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Posted: 22/05/2014 at 19:34

Looks like pots then

In my experience, Cerinthes will do best in the ground ............those which have self seeded into cracks in the paving stones or in pots of other plants always tend to look weedy and don't colour up so well.  I'd go for the largest container you have space for and use a good compost.  Now you have bought them, you've really nothing to lose.

Any ideas

Posted: 22/05/2014 at 19:06

Hello Dee

Perhaps if you say what aspect your little garden has and if there are any particular plants or type of plants you like, people would be able to offer advice and ideas


Posted: 22/05/2014 at 18:49

Cerinthe major can often grow to 2 feet and have the same spread.  I always grow mine in the garden rather than pots.  Why not try a couple in the garden and one in a pot ?  That way you will be able to see which does best for you.  They self seed quite happily.

Help for flooded gardens

Posted: 22/05/2014 at 18:37

AJ...........see my post on the Transport thread

Transport needed for flooded gardens

Posted: 22/05/2014 at 18:15

AJ...........if you catch this before you leave...............when you turn into the farmyard go as far as you can.  You will then see a narrow hedged alleyway.....walk down there and Andrew's cottage is the first on the left.(South Cottage is written on the mail box to your left).......there is a concrete terrace/path in front of the cottage and hopefully there will still be plants there.

Hope you have a good w/end. and then

Posted: 21/05/2014 at 21:21

 Mike..........did you ever exhibit at Chelsea ?  I only did as part of a team as per my OP................exciting stuff............. You sound of an age to have been involved  more or less when I was.

Damaged tomato, help!

Posted: 21/05/2014 at 21:05

If it isn't actually broken, you can sometimes just support the you seem to have done already............right round the stem and then on to the support.  Make sure you support above the "break" as well.............if the plant is healthy and you can keep little fingers from interfering, it may well be alright.  After all, you aren't going to lose anything by trying to fix it..........I've actually used tape before now...........

Not experienced with children but are they like Chickens ?     Carefully explain WHY they shouldn't be prodding at stuff and ruining it ?  I wish


Posted: 21/05/2014 at 20:46

Not the best time to move any plant really if you want to keep it.

If it is being a real bully, cut it down and dig it out............if you want to re plant, take the best rooted bit, put in a pot and may be able to nurture it until you know where you want to re plant.  Bearing in mind of course, that it may well do the same thing elsewhere

Plant Pouch

Posted: 21/05/2014 at 20:05

Fishy..........I did the same last year and you are right............fiddling around trying to get a quart into a pint pot just makes you lose the will to live

I have used the Pouches before......a good few years ago and they were reasonably successful....probably because I used small cell grown stuff that I raised myself and so could plant at the right size.

Sad to say, the only use I have for them at the moment is for Strawberries which I planted as runners last year.............they are not hanging up but just laying along the sleepers round my veg patch.....basically tiny grow bags

Plant IDing (or have I totally lost it)

Posted: 21/05/2014 at 19:57

Swedboy..........looks like you need to go back to the Gym and have a go at the Clematis again.......your flower is a Peony

But a good find so you shouldn't be upset

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