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Pond filter

Posted: Today at 08:23

Not sure what sort of filter you're using, but I'm guessing it's a box filter filled with some sort of sponge or other surface that bacteria can live on, with a built in UV tube.

These filters take about 6-8 weeks to build up the bacteria colony so that they can start turning toxic chemicals into harmless chemicals.
The UV filter will kill the algae as it passes through.

But it all takes time to settle down. Don't be in a rush and don;t clean the filter too often. I clean mine once every 3-4 months.
When cleaning the filter, you should always do it in stages. You don't want to kill all the bactiria that have built-up, so clean the filter in stages over a couple of weeks using tap water. The chlorine in tap water will kill the bacteria, that's why you need to do it in stages.
If you choose to clean it all in pond water, you can do it all in one go.

If you have blanket weed, you need to use Cloverleaf or similar.

If I've got the type of filter wrong, please let us know.

Garden presenter

Posted: Yesterday at 18:16

Garden presenter

Posted: Yesterday at 18:13

She had her good points 

Garden presenter

Posted: Yesterday at 17:42

From Wiki  -

Lead presenters have included:

Ken Burras (1968 – 1969) [4]Percy Thrower (1969 – 1976)Arthur Billitt (1976 – 1979)Geoff Hamilton (1979 – 1996)Geoffrey Smith (1980 – 1982)Alan Titchmarsh (1996 – 2002)Monty Don (2003 – 2008)Toby Buckland (2008 – 2010)Monty Don (2011 –)Co-presenters[edit]

Co-presenters have included: Alys FowlerChris BainesChris Beardshaw, Mary Spiller, Liz Rigby, Diarmuid GavinClay JonesStefan BuczackiChristine WalkdenSarah RavenGay SearchAnne SwithinbankNigel ColbornGeoffrey SmithRoy LancasterPeter SeabrookJoe Swift, Ali Ward, Pippa GreenwoodRachel De Thame

No flowers on my Cosmos !!

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 16:15

I have also grown Gazebo this year, alongside Sonata and Rubenza.

As usual I grow them on in 1L or 2L pots then plant out as and when.

This year I've had 2 Gazebo that I thought were blind.

In the pic there's one just above the blue salvia, but there does seem to be some sort of bud developing slowly. They were all sown on the same day and these were all planted out on the same day.

'But they said anyone can grow this plant!'

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 14:53

Just chuck the lot out onto your garden in disgust and forget about it.

Next year you'll be overwhelmed with the stuff 

Exchordia "The Bride" where to plant it?

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 12:24

I had one yrs ago - not sure where it's gone...

It is a beautiful shrub when in flower, but the flowering period is not long - about 4-6 weeks, then it looked quite boring for the rest of the year. 
I found it grew quickly and did need to be kept under control.

I'm sure someone will be along soon to offer some useful advice, like when to prune it, so you don't loose the next years flowers.

Chillier no heat!

Posted: 28/07/2016 at 21:15

Give them time - sunshine and warmth.

This time of year mine have little heat, give it another 3-4 weeks and try them again - you may be very surprised

Last edited: 28 July 2016 21:16:35

Plant ID

Posted: 28/07/2016 at 20:38

I reckon  Escholtzia for the white one - maybe

Identify tree

Posted: 28/07/2016 at 15:57

Hawthorn maybe?

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