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Climbing Bean disease?

Posted: 27/05/2016 at 19:12

Bean leaves tend to be very soft and susceptible to wind and cold particularly if you didn't harden them off over a long enough period.  Sun burn too actually !

Don't spray them with anything unless you are sure what you are spraying against.

If you have them in the right environment, then hopefully they will pick up before too long

What's the best mix of compost & sand to grow Aloe Vera plants in

Posted: 27/05/2016 at 16:43

I tend to use a JI type ( no. 2 or 3 ) with some added grit.  Aloes get extremely top heavy so a "heavier" soil is preferable.  I've never used sand in my mix

what are the names of these plants?

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 18:12

I'd say all 3 were melon ......check which variety you purchased.

None particularly resemble Cucumber ( not as I know them anyway )

Melon and Cucumber plants growing very slowly

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 18:05

I can't enlarge the photos but I don't see anything wrong with your plants per se.

It's early yet for either Melon or Cucumber to be putting on a lot of growth....where are you growing them ?  Cold frame or G/H ?

It does rather look as if you have over potted although it is difficult to tell from your photos.  Could be that you have a lot of cold, claggy compost around your plants.  

Time consuming I know but better results are usually gained from potting on a couple of times before you put them in their final pot or in the garden.

How to preserve grass

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 17:50

Plant it in a large enough pot and keep it fed and clipped. It isn't much different from any other plant is it ?

How long it will last in any size pot is of course another could just keep taking bits off and repotting to keep it going.  If it is THAT important, you need to work at it

Equisetum japonicum

Posted: 25/05/2016 at 17:42

I'm with fact, this year my Equisetum is being a bit whingey rather than taking over the world !  My watercress is a lot more aggressive than the Equisetum this year !

It is definitely not the same type as Seacrows describes so you and your pond,garden, house will be safe

Tomato Grouping

Posted: 24/05/2016 at 18:06

You need to space them far enough apart to allow some air flow between the plants - particularly in a G/H environment.

If growing them on a staging, the height will probably only allow you 3 trusses per plant - normally you would expect 6 or 7 trusses.

Depending on the variety, you either need to pinch out any side shoots or let the side shoots develop - in the latter case, you will need a lot more space in between the plants.

Don't overfeed or overwater as it tends to spoil that luscious "tomato" flavour

Sorry....that sounded a bit bossy didn't it ?

Type of Aloe

Posted: 24/05/2016 at 12:47

You would need to post a photo for anyone to be able to give you a reasonable ID.

Anyone selling plants ought to be well enough up on the subject to know what they are selling.

Personally, I wouldn't hand over any money let alone $50 if I wasn't absolutely sure of what I was getting 

Carnivorous Plants; UK native.

Posted: 23/05/2016 at 21:44

I only have Venus fly trap at present ( happily flowering now) but there was a thread last year which included Pitcher plants too. Don't know how easy it would be to find.  I'd be interested to hear from experienced growers as well Clarington

EU. In or Out?

Posted: 22/05/2016 at 19:36

Well, that's today's rumour sorted then.............

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