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Trellis screen - any idea how much?

Posted: 05/05/2013 at 22:00

I just did a quote for 7 trellis on 8 ft posts (6ft out the ground) on a windy site With hard ground. This is for good quality materials which i can guarrantee are much better than the £15 efforts sold by wicks. Posts need to be tanalised ( as does the trellis) and concreting to correct depth, if you want to guarantee your work, stuck in the ground with a post spike is a bit feeble to say the least. The price came in at £750 and I must admit I was a little shocked myself. I've been over and over the quote and I've got a real graft to make it pay. At the end of the day I've got bills to pay and kids to feed just like everyone else. If I make £20,000 at the end of a year I've done well !

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