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When should I see growth appearing on soft fruits & apple I planted as bare-root last autumn?

Posted: Today at 18:08

Good idea pansy. I scraped a little bark from the very top of the apple and it is bright green, so hopefully that's ok.
I pruned all the raspberries and blackcurrants down to the ground shortly after planting as per instructions and no sign of any movement yet 

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Can I grow trailing begonias in the ground .

Posted: Today at 14:54

There's only one way to find out..

I see no reason why it shouldn't work, but the flowers presumably will be lying on top of the soil so will likely get some insect damage and may look a bit messy if they get splashed with soil during heavy rain. Give it a go and let us know :)

What to add to raised veg bed?

Posted: Today at 14:48

Thanks Dove, that was what I was thinking too.

The other beds were well manured last autumn, as you suggest I'll manure the root bed this autumn ready for it's transformation into the brassica bed next year.

Trying to find what animal is visiting my garden

Posted: Today at 14:40

Wasn't my review! 

When should I see growth appearing on soft fruits & apple I planted as bare-root last autumn?

Posted: Today at 13:29

October last year I ordered and planted 15 raspberry canes (5 early, 5 mid-season and 5 autumn), 5 blackcurrant bushes (Ben Connan) and a Hereford Russet apple, all from Chris Bowers.

There's no sign of any growth on anything yet, but an established apple (Katy) is already in leaf.

Should I be concerned yet?
I'm in Essex

What to add to raised veg bed?

Posted: Today at 12:40

I've created 3 raised veg beds. 2 have had lots of rotted manure dug-in last autumn, but the 3rd is just topsoil. Originally I was going to grass the 3rd but now decided on a veg bed. This year I intend to plant, spring onions, carrots, celeriac, Florence fennel and beetroot in the 3rd bed.

This 3rd bed is just premium grade topsoil atm. I've got more rotted manure, should I add some to the root-veg bed or to avoid forked carrots, should I just uses some BFB or Growmore?


Agastache & Platycodon seedlings

Posted: Yesterday at 18:44

Cheers Mark  - we're usually fortunate in Essex with our weather, but lack of rain is troublesome. I spread 4 ton of rotted horse manure last autumn - it'd better help!

And quite why I feel the need for 48 agastache's.....

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Mystery shrub

Posted: Yesterday at 18:27

It looks very much like a hebe, but there's an outside chance it could be a euphorbia. If you break a leaf off and there's no milky sap (keep it off your skin) then more likely a hebe. Milky sap then euphorbia (spurge)

Agastache & Platycodon seedlings

Posted: Yesterday at 18:23

So I've heard - and you're fortunate enough to get rain more than a few times a year :) we're forever battling drought down south

Agastache & Platycodon seedlings

Posted: Yesterday at 18:13

Thanks for all your advice as always.
They're ok for the next week or so on the mat, they'll then have to take their chances on the shelf above in the hope that a little residual heat gets to them. If we get a cold snap I could move them into my little lean-to that I can keep at +5C
Just have to hope the weather is kind..

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