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Purple Carrots

Posted: Today at 13:29

Obelixx.....thanks for that info.......I shall enjoy my carrots even more now 

Purple Carrots

Posted: Today at 09:49

Obelix.....thanks for the explanation re carrots and Prince of Orange.....that hadn't occurred to me

The Supernatural

Posted: Yesterday at 19:34

It is an intriguing subject to be sure but I think Hostafan is right .............could become rather more contentious than the original post intends. Hope it continues in a friendly fashion and it is certainly good timing ........a good ghost story coming up to Halloween 

Indoor begonia whilst on holiday

Posted: Yesterday at 19:10

Could be the trailing one then.....can't think of the name offhand but I think you are right to leave it.  If it looks unhappy when you come back from your hols, clean it up and so long as the base is ok, you should be set to start off again.  Underwatering within reason is usually better than overwatering for Begonias.  Hope it will be ok and that you have a good holiday


Posted: Yesterday at 19:02

If the vine itself is still  alive and the weather is mild enough, I'd leave the fruit on for as long as possible but use some support underneath each fruit to lift it off the soil.

If the vine is finished, then Kathryn's advice is good.  You just have to remember that there is a difference between the fruit ripening and it "curing" ( which will allow you to store the fruit for longer periods ) 

Indoor begonia whilst on holiday

Posted: Yesterday at 18:28

Begonia rex perhaps ?  They are usually fairly forgiving plants.  A watering before you go away and move it away from any heat source ( radiator, etc.).  Better that way than putting it outside ( bit of a shock for it for one thing and you cannot be sure of the weather for the next couple of weeks. 

Growing basil indoors

Posted: Yesterday at 18:15 long as you don't suddenly find yourself doing a "funny walk", I'm sure you will be OK

Nerine sarniensis

Posted: Yesterday at 17:57

GGangly......interested to see your reply.  I don't subscribe to GW  but neglect sometimes pays if all else has failed.

I was admiring a huge clump of Nerine bowdenii the other day in a garden I drove past.  Absolutely just a mass of flowers and made me think I really should get some.  At least now I know not to make them many thanks for that advice

Paperwhite Narcissus - flies

Posted: Yesterday at 17:44

Put a layer of grit over the compost.......that should greatly reduce the fly problem

Winter Fruit tree protection

Posted: Yesterday at 17:42

You could end up with greasy cats tho ?

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