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Clerodendrum trichotomum var. fargesii Farges harlequin glory bower

Posted: 23 August 2015
Overall: I can give a review as a passenger-by. Walking around leafy London suburb in late August I smelled delicious Jasmine like fragrance a good 10 metres before I saw it. It was grown in the street which told me it was low maintenance, a good 4 metres tall shrub looking more like a small tree. The leaves were quite large, dark heart shape, creating quite a shade. The nearly geometrical buds in attractive clusters were pinkish opening info five white petals looking like Jasmine but bigger and very fragrant. The shade it casted could limits growth of sun loving plants. The overall an attractive shape, fast growth, hardy down to - 10C, attractive smell and striking berries which I saw only online makes me to wanted it.