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The Blessing of a new Allotment

Posted: 07/05/2012 at 20:42
Dean Lovett that is no way an allotment; it's a landscaped garden! I may have a little allotment envy of course!

Talkback: Tulips

Posted: 07/05/2012 at 20:31
Yellow tulips might be a bit "samey" after all the yellow daffs but I find my plain old yellow (and plain old red) ones flower every year without fail with no special treatment and look fab. However I've bought more "exotic" colours according to the photo on the pack and been disappointed with the colour as its not like what the photo promised, also by the second year they have become rather puny looking. Last autumn I planted some extremely exotic looking yellow and red striped parrot tulips and they are absolutely more mad and bonkers than on the photo on the packet and have stood up to all the battering of the rain. It just goes to show what a game this gardening malarkey is and you can't predict if you'll win or lose.

Talkback: Growing veg in shade

Posted: 03/02/2012 at 20:41
Sorrel is lovely crop to grow in shade, even dry shade. In my garden it grows under a clematis montana which grows under an ornamental cherry. It requires no real attention and produces tangy, lemony, tender, heart shaped salad leaves that are delicious mixed with other leaves in a salad. It also provides good ground cover so keeps weeds away. What more could you ask?
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Talkback: Growing veg in shade

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