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Posted: Today at 18:21

Wonder if he is a Chicken fan ?  That will put Jonesk and me in the lead


Posted: Today at 18:17'd have thought wouldn't you.......2 ( at least !) really nice people sending an invite meal and all.  Some people are just "so" picky aren't they?  I'm only going to give him 11 out of 10 now.

Water Cress

Posted: Today at 17:41 can either buy seed or you can buy a bag of watercress.  If the latter, pick out some good stems, pop in a glass of water ( indoors at this time of year I think ) and they will root.  Then you can pot but don't put outside straight away....they will need to acclimatise.

Seed.......damp and warm I would think BUT I haven't tried this method yet.

Water Cress

Posted: Today at 17:35

Fairy.......I know how you grow was you who told me about it so I should have given you the credit

I last cut some of mine from the pond a couple of weeks was delicious and I scoffed a whole bowl of it

Water Cress

Posted: Today at 17:24

If you have a pond Hazel then just buy a bag of watercress from a shop in Spring and throw it in.  It will root readily and you can harvest it as needed.

Otherwise grow in a pot and keep it in a shallow tray of water which should be refreshed depending on the weather.  Treat it as a Cut and Come plant. 


Posted: Today at 16:54

Jonesk.........I was thinking more that the farm should give you some eggs rather than them laying in your garden

Seriously, I'd have a word with the farm and explain that you do not want to fence your garden off.  Around here I quite often see Chickens and Geese along the roadside ( small rural roads ).......they wander out from their own place but no one worries too much because, like any sensible creature, they know when to return to their own patch.

Not sure there is another way round it TBH...........depending where they gain access, is there any way that you could stop them at that point ?  maybe some wire with plants growing up and along ?  Given time, the wire wouldn't be noticeable ?

Perhaps put a couple of pics of your area on here........someone may be able to suggest something better.

Tomasz ?  Well, much as it pains me I have to be honest..........he didn't respond to my invite 



A Valentine meal with who ?

Posted: Today at 16:30

Sorry Jonesk...........all normal rules of engagement are off with regard to Tomasz.....a fight to the finish I think !!

Not all is lost tho.............I feel he would go for the dishevelled look considering his occupation

Sorry Fidget...........I'd already bagged David Attenborough on Page 1 as his name was easier to spell



Posted: Today at 16:09

The chickens will scratch around for as long as they are in your garden Jonesk once they've polished off the birdseed that is !  If they are left to concentrate on one spot for too long, they can ruin foliage as well as scraping soil away from plant roots and completely dislodging small plants. If you have a grass area, they will soon scratch that up.......I speak from experience ( but at least they are my chickens

If the faeces is dry brush it up and put in your compost heap - it is pretty good stuff actually.

Perhaps have a word with the farm....they may not realise their chickens are causing a nuisance.  At the least you should get some nice free eggs for your trouble.











A Valentine meal with who ?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:32

Chins then Runnybeak ?  Kirk Douglas definitely has a Chin.  I'm trying to picture John Wayne.......does he have a Chin as such ?

So that's Eyes, Chins............between us we should come up with the ideal Valentine Guest.......bit here, bit there


A Valentine meal with who ?

Posted: Yesterday at 18:18


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