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Transplanting a potted late flowering clematis to open ground

Posted: Today at 17:53

Autumn is usually a good time to plant.

Bear in mind that Clematis prefer their roots to be well shaded and consider how close to the tree base you intend to plant. 

Does anyone know what this is?

Posted: Today at 17:11

Shouldn't that be " Do yew like cacti by any chance ?"

Dragon fruit

Posted: Today at 16:44

 Not exactly the best conditions then.  

My aloe vera needs help!

Posted: Today at 16:35

Ah - having now seen your pic I'd say you basically have a healthy looking  plant and my post above can safely be ignored.  My only comments would be that the pot may be a little too big at this stage of growth and perhaps a bit more light would be good.

Other than that, I'd say you don't have anything to worry about

Giant Bay tree

Posted: Today at 16:07

Depends what you mean by "quite a lot" ?  They are beautifully shaped but if you want to lose some height, you are just going to have to dive in and start cutting.

Decide on the height you want, trim off all the excess so that you can see the main branches and then prune accordingly.

Expect the trunk ( and branches where cut ) to sprout new growth - you can either leave these and use them to shape the trees or you can remove them and allow further sprouting in order to get the desired effect.

Dragon fruit

Posted: Today at 15:44

I can't think of the proper name but I did manage to germinate several of these plants from a purchased fruit.  

They are pretty similar to the Epiphylums I think but as said above, yours does not look to be a very healthy specimen.  I wouldn't hold your breath for any fruit as yet

The potting medium looks rather damp and the pot too large.  Warmth and light are the best conditions.  

My aloe vera needs help!

Posted: Today at 15:34

Aloe vera does need splitting quite often.  If the leaves are thin but not yellow at the base, it probably needs a bit more room - no doubt you will find several rooted shoots in there which you can grow on separately if you want.

You can just remove those leaves - good  to use if you cut, sting, graze yourself.  Left to their own devices, the leaves can become quite large. Re potting is an Aloe vera chore


Posted: Today at 15:26

No. 1 looks like an Echevera - a succulent as Loana says - needs well drained soil and sun.  No. 3 is also a type of succulent - name escapes me at the mo but after cleaning it up, same treatment as No. 1.

No. 2 looks more like an evergreen fern  - if so, the reverse treatment/conditions would suit - dampish and light shade.

May be worth turning all of them out of their pots and checking their roots  and repotting in the correct medium as necessary.

Your first job tho may be to exchange your flat mate for another


Posted: Yesterday at 18:22

Could simply have been a wee bit late to take the Jasmine cutting - better in early summer but not much help to you now. If the stem is still alive - a little bottom heat perhaps ?

If all else fails, buy a new plant and pretend it is from your original - no one on the forum will tell on you

Funny Church Signs

Posted: Yesterday at 18:11

Proof that religion can be a joke - in the nicest sense

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