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Madagascan Dragon Tree

Posted: 02/11/2017 at 15:39

If you look at the post above yours, you really have the answer to your query.

You can remove the stem you mention but it will, if the plant is healthy, eventually start to sprout - either from below the cut or elsewhere. You will then end up with more stems than you have now.

If you aren't able to rotate the plant throughout the year, then you will always end up with uneven growth.

Bay tree pruning

Posted: 02/11/2017 at 15:09

Warren - you asked about this on another thread on 22nd October and received 2 replies.

Unless you are expecting some really inclement weather, they could be pruned now.  They will look rough if you plan to reduce them to any degree but you are unlikely to kill them.

The longer you leave it and just keep asking, then you will lose your window and may as well leave til the Spring

How to deal with Aneone nemerosa tubers

Posted: 02/11/2017 at 14:55

You can lay the rhizomes in trays of potting compost - if you look carefully, you should be able to spot little "eyes" so lay them with those uppermost.  Some may have straggly little roots so bum down for those  Not really essential as they will eventually shoot/root in the right direction once they start to grow.

Cover them with the same depth of compost , damp them and leave.  Those which are good will show signs of growth come the late winter/early Spring.  

Once that occurs, my advice would be to pot each one individually, grow them on and plant out when they look reasonable.  You could also keep them in pots until Autumn or even the following Spring before planting out in your chosen area.

Others may have better advice so hang on and see what comes up.  I have to say that I have struggled with mine so wish you the best of luck with yours. 

Inquiry about plants

Posted: 01/11/2017 at 17:27

Maybe not just native to Saudi Arabia tho - not that that helps particularly I know.  Other dry areas ?  Looks a bit like an Opuntia in the background on Pic 2 ?

As I Get Older....

Posted: 01/11/2017 at 17:20

 Pansy...........I'm frantically trying to find a relative presently in prison so I can try exactly the same thing post today 

Is this Japanese Knotweed?

Posted: 01/11/2017 at 17:11

Must admit I was unaware of the Knotweed problem re house sales until the early '90's.  A friend in London trying to sell their house but neighbouring property had JN.

As I Get Older....

Posted: 01/11/2017 at 16:48

Ha ha - you can't be that old if you've only just worked out most of the above 

Is this Japanese Knotweed?

Posted: 01/11/2017 at 16:18

Me neither - it is not beyond the bounds that your buyer's surveyor was simply covering his backside to your detriment.  Surveyors in general are not known for their botanical expertise - indeed, they have been known to completely miss Damp issues and to be incapable of following manhole covers to discover the whereabouts of a rather large Septic Tank.

Hopefully, your JN expert will be ale to set your mind at rest and offer a written report which you can offer to any prospective purchaser.

Blight free tomatoes

Posted: 01/11/2017 at 16:06

Whilst I have had trouble with blight on Black Krim ( beefsteak) and, on one occasion with Rosada  (plum ), I've never had any problems with either Sungold or Black Cherry.  Never tried Crimson Crush but sounds as if they may be worth a go

Begonia Destiny

Posted: 31/10/2017 at 16:33

There are 2 types of Begonia I think - those which naturally grow from corms and the others , I think normally sold as Bedding Begonias, which do not produce corms.

Those which don't grow from corms are really annuals altho they can be kept over winter in the right conditions.  They are also extremely easy to grow from cuttings - usually just by popping a stem cut below a leaf node into a jar of water.

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