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Posted: Yesterday at 20:23

Mine come up every year - for me it's a case of thinning out the unwanted ones, and as said above you can use some of the new shoots as cuttings for more plants that will flower this year

Was yours an annual verbena or the 6ft v. bonariensis?
If it was a bedding plant then it probably wont come back -but you never know

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Posted: Yesterday at 20:17

In my garden the seeds germinate freely all over the place  - even in the lawn - and they do grow like (mostly) welcome weeds. They grow quickly and soon catch up with older plants and flower at the same time.

Some grew amongst a patch of Bishops Children last year that made a wonderful colour combination. I'll make sure the same happens this year

Don't know why you've not had success, my soil is slightly acid clay but had lots of organic stuff added over the years. Then again, there are plants I'd love that grow like weeds elsewhere, but not in my garden.

Good luck with them for this year

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Posted: Yesterday at 12:38

I love a good cuss 

Mystery cherry doesn't crop

Posted: Yesterday at 12:38

I don't know, but if you send an email to

They are so helpful and gave me comprehensive advice and suggestions for partners for pears

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Posted: Yesterday at 12:34

I didn't know that Dove - I've had my trusty felco secateurs for ages.
Not sure I could be persuaded to change them, but it may be an excuse to have a 'spare' :) 

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Posted: Yesterday at 11:46

I think you've hit the nail on the head Dove.

I'm always keen to help the younger generation, but like you I can't think of anything that's not already out there.

It'd be nice just push a button and have the whole garden weeded - but that be magic!

My eternal frustration is the lock on secateurs. With thorn-proof gloves on, almost every cut seems to engage the lock. I removed the lock on mine years ago, but then the blades are exposed, not ideal, but preferable to me cussing n cursing whilst pruning

Dwarf Rhododendron or Patio rose ??

Posted: Yesterday at 11:20

I have a rhododendron arctic tern in the ground which is a very pretty small rhodo and would be happy in a pot with the right compost
A rose will offer a much longer flowering period though

Soft fruit bush suppliers?

Posted: 21/02/2018 at 20:17

I was disappointed with the quality of the raspberry canes I had from Chris Bowers. They looked poor on arrival and out of 15, only 4 appeared the following year.

I've had excellent bushes from Blackmoor and highly recommend them

PS another vote for Trehane too - lovely blueberry bushes

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Plant feed Seasol

Posted: 21/02/2018 at 14:40

this is the one I've used for the last few years

The results are noticeable on just about all plants

Plant feed Seasol

Posted: 21/02/2018 at 13:57

Seaweed extract is a supplement/tonic, not a fertilizer, so is used alongside your usual fertilizer.
I grow tomatoes amongst many other things. I feed the toms with Tomorite once a week and give them seaweed once a week too.
Seaweed extract contains lots of trace minerals that are important to plant life, but not always found in soil or traditional NPK fertilizers.
I buy mine from Amazon

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