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Posted: Today at 19:23

Lovely I agree but spreads like wildfire if it is happy

Name of flower please

Posted: Today at 19:19

Yes.....Centranthus......good for insects..........come in Red, Pink and White.  Deadhead unless you want them everywhere

are my trees dead and why

Posted: Today at 19:13

That definitely looks like an "ex" tree Michelle

What was it ?  A conifer of some kind ?  I suspect the pot is way too small to keep something alive in there for very long.  It doesn't matter how much you water or feed it, it doesn't have the room to sustain itself.

Trees need space to spread their roots.  If you are restricted to small pots such as the one in your photo, look for annuals.  Bigger pots will give you the opportunity to plant perennials or very compact shrubs.

Sorry to sound so negative 

Trying to find what animal is visiting my garden

Posted: Today at 18:55

Mark - thanks for that.  I shall look at the Swann job tomorrow..........too whacked with gardening to look tonight.

Bob.....thanks...........the huge choice is what I was afraid of hence asking for advice on here - real people using something and thus hopefully keeping me focused on a limited option.  I tend to lose the will to live when faced with endless products all of which claim to do the same thing 

I suppose I could sit up all night and just watch but that idea doesn't greatly appeal so camera it is.

Thanks to all for your help and if anyone else has any advice/recommendations, I would greatly appreciate hearing from you.

House plant ID please

Posted: Today at 16:48

I agree with the above......they grow into vast plants if they are happy and the only pruning you need to do is to remove any bad/damaged stems.

IME, the red flowered ones tend to be larger plants on the whole.  Mine had more than 50 flowers on last year and looks set to beat it's own record this year.

I also have a pink one and altho it is having a sulk this year, that too is a magnificent plant when in full flower.

Mine overwinter in an unheated G/H with fleece protection when necessary but spend a good part of the year outside.

If the flowers are pollinated, you often find "fruit" it up and spread the whole mess on some gritty/perlite/compost mix and they will germinate given a bit of bottom heat.

Trying to find what animal is visiting my garden

Posted: Today at 09:35

Many thanks Chrissy - I'll have a look at that one.

Nice clear photo of your "visitor"

Small scale plant nursery??

Posted: Today at 09:33

One way to start is by taking your plants to Car boot sales/local markets, etc.  Try to find one or 2 local to you ........if you are lucky, you may find that no one else has a regular plant stall and you could fill the gap.

It's hard work but you can build up a faithful clientele over a year or two.  It helps if you are growing and selling more unusual species and also the sort of plants which will sell for a greater part of the year.

Being knowledgeable about what you are growing and selling is a must if you want to turn it into a serious business.  People nearly always want some info/advice when buying.

I would imagine you would need to seek advice from your local planning authority if you want to open a nursery on your own premises.

Seed and Plant swap 2016

Posted: Today at 09:12

Rosemummy...........I have Foxglove and Sweet william saved from my garden last year.

If you PM me with your address, you are welcome to them

Trying to find what animal is visiting my garden

Posted: Yesterday at 18:07

I'd like to install an infra red camera in a specific area of my garden in order to see who is visiting overnight.  Animal rather than person I should add.

Can anyone suggest a good basic system which would do the job ?

I don't need anything too complicated and as the area I wish to cover is close to the house, the system can be main electric or battery powered.

Any advice/info would be appreciated.

Climbing Bean disease?

Posted: 27/05/2016 at 19:12

Bean leaves tend to be very soft and susceptible to wind and cold particularly if you didn't harden them off over a long enough period.  Sun burn too actually !

Don't spray them with anything unless you are sure what you are spraying against.

If you have them in the right environment, then hopefully they will pick up before too long

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