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How do I get a Tree Preservation Removed?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:44

You are right all depends on how you view a natural area.  If the OP simply wants to create a garden along the lines of any other suburban garden in the area, then there is little difference as such between building a house with garden in keeping with the rest of the neighbourhood.  So a developer as such wouldn't necessarily be that different.

A little wild space which can be managed and improved for everyone's benefit ( wildlife and people ) is a different matter.  Wild spaces within residential areas are important and should be encouraged.  I think this particular issue is dependant on what the OP plans to do and only he/she knows that

Finding a plant

Posted: Yesterday at 18:25

Choose a plant first and then name the baby Alan.......much easier that way

How do I get a Tree Preservation Removed?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:21

The above is all good advice but it isn't absolutely clear when the TPO was applied for or granted,

If the TPO was in process when you first put in to buy the land, your solicitor should have been aware of this restriction and should therefore have informed you before you finally purchased.

If the TPO was put in place after you actually purchased, as the land owner you should have at least been involved and been able to put your side of the argument.  At least check with your solicitor and see whether you have any comeback.

As it is a residential area, it does rather sound as if it was viewed as " an amenity" and people like to keep whatever bit of wild greenery that is available.  Perhaps as others have said, you could make your garden plan available to the other residents and see if you can bring them round to your way of thinking.

I'd have to say tho that what you see as a messy woodland which would be improved by yourself isn't always conducive to others views of a little bit of nature to enjoy within a built up area.

It is a difficult situation and I hope you can get some resolution.

Plant ID

Posted: Yesterday at 17:11

No leaves visible but a Cleome perhaps ?

Growing Shop bought Ginger

Posted: Yesterday at 16:58

My local B&Q wouldn't know a Hedychium if it rose up and smacked them in the face but I think Blairs is right........they would not be selling edible ginger.  Enjoy your plant Babs but don't leave it on the boiler

Finding a plant

Posted: Yesterday at 16:33

 Fuchsia "Annabel" is one I've grown in the past...........pretty but have a feeling it isn't hardy. 


Christmas has come early

Posted: Yesterday at 13:57

Strange isn't it ?  Even if you have no more room for anything, the purchase of a plant immediately equals an  expansion of your garden.  There's bound to be an equation or theory which explains this  Happy planting Bob

Happy Christmas

Posted: Yesterday at 13:48

Thanks for an interesting Forum and best wishes for the festive season to all at GW

What to do now?

Posted: 18/12/2014 at 17:39

Hello Peroxiss

Nice to know that you are still pottering about the garden.  It's an ideal time to look at your garden when it is at it's quietist time.  Gives you the "bare bones" and enables you to see what improvements you can make .  You have obviously made a good start and things will only get better.  With a new garden ( or a new gardener !! ), taking photos on a regular basis can be helpful .... not only for planning future planting but also seeing the effect of winter light, etc. Most gardens look good in Summer but the key to a great garden is to be able to have as much interest in the other seasons as possible.  Not always easy to achieve but sounds like you are up for the challenge. 

Best of luck  

Preposterous question....

Posted: 17/12/2014 at 18:48 are showing your age.......these days, isn't it women who propose to men ?

Oops......why would we do this ? 

Erm........I hate to say it but I think you may be right this time

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