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Laurel hedge

Posted: Yesterday at 19:11

Sometimes you think you have explained something perfectly - it is so easy to assume that others will immediately understand - I often make that mistake

I suspect the Mouse Trap was calling you on this occasion ? 

what can i sow now

Posted: Yesterday at 19:03

You can sow Spring Greens soon - end of this month or early September and harvest in Spring.  If you can provide  a bit of protection some lettuce too - look out for the different varieties .

Garlic can be sown in September/October to give you a crop for next Summer.

Daily wildlife moments

Posted: Yesterday at 18:40

Not exactly a wonderful wildlife moment but another headless frog in the garden. Could only have been done within an hour or 2 as I had been working in that area earlier today.  Head bitten clean off.  Had this problem earlier in the year.  Miffing to say the least

Slightly mollified by the fact that I have several titchy froglets about from this years spawning.

Chiminea planting

Posted: Yesterday at 18:32

If you are talking about a shady North facing site, Sempervivum won't do well in that situation.

As per Ladybird's suggestion the Golden Creeping Jenny would do well as would the Ajuga purpurescens - both are pretty prolific so you may have to do a bit of clearing out after a year or two.

Ferns perhaps ?  lots of small beauties about.

Laurel hedge

Posted: Yesterday at 16:09

Robert......if you follow those 2 lanky stems to the top, you should see a small leaf emerging right at the top......pinch that out using your forefinger and thumb.  That will encourage the stems to make new growing points further down - hence making it bushier.

Garden Pictures 2016

Posted: Yesterday at 14:48

That's a super looking specimen Verdun  

Oh, and your colouring in of the red jobs back and front denote a true artist.

Fruit Trees from seed (of the more exotic form)

Posted: Yesterday at 14:38

Invicta is right......Pomegranate germinate easily with a bit of bottom heat.  Mine lives outside all year round altho it doesn't fruit here. ( SW UK)

There is a dwarf form ( nana I think ) which will fruit readily but the fruit tend to be correspondingly smaller.

Dragon fruit is lovely - both to look at and eat - easy to germinate but fruit from it here ?  Don't know.  You can germinate and grow on most things from tropical climes (given a bit of help obviously ) - as long as you don't expect normal crops, you can be pleasantly surprised sometimes


Posted: Yesterday at 14:13

Puncdoc - I guess I was just rather shocked at the amount of money it cost for a medal - particularly when money seems in short supply for other things.  I also found the coverage a bit OTT but readily accept that people got a great deal of enjoyment from it.

I'm not too sure about the difference between our athletes and others doing an excellent job but we all have a different slant on things and I could well be in the minority on this one.


Posted: 23/08/2016 at 19:32

I get your point DHR  but your young successful athletes haven't inspired many as yet.

A morale booster to the whole country ?  Sorry, don't see that at all.  

As to "inclusively British" - that wasn't what I meant - my fault perhaps in not expressing myself properly - there is a world out there but the smothering coverage of the Olympics seems to have forgotten everything else.

Brexit is another issue entirely... no medals there


Posted: 23/08/2016 at 18:55

Listening to the radio this morning, it was stated that each Gold Medal won by the UK cost 4 million pounds.  It was early so I was half asleep and could have been mistaken.

This was followed by an interview with someone "in authority" who was convinced that the money was well spent.

Sorry about the above type......clumsy fingers

According to Govt stats ( if you choose to believe them of course ), the 2012 London Olympics have not made a noticeable difference to the much vaunted belief that "sport" would be taken up by the masses ....  we are still  a "fat and unhealthy nation" 4 years on.

 Some of the venues built for the London Games are unused or underused.  It seems unlikely that the 2016 Games will make a huge difference - the amount of money spent on this year's Games could surely have been better used elsewhere ? 

I am not running down the acheivements of athletes - but they are doing nothing more than excelling at what they do - much the same as others who excel at what they do - just not quite in the limelight.

Whatever happened to " It's not the winning, it's the taking part " ?  The endless crowing of Medals won is ....?

I know this is going to annoy a lot of people - I don't actually mean to but there does come a point when I, along with a few others, will breathe a sigh of relief to be able to actually get some news which doesn't mention Sport !  

The horses were good close by an Equestrian Centre I've noticed the hooves are getting nattier when they pass by my front door

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