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starlings and brown tits

Posted: 21/01/2018 at 19:30

some starling populations remain here in the UK throughout the winter.  Other populations migrate .

Must admit I too have never heard the term "brown tits" - both Marsh and Willow tits are reasonably easily identifiable.

Hot Chilli Seeds

Posted: 21/01/2018 at 19:22

Yep that's about it Newboy.

If you can continue to grow the germinated seed on successfully at this time of year, then by all means carry on .  You are the only one who can decide whether you can provide the necessary conditions  for healthy growth or not

komodo dragon chillis

Posted: 21/01/2018 at 15:34

Well done you.  Did you find that you were breathing fire like a real dragon ?

Hot Chilli Seeds

Posted: 21/01/2018 at 15:31

You would probably need base heat of some sort to germinate the chilli seeds at this time of year.  If you choose that route, you will need to ensure the correct atmosphere to allow the chillis to continue to grow without suffering from low light levels and all round warmth.

If you delay your sowing until March/April/May ( all depends on what the weather has in store for us this year ), you should end up with more compact plants and eventually more fruit,

Depending on how how many seeds you intend to sow, either small pots or modules would be appropriate.  You can then re pot as necessary until you reach the required pot size. 

Can anyone identify this houseplant please?

Posted: 17/01/2018 at 17:18

Phoilodendron and too dry an atmosphere

English language

Posted: 17/01/2018 at 17:15

Am I the only one who says " a goose walked over my grave" ?  My OH swears it is "someone  walked over my grave".

I rarely Google anything but I have on this occasion and find both are used.

Reading something the other night by an American author, I noticed the phrase " a rabbit ran over my grave" and also a Possum is used in the same context.

I'm beginning to wish I'd never started this thread

Ring tones

Posted: 17/01/2018 at 17:06

I'm with Pansy on this one mobile ( no butler either sad to say ) but either a Dawn Chorus or a Whale "song" would suit me

Plastic clearup

Posted: 17/01/2018 at 15:51

China did apparently make use of some of our plastic rubbish in their own production processes but due to their pollution problems, they are now being far more picky as to what waste they will take from us (and presumably others ).

Good for them.........I've never known plastic waste to be so much in the news and have governments vying with each other to come up with "solutions" previous to China's announcement.  As usual, we seem to potter along fairly complacently until we are actually made to look reality in the face.

China pollutes just as most of us do but at least their recent action has galvanised the rest of us into taking responsibility for some of our waste.  Hopefully anyway.

Share your own blog!

Posted: 17/01/2018 at 15:18

Growingwithmer.........."Sorry if it came out wrong "

Not to worry -  hope you choose to use this forum and that you enjoy it.

Share your own blog!

Posted: 16/01/2018 at 17:47

Should be easy enough to see what we do in the garden just by checking the forum perhaps ? Pick a subject which interests you and have a look.

"if you don't have a blog, why not ? "  Much the same as if you don't have anything else really - mostly comes down to choice don't you think ?

Whilst I am sure your blog is interesting/enlightening, why assume everyone wishes to do the same ? Wee bit patronising I think.

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