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To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Today at 18:27

Gran........I don't recall Bob actually weeing "on camera" ( or I could just have missed that one ) but his stuff certainly grew well   Maybe he did it in the "wee small hours" ?'re right.......that WAS bad ......Verdun is catching

What are your favourite native flowers?

Posted: Today at 18:08

Travellers Joy, Harebells, Bluebells, Fritillary, narcissi, cowslips......all are beautiful and lift the spirits

Once again. SORRY.

Posted: Today at 18:04 are quite right in what you say..........but human nature and all that ?  Which I presume is exactly why you also felt the need to post a response

To deck or not to deck.....!

Posted: Today at 17:43

Just out of interest Gemma, what success did you have with the natural clay pond ?  I tried it once but it wasn't the most successful project I've  ever undertaken.


Once again. SORRY.

Posted: Today at 17:38

Actually it does hurt to listen......particularly for the umpteenth time.    As SG Lilly says - same old, same old. 

Mike does have information to impart.....trouble is that he is too OTT.  I feel embarrassed for him and also for his "lady forum member".  No way should he be discussing his friend and the contents of their PM,s on here.  To say the least, it isn't fair on his friend.

Too much information Mike........keep that sort of thing between yourselves.........if it is special to you both, keep it that way

Black Friday bargains

Posted: Today at 17:21

Salino...........I should look so good

Black Friday bargains

Posted: Today at 17:17

Bought 6 bags of good organic compost today from someone who just knocked at the door (made him open one tho so I could see what I was getting ).  £20 for 6 x 40 litres.. I'm hoping it was a bargain as it looked better than MPC.  If not, that's my good deed for Xmas

What are you getting rid of...?

Posted: Today at 17:10

A Euphorbia of sorts......can't remember it's name which shows just how much it has endeared itself to me

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Today at 17:06

Ooh Dove.......that's a bit sexist isn't it ?  Braids or not, he certainly knew his Bananas

To cut everything down, or leave.

Posted: Today at 16:35

Geoff Hamilton was, for me, the best presenter of GW.  Alan Titchmarsh was also an able presenter and he is, IMO, also a "real" gardener.  Only when he became involved in those awful makeover progs did I think he sold his soul to the devil.  He is an extremely knowledgeable plantsman........just got sidetracked by the demand for "instant -  never mind the cost " syndrome.  Bob Flowerdew was also a favourite of mine

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