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How to prune a fig tree?

Posted: Today at 17:55

I'd certainly remove the is cutting into the bark and is obviously no longer necessary.

The more you cut back, the more suckers will appear.  If you are happy to be quite brutal, I would suggest you get rid of all the extraneous branches until you are back to the main trunk.  Figs are pretty resilient and provided the rope hasn't killed the trunk, you can then stand back and assess the shape somewhat better.  I imagine it will take you a couple of years to get it back to a reasonable shape.  If you are lucky, it will have been planted in such a way as to contain the roots within a certain area...bricks, stones,or WHY.  Once given the initial prune a gentle feed and watering would not go amiss.  Then it is a matter of following a pruning regime to enable you to bring it back to a manageable and fruiting tree.

If you see a slug or snail

Posted: Today at 17:42

B3.......yes.......toilet paper has more than one use.......I wonder why they don't have a special brand name with a picture of a Spider exiting your bath via this method.  Anything would be better than such a cloying name as "Cushelle" for instance.  I'm pretty sure Koalas don't actually use toilet paper anyway

Plant ID help please

Posted: Today at 17:35


Got ground ivy but not in the seems to prefer the edge of my veg patch.  No self heal I'm pretty sure.

One thing that doesn't seem to thrive in my lawn is plantain....I sometimes get the Greater plantain in one or 2 spots but not the lawn particularly.  I always grew the Ribwort plantain for my tortoises but despite germinating the seeds and introducing the plants into this lawn, they just don't seem to thrive.

Plant ID help please

Posted: Today at 16:24

Crossed posts with B3 and Dove

No wonder no. 1 looked vaguely familiar..........along with dandelion, daisy and clover, that is what my "lawn" consists of

Plant ID help please

Posted: Today at 16:20

I'd go with all those id's.  No. 2 looks like sedum spectabile - maybe Autumn Joy ?

No. 1 looks vaguely familiar but then so do lots of plants to me


Posted: Yesterday at 19:06

It's irritating, annoying and makes you want to say rude things but there isn't a law (yet ) against people being people

People not being bothered applies to many walks of life - not just front gardens.  Unless you can come up with a "bothered" gene to inject into people, I think you are on a losing wicket Logan.  Sad but true.  Doesn't stop us having a moan tho and you never know, maybe reading this thread will stop one person from doing the dirty

Weed ID

Posted: Yesterday at 17:35

Feverfew is supposedly a remedy for headaches.  You put the chopped leaves in a sandwich and munch.

I tried it once and the smell made me feel sick enough to forget my headache.  I suppose then you could say it worked....after a fashion

Plant ID please

Posted: Yesterday at 16:42

Look for Arundo donax or Glyceria.  Looks a bit too floppy for a Phormium.


Posted: Yesterday at 16:22

Once you start raising the council tax for environmental impact, you are on a slippery slope.

You then need to take into consideration the amount of rubbish people produce - particularly non recyclable.   The number of dogs perhaps.......we all have to pay for the Dog Loo's which are provided, and emptied, at a cost.  Those who generally litter their gardens and the surrounding roadsides....they all live somewhere but they don't pay extra tax under the present regime for the cost of clearing up and disposing.  Where do you draw the line ?

I agree it is detrimental ( to all of us really ) when gardens are hard landscaped to provide the householder with parking areas but would anyone complain when huge swathes are used for supermarket parking ?

If the object is to be environmentally friendly, then back gardens ( often covered with slabs, decking or similar ) would also need to come into the equation.


Fed up

Posted: Yesterday at 14:39

Hello MikefromMichigan

Welcome to the forum........hope you enjoy using it.  I don't think we have many members from the US.


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