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fatsia japonica

Posted: 17/06/2013 at 19:57

We have had a Fatsia Japonica in our courtyard garden for several (ten?) years now. The soil here is set upon a sandy base, which is very close to the surface. The plant is in a north-facing corner where it gets very little sun. We are absolutely astounded that it is about 10ft tall, and shows little signs of giving up. We are at present disposing of many of the leaves which seem to suddenly turn brown and crisp - but still the plant thrives. Thata seems to be the extent of pruning it needs!


  I took a cutting last year which I gave to a friend and she is saying how well it has settled in her much bigger and sunnier garden.  I tried to put a second cutting in an opposite corner of our garden (where there is much more sun); it thrived for a couple of years and then suddenly died. It is certainly a spectacular plant!

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