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My peony isn't flowering

Posted: Yesterday at 19:29

If you really think you have planted it too deeply, is it possible to remove some of the soil from around it without going to the trouble of actually re planting ?  Peonies can be funny creatures and it is possible that you simply need to give it time to acclimatise to it's new situation.  I did the opposite to you and planted a new specimen 2 years ago - my chicken constantly used the base as a dust bath and the roots were exposed on several occasions.  It has just produced 4 beautiful flowers this past week

Talkback: How to cross-pollinate daffodils

Posted: Yesterday at 18:59

If people pollinate, they are only going to produce one thing and it isn't likely to be a plant 

Talkback: Daffodil spring pot display

Posted: Yesterday at 18:57

Give them a feed and put them somewhere cool and shady. If you can afford the space to leave them in their pots, they will reward you again next year.

Will my cucumber grow side shoots?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:53

Why did you cut off the growing point ?

Packing paper - hanging basket liner.

Posted: Yesterday at 18:51

I too remember AT's jumpers - it's all quite logical really

Comfrey (NOT Bocking 14) - how to ensure it does not self seed or spread?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:45

It won't grow from the liquid as you only use the leaves to make the feed.- growing Comfrey is best done in containers unless you have a lot of space - insects love the flowers but you can lop them off once over.

Pruning Tomatos?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:39

Depends on the variety but 6 to 8 would be the norm I think and then you would stop them by pinching out  the growing tip.  You would normally pick each tom when ripe - not all on the same truss will ripen at the same time. Once you have picked a tom, another will not grow in it's place if that is what you meant ?

Pruning Tomatos?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:20

Remember also to consider the number of trusses on each plant - little point in allowing too many to be able to actually ripen ( unless you want green toms for preserving of course ).

It is something new growers can tend to forget in the excitement of watching the trusses form 

Packing paper - hanging basket liner.

Posted: Yesterday at 18:07

Good for you - I often use paper to line the base of pots - helps retain the moisture, stops the compost falling thru and the whole thing can go in the compost bin at year's end. The only paper I don't use somewhere in the garden is the glossy stuff.

Year 1

Posted: Yesterday at 18:01

Outdoor or Ridge cucumbers are a good bet if you don't have a G/H - given a reasonable season, they crop prolifically and have a double use - you can pickle the small ones and use them rather like Gherkins and let others grow large enough for a snack.  The only downside, if you are that fussy, is that they tend to be rather spiny and have a tougher skin. A brisk scrub with water usually sorts it out and the flavour tends to be stronger than the indoor varieties IMO.

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