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What colour should I paint my fence panels?

Posted: 21/02/2016 at 17:37

I too like the black.  It sounds scary but it can totally transform the look of a garden when used in the right space

Wild Pond

Posted: 21/02/2016 at 17:32

I'd agree with Fairygirl......the water mint if ( unrestricted) will soon take over a pond IME.

As for waterlillies not being much good for wildlife ?  The frogs certainly take a different view.......the pads make excellent "seats" for them and they also provide shade.  The pads rather than the frogs I mean

A Gardener's Hands

Posted: 21/02/2016 at 17:17

Oilatum shower gel works like a soap and gives your skin a bit of a protective barrier if, like most gardeners, you need to wash your hands frequently.

Chitting spuds

Posted: 20/02/2016 at 18:18

Garden centres don't store their seed potatoes correctly.  They pile them up in a stand and have too much light and warmth.......hence the long sprouts.  They rely on people buying them quickly without too much thought as to time of year.



Posted: 20/02/2016 at 18:04

Celandines are indeed pretty but if you have them in the same numbers as I do, you forget the pretty and just see them swamping every other little thing trying to rear it's head. 

If you can keep them confined to one area, that's fine but literally covering every bit of  ground is a bit OTT in my opinion. 

You can dig them out but you will inevitably miss some and they will simply sneer at you and carry on multiplying.  You can pick off every leaf you see emerging but that generally means you are a very sad person with nothing better to do.  You can lay a very thick mulch over and then pick off the leaves that struggle thru but again, this will be your life from Jan to March every year.

After 3 years, I've almost given up.......I try to pretend they are Aconites which I much prefer.

Is Hostafan's medication deadly to Celandine ?  If so, I'd like some please



Lichen on Magnolia Stellata

Posted: 18/02/2016 at 18:15

I'd agree Buttercup..........I have plenty of lichen and plenty of wind and rain. Ventillation is one problem I don't have

I'd look more into the soil conditions for the Magnolia


Posted: 18/02/2016 at 18:07

Jez.......I usually put some of the spawn in a bucket in a sheltered spot as Newts usually think Christmas has arrived.  I wait til tadpole stage and then release back into pond. 

Dangerous slippy path when wet

Posted: 18/02/2016 at 18:02

Textured slabs will still get a build up of moss/algae over time if in a sheltered spot or overhung with trees/plants.

Hand scrubbing or pressure washing seems to be the best solution in those circumstances.

Expand and grow dehydrated compost and clay soil

Posted: 18/02/2016 at 16:28

I've been gradually adding manure to my clay soil but I can understand your problem re the weight.

You can purchase a sort of light weight horse bedding ........oil seed rape straw shreddings.  Used very thickly as you would a mulch gradually breaks down and can be forked into the soil.

The downside is that it adds no nutrients and takes a couple of years to make any noticeable difference.

Unfortunately, there is rarely a quick fix solution to soil improvement

Best and worst seed and potting compost

Posted: 17/02/2016 at 18:19

Mix JI  1 or 2 with a good mpc........sieve the mpc........add grit/sharp sand/perlite as needed depending on what you are sowing.


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