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Mother in law tongue

Posted: Today at 08:39

HH - a diagonal cut at the top and a straight cut at the base makes life a bit easier

Catus creepie crawlies

Posted: Yesterday at 19:17

Meths will work on scale insects if you do it properly.  I don't think anyone was suggesting washing the plant with meths were they ?  With Scale, you don't "dab" unless you want to waste your time.

It can be time consuming I grant you but it can be done - I use this method when necessary on both Cacti , Citrus and Cymbidium orchid  - no need for costly "bug" sprays

It would of course be a lot more helpful if the OP knew which bug he/she was trying to eradicate

What's On Your Desk Top?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:58

Photos and sketches of past gardens, houses and birds.......set under a perspex screen.  More personal than other's art works and serves as a reminder of earlier enterprises/energy.


How can gardens bring neighbours and communities together?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:52

How nice to see neighbours improving and enjoying a shared space- makes a change from the usual problem of "boundaries" etc. 

Bulbs: When to buy, when to plant?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:29

This Autumn I'd suggest

For the Gladioli,as Ladybird suggests, it depends where you are.  Mine overwinter in the ground quite happily ( too happily in the case of a crappy pink one ) in Somerset.

The basic Crocosmia can be a menace - spreading everywhere but the Lucifer is a much nicer one.  Mine have more or less gone over now but it has been exceptionally dry here.

TBH, the easiest thing you can do is to decide exactly which bulbs you want and then read up about them - situation, planting times, etc.  That way you will at least have a chance of getting a good display when and where you want

ID this beautiful bee magnet

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 19:20

A prolific self seeder - if they are growing in your vicinity, they will seed in your garden without any problem

'But they said anyone can grow this plant!'

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 19:17

Verdun.....I first tried them in the early 90's........south facing Devon garden and I thought they would thrive.  B****r all basically.  I think I got one flower spike and that was it.

I'm very tempted to try them again - they are beautiful.  I might just wait and see if you have any success 

Bulbs: When to buy, when to plant?

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 19:06

There is "ideal" and there is also what works........slight difference in most cases.  Good prep  and no one needs to be scared of being a bit out of date

Jays, crows, pigeons, and blackbirds

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 18:50

Hiring a bird of prey would need to be done on a regular basis - seems rather an extreme measure for the average gardener I would think.

The huge plastic "Owls" which you quite often see on the roofs of industrial buildings don't work that well...........I often count the number of "bad birds" which are nestling up to their supposed enemy

As far as having a moral duty to prevent the spread of disease and mess - we need to look to our own habits of happily dumping our rubbish and expecting someone to take care of it for us.Hardly "moral" is it ?  

We will all scramble to exist - humans and wildlife too.  Reduce your waste as much as possible and be responsible .Our waste is quite often someone's meal ticket. I suspect we produce far more hazardous waste than do the Pigeons - they are just an easy target for us to moan about

Rant over 

Sage flowering?

Posted: 29/07/2016 at 18:31

Yep, I've grown the Tricolour before Verdun and it does flower well as you say.  The common one flowers well for me but the Purple takes a little longer.  The Variegated never flowers but does make more of a compact bush than either of the above.  As I grow for culinary as well as Bees, I'm well suited

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