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Something of an apology.

Posted: Yesterday at 18:51

Mike.....why ask permission ?  If you have details of exhibitions, etc which may be of interest to forum members, just post the details. 

Re local societies, etc............dates and events used to be posted in the local press along with write-ups of previous meetings and they not do this nowadays ?  Remember also that not all of us live in the Metropolis so not always that easy to attend meetings of the larger specialist societies....particularly at this time of year

Make an interesting thread tho

Getting rid of brambles

Posted: Yesterday at 18:24

 Easy to pull out's spotting the buggers that's the problem  !

Startup Research

Posted: Yesterday at 18:20

Gran........I think the idea of an Allotment really is to produce food (or flowers or WHY ) for yourself and family.  The following is not aimed at you but there does seem to be a few misapprehensions re the purpose of Allotments.

If you were to set up a Stall to sell your produce, you would be running a business.  Given the fact that most Allotments are extremely cheap, this would be giving you a very unfair advantage over a Market Garden.  Nothing to stop you swapping excess produce with your fellow Allotmenteers  or taking it home and selling it at your garden gate. 

Allotments were originally set up to provide local people with space to grow their own food.  Not everyone sticks to this rule but those that don't should be asked to run their business elsewhere. 

I don't know the ins and outs of running a business from your own home these days without applying for PP to do so but so many people do........buying and selling via the Internet for a profit constitutes a business enterprise.  I suspect that provided you pay your taxes to the IR's standard, no one is really going to question it.

Let's keep Allotments for the purpose they were keep you in veg...sell your excess at your garden gate by all means but if you want to run a commercial enterprise, do the decent thing and buy or rent the land to do it from.

Rant over

Christine Walkden Fans

Posted: Yesterday at 17:49

I haven't seen Christine's series but I do remember years back when she presented a garden programme ( from her own garden or neighbour's gardens ? ).

She did seem to be very basic and down to earth at that time .......I had the impression that she was enthusiastic about gardening simply from her own experience and this did seem to come across well.  It would be a shame if she has watered down her presentations to the level of other "garden" progs.


Moss Mosss Mossssss

Posted: Yesterday at 17:39 is just as Lilly says.....if your drive is sited where it attracts moss, you have to clear it every year. 

Has J Parkers got a crummy new website?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:35

Contact Parkers direct........they are usually pretty good at dealing with complaints

Tree being cut in half by a tree tie

Posted: Yesterday at 17:27

Not recommended but most trees will grow over their ties eventually if they are otherwise healthy. 

Not sure about Edd's tree tho if someone decided to reclaim that bike......the tropical weather may have helped by the look of it

Getting rid of brambles

Posted: Yesterday at 17:21

Also worth noting that at this time of year, Bramble seedlings are just showing themselves........courtesy of those fruit scoffed by the birds.  It is not always easy to spot them amongst other foliage but they ARE there

New allotment OMG...

Posted: Yesterday at 17:08 can save yourself some angst by planting your garlic in modules first and see if they sprout ( saves space in the allotment if they don't come to anything).

My rule of thumb always used to be that when I harvested garlic usually in say September, I'd wait a week or so and then plant the new crop.  I carried on like that but chose a new patch for the 3rd year. It seemed to work

what kind of grit do the gardeners use in there potting soil?

Posted: Yesterday at 16:04

You can also use the grit which is sold for Poultry use.  There are 2 or 3 different types  ( at least here in the UK ).  I would have thought something similar would be available in NL.

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