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Hallowe'en Howlers

Posted: Yesterday at 19:22

I can't think of any but FG.......that was truly appalling  Top of the class for you I think !


Posted: Yesterday at 19:17

Punica is a happy tree........I've always enjoyed growing it and eating it.  Perhaps Punica will choose another name soon...........hope so anyway 

What's the Latin for Grouch ?  Anyone know ?

does anyone know what these are?

Posted: Yesterday at 19:09

Head and beak give them away........lovely photo


Posted: Yesterday at 19:00

Punica.....QED indeed......  Have a nice weekend 

does anyone know what these are?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:47

Kookabuura family?

does anyone know what these are?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:44

Australian species ?

Hallowe'en Party 31 Oct in The Log Cabin, Verdun's Garden

Posted: Yesterday at 18:41

Well, I hope you lot are behaving yourselves...........I'm currently leaping up and down dishing out rubbish sweeties to half the village..........vampires, skeletons, ghosts, you name it

Trick or Treat ?.....just to be mean, I ask what tricks they can do .....they just go "Whooooo"......not really a trick is it ?  Have a nice party


Posted: Yesterday at 18:17

I've got a patch just ready if Floss would be so kind Dorset...........low flying please so that it doesn't splatt outside the designated area


Posted: Yesterday at 18:00

Apart from one occasion many years ago, I am new to actually growing Agapanthus.  I wasn't even aware that there were Evergreen and Deciduous types.

My neighbour gave me a couple of clumps last lot I potted into a container and they produced a healthy bunch of leaves.  The other lot were just left in a compost bag and flowered away quite happily.  Both just left out in the garden last winter.  I'm afraid I just assumed that all of them would lose their leaves in a cold winter and possibly retain some in the mildest weather....much like any other bulbous plant.

What variety of Agapanthus is truly evergreen and what variety is classed as deciduous?

Thanks in advance





Posted: Yesterday at 17:33 don't really need a "like" button..............if you post and take part that's a "like" isn't it ?   

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