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vine weevil

Posted: 22/04/2013 at 12:07

Hi everyone,

yesterday i caught a sneaky vine weevil upto no good on one of my pristine primulas.

Immediatly, I went  out and bought some vine beetle KILLER, but when I got home and studied the remedies I already have in my greenhouse, I came across my bayers all bug control.(which is a systemic product).

My quiery is could i have saved my money and just treat my potted primulas whith the Bayer stuff???


Best dwarf pear or apple?

Posted: 01/04/2013 at 13:13

I have a pear (not sure what it is, but definately is not a conference) I bought it from Parkers online nursery, (its still listed in their current catalogue, which I have mislaid)

The type I have grows straight up and down without spreading and according to my neighbours  tree is a prolific fruiter. also wont grow any higher than 6/7' high.... all good..............EXCEPT!!! IT IS AS GOOD AS A WRITE OFF BECAUSE IT SUFFERS FROM FIREBLIGHT!! which destroys teh blossom... no blossom, no fruit!


pyracantha fireblight victim

Posted: 31/03/2013 at 23:01

sounds like the pear is coming!

pyracantha fireblight victim

Posted: 31/03/2013 at 13:20

The nursery that i bought my pyracantha from is called strikes, not sure if they are a group or not.

But yes! i will consider asking for a hefty discount for any new plants i purchase to replace the diseased pyracantha.

DOH!! The gaulling thing is, just  500 yds away another resident has a real thick pyracantha hedge still displaying most of its heavy crop of appealing red berries.

some article i read hinted that you should NOT plant pyracntha near fruit trees??

If this is the case, i do have a 3 year old pear tree close by.

With ref to the yellow privett, it seems to me to be a good bomb proof solution.

It's just my misses loves the look of the pyracantha.

pyracantha fireblight victim

Posted: 30/03/2013 at 17:21

Hi everyone, good to be on again!

I have a 3 year old pyracntha hedge growing up a 6' fence.

All went well (vigorous grower) hedge shot upto tha top of the fence, with squillions of flowers on last spring.......Then disaster!!

Fireblight struck with a vengance, all my flowers turned black and crumpled when handled

I made the decision straight away to cut off all the diseased blossom. ( I did not know of this fireblight  disease, until I returned to the garden centre and spoke with the head lady gardener, who confirmed it was fireblight and suggested i spray with a bayer fungus solution, which I did as sonn as I got home).

No use whatsoever, within days the hedges started to turn Black, i was devastated!!

After a mega job cutting out all the stems that showed signs of infection, and another good spraying, I left them to over winter which they have.

I think the plants were Mojave????

Now i have new growth showing, Question! should I commence spraying as of now.

Also, since my disaster, I have found out that you can obtain pyracantha that is resistant to this wicked fireblight.

I was wondering about buying some of these disease resistant plants and planting them in front of the old hedge, which is looking quite sparse after its severe pruning..

What do you guys think??? I really am loath to dig them all up and start again.

I am a bit miffed that the garden centre garden staff didn't alert me to the disease free stock

greenhouse woes.

Posted: 01/12/2012 at 15:15


Well! I have done it, took all the leaves and last flowers off all my geraniums, and may I say, what a job it turned out to be. 

I have left them in a well lit cold greenhouse, but made little tents out of old heavy newspapers and draped these over my baldy plants....  

It shouldn't be a problem for me to keep taking a peep at them to check if anything is going wrong.

greenhouse woes.

Posted: 26/11/2012 at 12:49

sounds like a plan.....many thanks..

Water butt

Posted: 26/11/2012 at 12:18

I picked up a top tip from some gardening guru, who advised plopping in a tennis ball into a water but that has a lid on it. some also put a suitable piece of timber in.

If the tub should freeze the ice crushes the wood or tennis ball and hopefully saving the tub.

It did work for me last winter.

greenhouse woes.

Posted: 26/11/2012 at 12:10

strip off all the leaves....  will they survive this??

greenhouse woes.

Posted: 26/11/2012 at 11:35

I have moved my still flowering geraniums into my greenhous to beat the frost from killing them.

But other years I have lost the lot to a dust/ cobwebb type fungus or something like that, despite opening doors and window to allow ventilation.

Has anybody got any sound advice please??

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