Posted: 17/03/2017 at 10:03

What bulbs are you planting Grannybee ?

New plants....Who wants them?

Posted: 17/03/2017 at 01:24

I am trying a few new plants for me this year, I trying agastache black adder still unsure it would survive a winter though, got a calamagrostis karl forster to plant out ( first perennial grass ) - lobelia verdrariesis and other plants which are in my plants stash, I always forget what's there until I add more plants 

Was talking to mum about a strawberry rhubarb plant yesterday but couldn't remember the name, sound delicious  .

I got a few monarda's - cambridge scarlet / beauty of cobham / scorpion , beauty of cobham and cambridge scarlet have been mildew free so far, scorpion did get mildrew, good mulch hopefully will help this year. 

Plant orders for 2017

Posted: 16/03/2017 at 21:44

What have you bought now VS 

Got a plant delivery due tomorrow, I got a refunded for 2 plants already but I wonder which ones 

What to feed cuttings and seedlings?

Posted: 14/03/2017 at 22:16

Hi CraighB 

A mulch around the base with some compost and some fish blood & bone will do for the year. 

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