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Bay tree

Posted: Today at 17:11

Marta -  if you purchased your bay as a Lollipop, then yes you should remove all the suckers from the base.  It is usually easy to do if you catch them straight away - just pull down. You can still remove the shoot but be aware that more may appear.  Catch them early and it is much easier.

The thing to be aware of is that the Lollipop shape is not natural - as Mike points out it is a shrub and will endeavour to grow as such. 

It matters not which shape you grow for culinary purposes - the leaves can be harvested just the same.  The Lollipop, Pyramid or whatever shape you desire has absolutely no effect on the leaves.  If you have a good specimen, it lends itself to Topiary if you wish to avoid a huge specimen.

Such a waste....

Posted: Today at 16:42

I think one of the differences in food waste these days is that people are, on the whole, much better off and can afford to buy food which they will then ditch without a thought.  Plenty also don't have much idea of basic cooking skills ( not talking Masterchef or other similar progs which are tending towards the silly nowadays) and are therefore unable to concoct  a decent meal from "leftovers" .  

The Use by dates are simply a guide and mostly only applicable to fresh food. Those buying meat and not using or cooking correctly are a different matter - just plain silly.  Why buy fresh food unless you know how and when you are going to use it ?  Whilst I realise not everyone has hours to spend wandering around the shops/SM's ( I don't ), a simple list and stick to it would at least be a starter.  We are all guilty of seeing something on a shelf and thinking "Ooh yes" and sticking it in the trolley but doing that on a regular basis neither helps your budget nor the food waste problem.

I don't understand why anyone would have out of date prescribed medicines unless the person had died during medication.  Surely you either complete the course of medication or the doctor is over prescribing ?

It's unfortunate that food banks can't really do much with fresh food as such.  At least there are "Food Guerillas" who raid the dump bins of SM's - seems they do quite well

Price of turf

Posted: Yesterday at 16:48

seed is obviously cheaper and if you have prepared your ground properly, you may still be in time to do it.

There are several threads and several experts- lawn wise - on the forum  - you should be able to get some good advice on the best way to go 

Bay tree

Posted: Yesterday at 16:00

You would be far better leaving it - it will simply be a new shoot which will grow and help form your tree. At least you know that after it's sickly start, it has begun to enjoy life and is starting to get a foothold. 

Such a waste....

Posted: Yesterday at 15:52

Whilst looking from a simple point of view, it can appear wasteful but as Pansy points out, none of it really goes to waste as such.  

There are plenty of fruit tree owners who are willing to give their produce away - either by leaving it outside their front door for people to help themselves or taking it to Coffee Mornings and other little local get togethers.

What remains on the ground/in the trees serves as a welcome feast for the local wildlife.

Far less wasteful than buying food and then dumping it because it is past some Sell By/Best Before Date IMO.

Growing mushrooms on logs

Posted: Yesterday at 15:32

It's a method I have been toying with so I'd be interested to see any replies/advice, etc.

I had understood that some species did better on certain types of wood.  What wood/logs are you using and are you in the UK ?

Protecting new trees

Posted: Yesterday at 14:19

I wonder why we always refer to it as Chicken Wire - it has so many other uses throughout the garden doesn't it ?

I'm surprised some enterprising soul hasn't come up with a new name to market it - probably involve a hefty price increase tho

Doormice eat fruit in trees

Posted: 20/11/2017 at 17:46

ccess - just to clarify ----------I suggested that if you were sure your visitor wasn't Rat, Mouse or Grey Squirrel, trapping and letting the cat loose should be curtailed until you had a positive ID. 

Always best to be sure what you are dealing with before trying to exterminate.  Similar to spraying chemicals without a clue as to what you are doing.  Pointless really.

Advice re  stopping a cat predating - keep it indoors or contained within a certain area of your garden. It is quite simple

Please help me identify a fungus/growth

Posted: 19/11/2017 at 16:52

Does look more like that but OP says restricted to an area under a Fir Tree ?

Could be the prevailing wind blowing old leaves and flowers from another area of garden tho.

Doesn't look like Lichen.

Doormice eat fruit in trees

Posted: 19/11/2017 at 16:36

If it isn't a Rat, Mouse or Grey Squirrel, I suggest you contact your local Wildlife Trust for advice.  In the meantime, stop the trapping and the cat.

Presume you are in the UK ?

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