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Posted: Yesterday at 18:53

Hornets are certainly the ultimate "drone"......I've only seen a couple this year but I have watched, somewhat dubiously I admit, them track and devour bees in the past.  Still, everyone has to eat don't they ?

castor oil plant

Posted: Yesterday at 18:49

Agreed but this thread concerns both Ricin and to be sure which Southgate is referring to before starting a scare.  Fatsia leaves and stems take a while to rot down but don't constitute a threat.  I agree that Ricin is a different matter but no seeds are involved .....burning it may be a better bet altho Southgate doesn't state whether he/she is intending to home compost or putting it out for council green waste collection.  If putting it out for Green Waste ( or disposing at local green waste tip ), if unsure, ask the relevant authority.


Posted: Yesterday at 18:30

Edd..........thanks for putting us back on track   Even tho I am severely allergic to wasp stings, I still like to see them in my garden and the lack of them this year was somewhat worrying.

Lily-of-the-valley where do you grow yours?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:14

Thanks Lilly

Soil - how moist?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:08

Fishy......lucky you if your garden is only moist right now......mine is just wet....very wet.....and now it's getting cold too......kiss of death for some of my stuff  The joys of gardening  Still, only another month or so and then the days will start to lengthen !

Lily-of-the-valley where do you grow yours?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:42

Lilly........did you start your Fritillaries ( meleagris ? ) from "green" plants or dried bulbs ?  I used to grow various ones years ago and would like to try them again but seem to recall the little shrivelled jobs rarely did much.  Any advice re a supplier ?


Singing the praises of

Posted: Yesterday at 17:11

Gracie........what a beautiful pic......I think I'll be adding "Hannah" to my (ever growing) list


Posted: Yesterday at 16:48 you want to start a separate thread ?  Something like "Gardening on Planet Zog" ?  That may be a better idea than posting on this particular thread I think and it would be a bit more "garden" related.

Soil - how moist?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:41

Fishy.......did you pierce the liner at intervals ( say with a skewer or similar ) ?  I find that is the best solution, particularly if your pond is likely to overflow during wet weather.  Then a layer of gravel before you put the soil in.  It allows the excess wet to drain whilst still keeping the bog garden damp.  A mulch of grit or bark come the Spring will make it less likely to dry out in the summer.

my favorite succulent

Posted: Yesterday at 16:07

Thanks for the pic David......looks a good collection  Most of mine are still in the G/H.  Couple still flowering including the Stapelia ( beautiful flower but the stench means it has to stop flowering before it comes into the house ).

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