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Cornus Flaviramea

Posted: 14/12/2014 at 18:51

That's interesting.....the one I found which didn't "take off" for me was Midwinter Fire.  I was very disappointed as it was a stunning colour.  That was in a previous garden tho so perhaps it has taken over the world by now  Reading the above, I'm more than tempted to try this one again.


Posted: 14/12/2014 at 18:42

Gemma.........despite having worked with and for animals ( tho usually non domestics) for many years, I despair of those who will still buy a pet (whatever it might be ) without a whit of knowledge of the outcome of such a purchase.  Unfortunately, cats do seem to be viewed as the ultimate "no responsibility" pets by the majority of owners.  It's not simply that the cat population has exploded to a ridiculous degree but that people in general have no conception of responsibility these days.  I'm sure that will raise a few hackles ( or whiskers  ) but is a fact of life.

I have no doubt that there are responsible cat owners out there somewhere.......I just haven't come across any yet.  Sad to say, the excuses offered by the previous poster just promulgate all the old myths......... it's ONLY a's NOT's ONLY killed a few birds, voles,'s ONLY crapping everywhere but in it's owners's ONLY driving other normaly  sane people to ONLY need to make your garden look like Fort Knox and/or be willing to pay for various's ONLY my pet but the rest of you can suffer for it.  In other words, my cat is yours - whether you like it or not

Now you know why I no longer post on Cat threads .....I've made an exception as it IS the season of goodwill after all


Posted: 14/12/2014 at 17:42

Gemma..........been there before.........7 cats belonging to one neighbour.  After a couple of years, I suggested to my neighbour that if he would just keep his pets in overnight, I would deal with them during the daytime.  I thought that was a fair offer but he wasn't remotely interested.  In the end, I sold up....just couldn't take it any longer.  Beautiful acre of garden, big G/H 's, fantastic views but totally ruined by someone who had no conception of responsible pet keeping.  To add insult to injury, when I went back to visit another neighbour some 2 years later, I found the cat person had sold up and moved from the area !  Too late for me tho 

tlc to christmas cactus

Posted: 14/12/2014 at 17:14

Must be the season for giving away hopeless cases Billie  I was given an even worse specimen a couple of months ago but completely sodden compost and rotting stems as opposed to your rock hard compost.

I cleaned up, discarded all the rubbish and repotted in MPC mixed with Perlite and grit. Left in the g/h. Once the plant had dried out, it then produced a beautiful flush of flowers. I find if you keep them on the dry side , they seem happy in most aspects. Not too dissimilar from the larger "Orchid Cactus".

I'd imagine yours will welcome a change of compost after all those years and you will probably find it will flower better next year   


Posted: 14/12/2014 at 16:39

Well Gemma, you can't say I didn't warn you

IME of previous cat threads on this forum, it makes little or no difference to state the facts.  All the points you put have been made before   - politely, not so politely, with exasperation and eventually rather rudely.

What does seem to be a fact tho is that very often only the faeces problem is "discussed".  The depradation of wildlife is often overlooked by many ( or at least only used as a secondary argument ) and so I was very interested to read your comments about your powers under the Habitat Directive.  What a pity it relates only to new developments   

Kindle e readers

Posted: 14/12/2014 at 13:12

L Lass.......many thanks for your comments.  As said, I have decided to stick with the basic Kindle as the touch screen should be an improvement on my old one with the keypad.


The National Rose Society books. Need new home.

Posted: 13/12/2014 at 19:43

Edd..........that's a good ending  

Recommended Books

Posted: 13/12/2014 at 19:31

and anyway there was no there

Recommended Books

Posted: 13/12/2014 at 19:29

A bad case of anthropomorphism I'd wonder so many people have no real conception of nature.



Wildlife gardening -Month by Month.

Posted: 13/12/2014 at 19:15

"Perhaps another site "...........wishful thinking  Edd


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