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Watercress...would you....

Posted: Today at 09:21

I eat watercress from my pond.......just have to rinse it off to get rid of any duckweed.

It has cropped well and is as hot as my American landcress.

Starting a flower or gardening business online

Posted: Yesterday at 19:07

Probably like several other forum members, I used to have a stall on a small local market/car boot.

After 2 years, I built up quite a loyal client base .........good knowledge of what you are selling together with the ability to offer advice and planting suggestions seemed to be the key.  That was some 15 years ago before the "on line" habit really took off but gardeners do still like to buy what they can physically see........I know I do.

Without a doubt, there are a great many good nurseries and garden suppliers using the internet only but it will be a hard market to break into at this stage I think.  There is also the problem of too much choice........competition is fine but there is a limit IMO.


Reusing pots and trays

Posted: Yesterday at 18:43

Hostafan, if you haven't seen them before, don't aren't missing anything.

I've only come across them on one occasion........I imagine the theory was to allow the roots to come thru the "tea bag"...........literally, you decant the plant from the tray and stick in the ground ( or pot ).  Didn't work well for me ( or others it seems ).

Climate versus vegetables

Posted: Yesterday at 18:15

There is a Pea being marketed now ( Douce de Provence I think ? ) which is supposedly for Autumn sowing........same time as you would do your Broad Beans.

I haven't tried them but have been wondering whether or not they are worth the effort.

Reusing pots and trays

Posted: Yesterday at 18:10

They are simply plug plants.....roots are contained in similar material to tea bags.  I bought some prims which had been grown this way in Spring......I found them a bit rubbish too

Reusing pots and trays

Posted: Yesterday at 18:08

Lyn.........thank you for that......I think it was becoming an obsession....... I can stop farting about now and just pot up're a real gem

Reusing pots and trays

Posted: Yesterday at 17:44

Similar to the theory that plants do better in Square rather than Round pots.  I have tried this but have never been consistent enough in my (albeit rather unscientific ) trials to establish proof of this one way or another.

You could always paint the see thru ones I suppose ?  Or use cardboard/paper inserts ?

Strawberry plants

Posted: Yesterday at 17:38

Thanks for the kind offer Fairy........the fruit was sparse this year but they produced plenty of runners so they are rooted and potted ready for next year.

As you say, they do seem more promiscuous in their habits than some other varieties.  OTOH, if they only really go for 3 years, they've got a lot of  " living"  to do in that period........and they have to put up with Cliff Richards singing every year at Wimbledon don't they ?  That would drive any strawberry into a frenzy I suspect

Strawberry plants

Posted: Yesterday at 17:09

FG..........I also had the everbearing but they hit their 3rd year this year ( I know I should have done runners last year but didn't )   This year the fruit was sparse but I found they cropped heavily and with a good flavour for the first 2 years.

unknown plant

Posted: Yesterday at 16:49

Agree with Lyn......easy to take cuttings from if you like it

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