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White choc cheesecake

Posted: Yesterday at 20:18

Bekkie...........sounds scrumptious.........just as well OL is on hols now tho

Herbs Yellowing

Posted: Yesterday at 19:57

SViolet........Yes, I agree about the Sage...........I don't know whether different types make a difference re their habit............I must admit I've found the variegated one (sorry...senior moment...can't think of the name ) is better behaved than the Green or Purple.  Seems to stay more compact and easier to manage

Thyme Dying Off

Posted: Yesterday at 19:49 can't really divide Thymes as such.....they grow from a single stem .The mounding method is simply to get the plant back into growth in the centre. 

Cuttings are really easy but if you don't fancy trying them, you could just take one long growth, scrape a little of the stem and then pin it down into the compost.  It should root if you do it soon ( i.e. weather still warm ).  Once you see new growth coming check for roots.....if they have developed, snip off and pot up.  But cuttings are easy......just take as many as you can, pop into a pot filled with light, gritty compost and they should take at this time of year without a problem. 


Posted: Yesterday at 19:38


Talkback: Red spider mite

Posted: Yesterday at 19:36 is perhaps the Lilly Beetle you have rather than Red Spider Mite.

If you want to avoid a chemical solution, you could pick off the beetles as soon as you see them.

Herbs Yellowing

Posted: Yesterday at 19:17

SViolet........take some cuttings from your Sage.....they can be whingey B****rs sometimes but usually something can be salvaged. They can have a short "shelf" life in our weather.  Full sun and dry is what keeps them happy in my experience.


Posted: Yesterday at 18:55 adult or a youngster ?  Active or not ?  Too early for a healthy hog to be settling in for winter

Herbs Yellowing

Posted: Yesterday at 18:22

Owen............the Marjoram is really a hardy plant and will overwinter outside without too much problem.  Trim off the flower heads when finished down to new growth.

Basil is too tender to last outside overwinter.......if you have flower spikes, let them ripen and save the seed for next year.  If the weather is still reasonable, you can cut the Basil down to leaf joints and you should get a useful flush of leaves to enjoy before winter.

Thyme Dying Off

Posted: Yesterday at 18:15 many of the shrubby herbs, their lifespan can often only be 2 or 3 years for a really strong growing plant.

If you cut them regularly, they should stay bushy.

It could be that the larger Silver is overcrowding the creeper......with plants of differing growth habits, it is often better to keep them in individual pots.

You can reinvigorate the plants by trimming out the dead bits ( not into really old wood if you can avoid it ) and then mound some very gritty compost into the centre of the plant.......if you do that at this time of year, the chances of getting new growth is good.

Taking cuttings is a good idea too so that you will always have the plants to grow on

saving begonias

Posted: Yesterday at 17:52

Bedding begonias (tubers ) you can save from year to year...dry and frost free.

Begonia Rex ( common house plant ) is easy to propagate from leaf cuttings.  Take a good healthy leaf, cut across the veins and lay flat on compost ( pin down if necessary ).  Plantlets will form from the cuts

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