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Tiny caterpillars all over my chillies!

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 15:36

I have the same problem with my Sweet peppers Dave,

I check the plants over as often as possible and pick them off.  Time consuming but can be done if you can catch them early enough.

Worries & troubles that affect Forum friends - part 2

Posted: 26/06/2016 at 09:27

Good for you DD

Independence Day?

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 20:09

Only 48 hours ?  Count your blessings then KT......I suspect poor Mr Osborne is sailing the wrong way way down the Thames as we speak

Is this comfrey?

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 20:00

As Ladybird says...make sure you get the right one or you may live to regret it

Independence Day?

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 19:58

Surely no surprise that David Cameron has ....or will.....resign.  You can hardly put your heart and soul behind an idea which goes against everything you believe in.

I'm disappointed with the referendum result but within or without the EU, we will only get the government we deserve - as we always do.

If we are incapable of instigating human rights, workers rights, environmental laws, etc. etc.,we may as well lay down and die now.

At least this debacle may teach the politicians ( and the electorate ) a lesson.....or at least one can hope

How would you group these plants?

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 19:29

From your list, it looks as if you only have one - the Cordyline - to get correctly placed first time round. You won't want to be moving that around any more than can be helped.

Lemon Balm.......I'd be careful to keep that contained will run  like the clappers given half the chance  Same with the mint.

Nicotiana will I think only do one year and then you will either re sow or with luck in mild conditions, they will regrow but they cannot be considered permanent as such.

The bulbs....well, you know your aspect and soil conditions......bigger clumps to begin with with will make more impact that one or two dotted about.

Are you particularly conscious of a colour scheme ?  If so, try and get similar colours flowing from one to another.

The old way was always to plant taller stuff at the back of a border and graduate to small stuff at the front.  There is no actual need to follow that regime provided you get the planting right and pleasing to the eye.

No doubt you will get lots of suggestions so hold hard and see if anything actually appeals to you.  If not, I suggest you put plants where they will do well and look again next season.  Most people move things at least once a year......if not more often........until they get it right 

Mock orange?

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 18:36


I didn't think of Philadelphus ..........the straggly nature of the plant in the photo.....mine are much "shrubbier" and have more or less finished flowering now.  The leaves don't resemble either  my Choisya or Philadelphus

I'm beginning to think Mock Orange covers a multitude of sins but never heard it in reference to Syringa - your Mum must be right tho.......Mums always are.....aren't they ?

I think I might give up on this ID lark

My flowers ..

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 18:05

And one of the fruits

My flowers ..

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 18:04

Passiflora edulis

Mock orange?

Posted: 25/06/2016 at 17:58

Doesn't look like Choisya...........more like a Clematis of some sort.

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