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Posted: 25/05/2012 at 14:06

Gardeningfanatic and others, I believe the last few years coverage of all the major shows on BBC has been abysmal. How many stands in the grand marquee won gold and how many of those have been seen? With the amount of time devoted to coverage of the Chelsea show (red button coverage included), there would be enough time, I suggest to cover all the show gardens and a lot of the marquee stands at least once, if only so much time wasn't spent focusing on the presenters and so called celebrities. I am disabled and living in Cornwall, and so visiting these big shows is not only difficult but beyond my merans financially, so I used to rely on tv coverage to show me as many new ideas and plants as possible. Please BBC change your emphasis and give us all who don't get the chance to see it for ourselves what we're missing.

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