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Cats fouling our garden

Posted: 25/06/2014 at 20:01

Victoria.........I don't think cats need to be particularly intelligent......dogs aren't that bright when all is said and done Pets are pets.......people just need to make their minds up whether they are keeping a pet or whether they are giving house room to a wild animal......cats are not wild animals  ( discounting the feral population of course )...have an animal whether dog, cat or pig ?  Be responsible and don't allow it to roam.  Pretty basic animal care really.

As to whether pet cats should be allowed the freedom to roam beyond their own is not necessary.  It is negligent to allow a pet to roam freely and cause destruction and distress to other people..........whether it be crapping in their garden or knocking off the wildlife.  The cat population has exploded in the last 20 years........there are of course responsible cat owners who love their pet but there is unfortunately a heck of a lot more people who keep cats with not a clue as to how to keep a pet responsibly.

For those who claim Cats are not a problem........just looking back over this forum for the past 6 months will easily give lie to that.

Sorry...........this is a problem that really gets my goat  (and actually they are not much better either  ) 


Cats fouling our garden

Posted: 25/06/2014 at 19:07

Claire........I don't think there was a new law exactly ...I think it just eventually got top billing.  Perhaps also that local councils were forever clearing dog mess and it began to be expensive ?  Also the toxic element of the faeces....same for cat faeces too.

If you can remember when it was the norm not to pick up the dog crap, you may remember when it was the norm to license your dog ?  I've got a feeling that went by the board in the 1970's sometime ?  When I had a dog in the late 60's/ early 70's, I can remember religiously trotting down to the PO with my 7 shillings and 6 pence to licence my dog ...........I guess that probably went by the board because so many dog owners didn't bother and it wasn't worth the expense of chasing people up.

At the risk of being controversial, cat's only don't go out on leads because their owners don't bother.  They can be trained to accept the same life style as a dog....they are not wild animals but need their owners to realise this fact. Just as you or I would be embarrassed to remember not clearing up after our pets, one wonders why cat owners don't feel the same ?

Bells.....yes it would certainly neighbour's cats still persist in going after the young birds despite all attempts to deter them 

white flowering plants

Posted: 25/06/2014 at 18:37

If you like scented flowers, Hesperis is a good biennial...............can grow quite tall and the scent is wonderful

Jeyes fluid uses

Posted: 25/06/2014 at 18:06

I'm not sure I fancy spraying any food stuff with Jeyes.............sounds a bit drastic to me

Tomato problems

Posted: 25/06/2014 at 17:58

OL............what compost are your toms planted in ?  You shouldn't need to be messing about with feeds other than a Tom fertiliser ( like Tomorite ) once you have fruit set.

If you are unsure about Epsom Salts, ask Verdun......but I'm not sure you should need it for your Toms if you used a good compost to begin with.

I do hope you aren't going to have a problem with them after all your effort........well, I guess you could always have tiny Toms to go with the tiny Broccoli

Cats fouling our garden

Posted: 25/06/2014 at 17:51

Snowathlete........I find the Cat issue a bit like the Hunting debate.....never the twain shall meet ........we are obviously so far apart on this that we will never agree on either the stats or the nature of the beast.

You are generous enough to say that you politely disagree and that is good enough for me

Hopefully, there will be lots of plant/garden subjects that we will agree on in the future

gardening for a living

Posted: 25/06/2014 at 17:38

Jack.......I'd employ you like a shot but sadly I'm nowhere near London

Anyway, I hope you manage to make the change from one to the of luck

Cats fouling our garden

Posted: 25/06/2014 at 17:06

Lizzie........sadly it isn't an urban myth that cats decimate our wildlife.....particularly birds at this time of year.

Snowathlete......domestic cats are not classed as wild or even semi wild animals..........they are pets and can be controlled just as other pets can be.  If you make the effort, cats can be walked on leads and therefore do not need to be left to roam.  Also, as you say, you find cat crap where you don't want it......imagine how much more annoying it is for those who don't have cats to have to put up with the disgusting little surprises left by someone else's pet.

Do you remember when dog crap was acceptable ( well, not exactly acceptable but no campaigns to Scoop the Poop) in our streets and open spaces ?  It has taken a long time for the majority of Dog owners to accept their responsibility and clear up after their pets.  There really does need to be the same attitude towards cats fouling gardens and allotments........they are a real pest these days and pet owners should start to think about what they are inflicting on the rest of us.  Feral cats are an even bigger problem in many areas......but a slightly different issue from those who keep a much loved pet cat.

Rant over

what to do about offers that dont offer

Posted: 25/06/2014 at 16:36

Shame on you mean your mind is not 100% on your work ?

Don't blame you's still v. hot here........can't wait for the rain Did the aloes arrive safely btw ?

Erica.......that is nice to know you are getting a lot of help and advice on the forum......if you can  catch them between eating cakes and ice creams, they are very friendly and extremely informative

Greenhouse beds

Posted: 25/06/2014 at 16:22

I think I'd tend towards Welshonions advice.

When I first had a polytunnel (about 30 x 12 ft ), I made what I thought was a mistake by setting it on a concrete base...........however, I constructed decent beds along both sides and managed to raise all sorts of veg and fruit.  I don't recall making drainage holes in the concrete but I imagine you could do that quite easily to provide sufficient drainage without getting rid of the base. I would imagine the key is to make the beds sufficiently deep for the crops it will be intended for. 

Having said that, I have also had a commercial style glasshouse (about 50 x 20 ft ) which was sited on bare earth. The ground obviously warmed up more quickly than the concrete base but I still mostly used raised beds to get the best use out of it.

Obviously that is just my experience but Welshonion is right.....wait for a few more people to offer their advice/suggestions before you go breaking up the base. 



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