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Vandals in Sheffield

Posted: Yesterday at 18:31

I'd guess the Sheffield massacre would be one for Nick Clegg.  Isn't he still the MP there ?

Horse Chestnuts - I heard recently that these trees were suffering from a disease - can't remember the specifics but it would seem that local authorities are now either felling ( or considering felling ) these weakened trees in public spaces as they may constitute a danger from falling branches and replacing with other species. At least they now have another reason other than falling conkers hitting people on the head.

The OP doesn't say what species of tree in the case of Sheffield.

Welsh Dresser For Sale Swansea

Posted: Yesterday at 18:17

Truffels or just fungi?

Posted: Yesterday at 17:19

What trees are they growing under meaganlilly ?  I understand truffles tend to have specific hosts but could well be wrong.  It may give you  ( or the mycology people ) a clue.

Welsh Dresser For Sale Swansea

Posted: Yesterday at 17:12

Like your Gallic Dresser Dove 

Heaven only knows why these people don't employ us as Sales Reps 

Welsh Dresser For Sale Swansea

Posted: Yesterday at 16:33 you think that next weekend we shall see the advert altered to Gaelic Dresser for Sale?

Got to be careful tho - can these people spell Gaelic or might it turn out to be a Garlic Dresser ?

I'm also not sure whether they will know the word "shinty" - a slip of their finger and it could become Shi**y playing Garlic Dresser - only one left - order NOW

Actually, I rather suspect they aren't that interested in sales - they just do it to amuse you and I on a boring Saturday

Welsh Dresser For Sale Swansea

Posted: Yesterday at 15:44

I think we should consider this one IF it is Welsh speaking.  If it only speaks English, they are ten a penny and really not worth advertising

Large Partners Desk For Sale UK

Posted: Yesterday at 13:52


Native or Non Native ?

Posted: Yesterday at 11:19

Just curiosity many others I garden with wildlife in mind.

It was probably more the time limit I was querying.

Thanks to all for your responses

Large Partners Desk For Sale UK

Posted: Yesterday at 11:02

Does this refer to a Large Partner or a Large Desk ?

Native or Non Native ?

Posted: 21/10/2016 at 17:52

Thanks Pete for that link - interesting.

There doesn't seem to be a hard and fast rule about which species we can truly term native or non native.

You're right Verdun - I don't suppose it really matters - it was simply wondering how long something is here before you pronounce it native as such.  What set me thinking about it was the number of times posters on the forum and elsewhere have mentioned about getting rid of various things as they are non native.

Going off Redwings interpretation, it could be said we don't have many truly native species.

Beautiful fossil Pansyface

Thanks all - food for thought.

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